Kaplan University-Davenport Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Well on campus I urge anyone who is interested in having an education to go to a counselor first.


A person who is determined but needs that extra support from their peers is the kind of person that should attend this school. Someone who wants to meet new people and achieve their academic goals without any manjor distractions.


Kaplan is an online university; therefore, it is most advantageous to individuals with full time jobs or those who cannot enroll in a traditional school due to scheduling conflicts. This university lends itself well to full time mothers as well who have time for school, but the hours that they are avaiable vary due to naptimes, housework, and other circumstances.


In order to accomplish an online degree, you have to be dedicated. The professors at Kaplan university are willing to work with you but you have to put in the effort. I work full time and have to dedicate off time to getting school work done. You also have to have a goal and stick with it.


Attending this school requires a higher level of maturity. Students who are self directed, and really, focused should go to this school. Despite what one might think because it's an online university it's not for "couch potatos." It is, however, not the best type of program for single parents either. Single parents need to be able to get out of the house to study. And they can't really be successful online students at home if their children are constantly interupting them. But it is great for career professionals who don't have time to go to class.


The type of person that shoukd attend this school is a student who is trying to balance work and school and save money on transportation as dwell. Therefore, students that want to go to school part time or full time and work full time or part time should attend Kaplan the school has flexiable class times and some very supportive teachers and tutors.


I think you should be career focused and have the ability to learn independently.


This is a school for the busy working student! The programs offered are for any determined scholar. This school is for a person who has a crazy schedule and needs flexibility in attending classes and comleting assignments. You must be motivated and self disciplined. You must be strong in honoring your commitments. The school is perfect for a working mom like me!


anyone who cannot physically attend


One who enjoys and thrives in an online learning experience.


Any person that has the drive and will power to go to college and strive to graduate.


Anyone who can read a book and utilize it easily is a good fit for the online life. While the concept sounds easy, it certainly is not for some people, and for those people, they usually learn better with an online approach, and would need to consider the Kaplan campuses, rather than online school. An individual that would excel at Kaplan online classes needs to be self disciplined to a fault; from reading, to contributing to discussion boards, and completing projects within a week?s time. It?s good for anyone who thrives under pressure.


Students who have dependants such as children, siblings, or even parents they take care of. Full time working students.


The person who is best suited for Kaplan Online, is one who is working and needs the freedom to go to school, with out being trapped by the normal way of collage life.


To maximize the benefits available, i believe only a dedicated student will succeed.


A non-traditional student with self-discipline and a very hectic schedule would do best at this school.


I think that someone devoted to school and with a good work ethic should attend Kaplan. Because it is an online course it is infinitely easier to convince yourself that you are tired and that you will make it to the next class. Skipping and being really lazy is very easy to do when participating in an online course because there is not anyone there to make sure that you pay attention. I have hit this blunder a time or two especially working with two jobs and it just takes a certain amount of dedication and willingness to work.


I think to attend any school you should be driven to succeed. When going to an on-line college you have to be focused and driven.


Those who are planning on acheiveing their dreams with full support the whole way and thereafter.


Frankly, I feel that anyone who has a desire to further their education and has shown an aptitude for learning, should be afforded the opportunity for attendance.


Any person that has a life. This type of learning doesn't interfere with what you need to gert done in your day. From fesh out of high school to working adults with children; you can make this work with your schedule.


Young and older student will get a wonderful education together. Online studies are a terrific answer to both parties.


Someone that is ambitious and dedicated should attend this school!


Literary persons with aptitude in writing and reading, coupled with their specific interests. Someone who is not looking for a party, as this is an online campus.


The type of person I would recommend to attend are adults with full-time jobs and moderate to light familial obligations. These adults must be willing to put forth effort that is necessary for online education. This adult should also need flexibilty for classroom participation. However, even if the person is a stay-at-home parent and can attend everyday at a specific time, that is okay because he or she may be the primary caretaker of a child or special-needs person and cannot attend a traditional classroom.


Anyone that wants a convenient learning environment, this school has both on campus and online classes. So, single parents, or parents who never attended college and are married with children, anyone who can't afford to live on campus, or work full time supporting themsevles only. its extrememly convenient for those who don't have a car and can't travel much as well.


A person that needs a more flexible time schedule would do well to pursue an education with Kaplan University, or any other online university. I have been able to work and travel while still being able to perform my academic responsibilities. Once again, you also must be self motivating to succeed here.