Kaplan University-Davenport Campus Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That I was going to run out of financial aid before finishing.


How flexible the online class schedule is so you reallu can make time to go to school and work full-time. That the teachers and counselors are very helpful and supportive about your progress, education, and future.


The best way to manage my time. In order to succeed, one has to be able to manage his/her time effectively. I would have done much better in my first term at Kaplan.


I did a lot of research and there wasn't that I didn't know going in.


Nothing the people that I spoke with answered all of my questions very well.


Before coming to this school, I would have like to learn more on time mangaement. As it relates to balancing family life, work, and academics. It take great dedication, yet I have managed to improve my time-managment and study habits.


I was pretty well informed before i started here and faculty both at the campus and my professors have encouraged me both in and out of academics. I attend Ka[lan University but I fequent the learning center in Milwaukee,WI. It was not an option in the school so i picked the one my financial aid goes through which is Davenport.


Nothing, I wouldn't have changed a thing without my time at Kaplan I wouldn't be trying to continue my education by applying to graduate school.


That I could have completed this years ago and already had my degree by now. This can allow me to complete my education and be a role model for my daughter.


I wish I had known it would be so hard to get in touch with your teachers. Not only does it take them days to respond back to your emails or post on the discussion boards but, sometimes the email server is down or they are doing never ending maintenance on the email server. I think that keeping in touch with your teachers is very important and when something is getting in your way of doing that it makes the course become alot more difficult then it should be. I should be able to have my questions answered right away.


I wish I would of known more about financial aid. My admisssions advisor was really informative and told me everything I needed to know.


I wish I had chosen this school a long time ago.


There is nothing that I did not know about going into the school. I expected a fair school that will give me the challenge needed to feel the accomplishment of passing and getting that degree. And it gave me just that. I am very happy on how the information was laid out to me and the understanding of the advisors and their staff. Even the teachers themselves show how much they care about their students giving their all.


Wish I had known they were planning on changing their seminars from visual to audio.


That they were this easy to get along with and that they were really this easy to make sure you are really learning.


I wish I knew how time consuming it was. Studying, research, writing papers, balancing work and family are all difficult. But, I know with hard work and diligence someday it will be well worth it.


I wish I had known Maya Angleou. Her timeless advice she sets forth in the written word, while inspirational, would have even more inspiring had I had the opportunity to hear her speak them.


I dont wish I knew anything prior to attending this school. I am content with my school


I wish I would have known that I could have applied for scholarships. I now know that I can apply anytime during school.


Just do your research. Fortunately, I am a research-a-holic so I looked at a lot of schools before choosing this one. Although, I know a lot of people that jump at the first college that looks good and then end up regretting it later down the line, mostly financially.


I wish I would have known the full extent of what student loans could amount up to. The school did not hide this information I just feel like I was not fully prepared. I also wish I had known that the school did not offer scholarships for students going through the whole program. The scholarships that were offered were only to student who transferred from another school.


I wish I had known my true potential and started this path to my career years ago.


Well with going to an online school I wish I would have realized how self oriented I needed to be. Also I wish I would have realized the responsibility of going to school online.


I wish I would have known how to get a grant or scholarship. I would have went back to school sooner.


I wish I would have known that student loans were available and were deferred until education was complete.


I wish I had known more about scheduling for classes before enrolling into Kaplan University. I learned scheduling for my classes last minute before the term gave me a rough start as the availability was limited. I was therefore placed into a class that was more for students who were about to finish a degree rather than just starting one. I then had to drop this class and another class to correct this error and this caused me to be further behind. I found it a great challenge to catch up when I learned what all was expected of me.


I wish I had known the allowance the Federal Student Aid Office was going ot give me, I just found out that my allowance was to run out this academic period, 6 months before the academic period was over. So, i wish I would have had enough information to find other fianciances for my next and last academic period, now I don't know If I can finish my degree.


I wish I would have known about the school sooner.


I feel like I had enough information before I decided to attend Kaplan University.


Nothing. I researched for over 6 months prior to deciding to attend Kaplan University. I had no questions or doubts about my decision.


I wish I knew just how much writing I would be doing. I also wish I would have known the classes like to use e-books because I would have had flash drives or discs handy.