Kaplan University-Davenport Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


i dont brag


they are very good with helping you figure out ways to pay for college and filling out the application process


The on-line program is awesome.


This school allowed me to be a member in five honor societies. Kaplan University, my GPA, and professor recommendations allowed me the opportunity to be a member in Golden Key International Honour Society, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Alpha Beta Kappa, Kappa Lambda Honor Society, and The Ambassdors and Leaders Program. Two of these honor societies provided me with a nomination to The International Scholar Laureate Program that allowed me to study abroad in China, Australia, and New Zealand. That is my proud moment and I brag most about my experiences and it is all thanks to Kaplan.


Kaplan is a very great school because it is adaptable to your life style.


I tell my friends that Kaplan is exciting. I learn a lot and my Professors are very ingaging and easy to relate to. The course classes are manageable and the discussion and seminar classes are very enlighting.


I brag the most to my friends that Kaplan University is an online school that you can do it on your own when ever you want to do it. They also have a wonderful deal with Walmart.


I mostly brag about the quality of my education that I recieved at Kaplan University, as well as the convenience of being able to study and attend classes from the comfort of my home or place of my choosing.


Kaplan Univeristy, wow all I can truthfully say is that the quality of work, and level of expectations are held to high standards. The course work is tough and allot of researching, and countless hours of reading that will give you endless headaches and neck / back pains. How bad do you want your degree, and if it was just given to you would you take it or try to learn and earn it, for no other reason but for your-self. Kaplan University isn't a school for slackers, you have to want it to make it here.


When I talk to my friends about my school I tell them how great my professors are and I also brag about how nice the other students are. I go to school on line and I brag about how it is so convenient and the weekly seminars are so interesting. I also brag about how we know our grades on homework and tests quickly.


I brag about the fact that you are able to take online classes at night, that they fit into your time schedule, especially when you have a family. Also the way that you can do all your classes online, technology is awesome and it amazes me how I can attend school online in the comfrot of my own home. Awesome school for me.


"He's reading at a fourth-grade level even though he's only in third," a dad tells me. We're at an indoor soccer class where Crab kid is meant to be dribbling and trapping the ball along with her fellow four-year-olds but she's lying on the floor instead. She's bored. Me too, because I'm trapped with Brag daddy! A bit of background: I know this dad slightly, but not well. He's talking about his older kid. We are engaged in what is idle chitchat. We talk about weird stuff outside of school!!!


The ease of use and scheduling in the online environment while juggling work and family as well.


My experiences at Kaplan compelled me to tell other about what I was learning because I was so excited. Learning is fun for me but some think they cannot do it and others think that it would be too hard. I will agree that distance learning is more difficult than the literal classroom learning and perhaps not as fun because there is not one on one interaction that is face to face, but if you are serious about your education and it works for you, it is easy to tell others about your positive experience.


I really like Kaplans promptness, they always return phone calls and make sure that you understand anything that has beed discussed during the conversation.


I brag that I am going online and that for me as a student I feel that this is easier to me. I also brag on the classes and how I enjoy them and the ease in which the transition to Kaplan was and the way I handle my classes and how they help me along. I also brag at how great my advisors are and how everyone there seems to want to help every step of the way.


I tell them about the flexability that this school offers. Being able work a full time job and attend school full time is very difficult. Going to a school that offers class that fit my schedule is really somthing to brag about.


I really only have one thing to brag about at this time since I am returning to school after a fifteen year break. I love the way technology has affected education. I tell everyone that if online degree programs were not available it would not be possible for me to continue my education at this time. The flexibility offered at Kaplan University has made a long awaited goal of mine a reality.


I like to tell people about the flexibility of attending an on-line course, the college offers a lot of support in their programs. Teacher are extremely open to helping out their students and there is constant communication with you academic advisor.


Most of my bragging is made about my grades. I love to be ahead of the game when in school or anything else. I have currently a 3.65 GPA and I am looking to raise that this semester. I love bragging about being on the deans list and presidents list when I make them also.


I brag about the ability to have classes when it is convenient for me rather than when it is convenient for the school.


everything, I let them know how happy I am about enrolling in Kaplan University. One of the best schools around


First, I would tell them how much I love the online program I am in. I couldn't believe how easy and guided the process was for applying. The website is very "user-friendly" and even gives you an option to look at what it would be like to enroll in an online program. The best part about this school is that I can still work full-time at my job and get closer to my career at the same time.


I am over 60 and maintain at least a 3.5 GPA. I like Kaplan and am very glad that I can finally complete my education. I will take my education and progress into a proposal writer or event planner.


One of the most exciting things about my school I would say is the support system you get from the faculty and the students. Everyone is really on the same level of completing the same goal which makes it even better. There are a lot of different sources that are available to you when you need the help. It really isn't any thing that you would be lacking when it comes to staying focused on completing your degree.


I suggest any prospective student to college should caefully choose the school that is well funded and that will meet their ecedemic desires. They should not necessarily focus on the 'name' of the institution alone. What good it's if you go to a school that would not meet your choice profession or goal in the future? Watch out for schools that promised you financial Aid only to drag you into more loans to cover your tution fee and leave you in more debt. Economic or financial commitment should not be overlooked by any student.


I finnaly did it. Im back in school to finish my degree and I can do it on my own time and still keep my 55/hr a week job.


Nothing. This school is horrible, yet with only two classes left I am unable to transfer.


How easy it is to get around the classes


What fascinates me is the fact I've met wonderful people across our nation that are dedicated to making a difference in this world and it's all because a man, Mr. Kaplan wanted to make affordable education possible to anyone. You have a whole network of people easily accessable by phone, e-mail and through you courses seminars, discussion threads, and chat rooms: such as a tech support team, financial advisors, academic advisors and success coaches and admissions advisor. The textbooks are free to undergraduate students and are really well written. All you have to do is apply yourself.


I love to tell my friends about all of the clubs and organizations to get involved with on campus; there is something for everyone! I was used to having a limited pool to choose from in high school, but since coming to college, I have been able to immerse myself in clubs related to my major and career path as well as clubs just to meet people to hang out with. It really has made my transition to college much easier and has allowed me to meet so many great people.


The school I attend is very easy and when you need help all you have to do is ask. They are very polite and will help you with any questions you have, and if they do not know, they will get back to you with the answer. They do not just say the will, they actually find it out and contact you with the answer.


The community of students. I talk with people all across the country, sharing our thoughts on our lessons.


I can go to class on-line and do the assignments at my leisure.


No teams!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mostly, the school offers a constructive aspect of learning, and the approach used is suitable to anyone desired of pursuing their education and increase their knowledge.


I brag about how much I'm learning! You have to be self-motivated when you attend school online; and at the age of 48, I am definitely motivated and enjoy school so much that I wish that could be my career.


Online classes is not for everyone because a student needs to committ 100 percent on homework, discussion, and projects or otherwise you will get behind. Above all, I recommend this school for someone who doesn't have time to go to a brick and mortar school due to family and job. Kaplan Online is the best investment on achieving my goal in getting my bachelors degree in Business Management.