Kaplan University-Davenport Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


One should not attend school if he or she is only there to collect a check and not learn a thing


Someone who is unable to be self-motivated and stay focused.


This school is relatively expensive, over $300 per credit hour. Most classes are at least 5 credits. So, I wouldn't recommend this university to a student who cannot afford it. I would recommend indivduals who are eligible for a Federal Pell grant or scholarships to apply for these forms of financial aid.


I think that anyone can attend any school if they are motivated enough


Anyone can attend.


Personally, I don't think that there is any person that should not attend any school ever. This is a great school for everyone.


The type of person whom should attend this school should be one who wants to further their education yet they do not have the means to attend a campus setting. If the person has the time to invest in classes yet they are unable to attend a Campus setting they should seriously consider taking Online classes in a school such as the one I currently attend. You are then able to receive the education that you are seeking without having the stress and issues of dealing with a campus setting. Single mothers greatly benefit from Online schools such as mines.


If you dont no what career you want to go after dont come here very career based.


Aperson who is close minded.


I would not deter anyone from going to school. I know school is hard work and dedication, but that is what sometimes shapes a person into being a responsible adult. I will say if a person is not willing to do the work necessary to complete the program school may not be in their best interest.


The type of person who should not attend this college is one whom may not have time to research and write papers. Each six credit course is well known for the extensive project research and written papers.


People that would not pay atttention to their studies and like to procastinate; Online classes require focus that some might lack.


Anyone who is smart about finances and doesn't want to get screwed out of getting their degree.


I feel someone that is not serious about their future, or who has no idea of what they want to study. Attending Kaplan University, one should have atleast some idea of where they are going. They have very academically challenging courses that correspond to todays market for anyone entering the job market upon graduation in any field. If you're not serious about your studies, wait until you are.


Everyone should have a right to attend this school. There is something to learn about for everyone at this school. The only people who shouldn?t be allowed are those who are not serious with grabbing that high bar for a better life for themselves and others. If there is no dream to be had other than just doing it for someone else, then there is no reason to attend.


If a person is not able to manage their schedule, for example, if they have a family {children} then they will not be able to attend Kaplan University Online. You have to be able to attend school and your classes when need be. The best suggestion I can give is that take classes late at night, so then you would be able to attend school and not have it interfere with your family's daily activities.


I am attending the Kaplan University-Online, so I would not recommend the online courses to individuals who are not well disciplined and capable of learning without actual classroom instructors.


someone who is not ready to be committed to a steady work enviroment


Someone who doesn't have the drive to succeed. The terms are ten weeks each. Very accelerated.


In my opinion someone who has difficulty with responsibility or lacks focus should not attend Kaplan Univerisity-Davenport Online. Higher learning achieved via internet is not for everyone. The pace and environment are significantly different from the traditional setting. A more mature person is less likely to be distracted. While assignments and projects are not much different, the atmosphere is contingent to a person?s home.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school are people that do not have any discipline or commitment to attend an on-line course or that cannot work on their class work independently.


I think a person who is not dedicated or willing to sacrifice or is not motivated should not attend this university, because if you don't have the motivation, dedication. or willingness to make sacrifices will not succeed. If you don't set goals for yourself you cannot achieve them. If you set the goals you must do everything in your power to make sure they are attainable.


I do not believe that there is anyone who can not attend Kaplan University. There are some qualifications that you are required to meet to attend Kaplan but I believe that everyone who meets those qualifications should have a chance to attend Kaplan.


a person that shouldn't attend this school would be someone that isn't commited to school!


if you can't commit yourself to do the work and turn it in when it is due. if you are unmotivated.


All of my classes are online so I would not recommend this school to people that have a hard time learning things on thier own. Kaplan University does have campuses that can be attended though so if you want to attend there but do not want to do it online you can do so in person. So to answer the question at hand, I really do not know of anyone that shouldn't attend the school. Its a great place to learn.


The Kaplan University that I'm attended is an online college. If you don't like computers or if you don't know how to work one I would advise them not to attend.


People who are not computer literate. People who don't want to do any work.


If you are the type of person who needs to physically have a teacher in front of you, or needs that motivtion of going to class each day, then online courses are not best for you. You need to be a self motivator.


I attend classes online, which is perfect for a professional working full time.


I'm attending an online school, so people who can't work on their own, would have problems here. You get to choose the times (for the times given) for your seminars so when you choose, be sure you can attend.


The type of person who should not seek a diploma from Kaplan University (online studies) is someone who is looking to get a diploma for "wall decoration" and not for practical use in the workplace. Another person who should excerise caution when attending Kaplan University online is a person who lacks self-discipline since this college format has only moderate classroom structure.


Since it is a completely online university experience, individuals that prefer, or require, more personal interaction should attend a more traditional university. It requires self control and dedication to succeed in an online enviroment because no one will force you to do what you need to do. You need to be self motivating and more than a little willing to learn the ins and outs of computer technology and ettiquette.


Someone that isn't self-motivated becaue it is n online school.


I believe that anyone can attend Kaplan University via their campuses, but when it comes to attending the university online via their online school, it takes a person with a lot of determination and concentration. I believe that someone who is not computer illturate and does not have the time or patience and time management skills schould not attend Kaplan online. The classes are very fast pace and you must be organized and have great time management skills to keep up with the fast pace ten week course. If you do not have these essential skills you will fail miserably.