Kaplan University-Davenport Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The Excellent Professor we have.


The thing I like best about my school is that I can do my courses online so that I can easily take care of my newborn daughter.


the flexability of the class schedule allows you to stay in school while working full time. this was one of the main draws for me to this college


The school allows students to pursue their degrees online, which is much more important than most people think. I am able to attend school while still going to work every day. The teachers and support groups have been there from the moment I decided to look into the school. They really work around what your availability is and make sure that you can get the degree you want with the schedule you need!


The best thing about Kaplan Univeristy is that the university adheres to your needs. Choosing to complete my degree in n alotted time frame I was able to pace myself. The Univerisity is also great for the many resources it offers to students. For example, the writing and career development center. I find the career development center quite useful as experienced career counselors are available to help in reaching career goals.


The variety of programs to study.


The best thing about my school is that the classes are not over whelming and you have the opportunity to visit the library or down load e-books that suit your purpose.


I think the best thing they do is that they help you to achieve the goals that you want to make out of life. The reason why is because they help you to decide what you want to do if you arent sure about it.


The best thing about my school is the fact that it is an Online school and is very easy to access and attend. Being that I am a stay at home single parent I find it very hard to do things outside of the home. Being that my school is completely online, it makes it very easy and convienent for me to attend school in order to further my education process as I desire. I am still able to conduct my motherly duties for my son, as well as furthering my education full time. This is the best thing about.


My school is online and offers very flexible schedules with extremely knowledgeable Professors. I have had much help whenever needed from the Academic Advisors and Professors.


The convenience of attending my classes online. I am a working business professional and my time is spaced out within a number of committments. Kaplan allows me to complete my degree while staying focused on my other committments.


Kaplan offers online classes that makes sure that students are interacting with their professors while offering the convenience of making your own schedule.


I can go to class, complete my homework, and take exams in my pajamas after the kids go to bed!


The flexibility offered by online classes is unequaled in a brick and mortar setting. Anyone who is attending college while working simply must consider availing themselves of this opportunity. By having choices between day and evening classes which are offered on various days of the week and weekends, anyone who wishes to pursue their degree can find a complementary schedule. Even while working two part-time jobs and raising two teenagers, I am able to find time to attend the live seminars offered once a week and also have time to research and complete my assignments.


It is an online school and it is easily worked into my schedule.


I can do it online They have a good reputation


I consider the best thing about Kaplan University being that I can do school at any time. I don't have to schedule appointments around class and I am free to work a day shift schedule and still spend time with my family. I love going to school and this was the best way to be able to finish my Bachelors degree around a busy life.


The best thing about Kaplan is that they offer online learning. To me this is wonderful because I am a mother of four children that works full time and I have a busy lifestyle trying to keep up with the kids education and hobbies.


Its an all online program


the people. they actually care about your education and your future, they get you in the rite classes (not to ard , not to ezey) and that makes a big differance to me, that way im not set up for failuar but sucsess insted.


Hi everyne my school kaplan university is beautiful and the schedules are flexible and is an online envirionment and every one is friendly nd very helpful. The teachers are very knowledgeable and always have a sense of humor and are always willing to explained all the class work. The acedemic advisers and financial aid advisors are always very helpful and are willing to help you in every thing about the classes and the financial of the school. I will recommened kaplan University to any one , because they are an Accredited school y have the same accred ation


I love that I can take all my classes online through KU! Everything is easy and convenient . It is very nice to be able to work, take care of my family, and take my classes too.


Kaplan University has professors who work in the field they teach. Kaplan each student their own financial aid advisor and academic advisor, that does not leave their side until they graduate. Kaplan tries to make your experience at their university the best experience you can have while learning.


Kaplan University Online studies is something I have never seen before. It is real terrific.


That I dont have to worry about being late to a classroom, that I dont have to find someone to watch my kids so I can attend classes and that I can still have my freedom while attending college full time.


mine is online classes which i love because during seminar's you feel free to express yourself with out the fear of being embarrassed.


Since my school is online based, it is very convenient to schedule it into your life. You can attend class from any computer and don't have to commute in traffic to a physical campus. The professors are extremely knowlegable and understanding. The assignments are practicle and timely in the learning process.


Well the best think about my school is that they are always there for you when you need your questions answered. the program is the best that I have gone through. the instructors work with you and helps you in anyway they can.


The ability to work online at my own pace so It doesn't interfere with my full time job.


the best thing about my school is the professors. The professors is the bridge of learning and I must say Kaplan has the best professors around. they are caring and want you to excel in your career choice. I have professors go above and beyond by calling me at home and arranging special meetings when I needed extra support.


It's an online college whichs makes it great for me because I can do the classes at my own pace. I have a week to complete my class work which gives plenty of time to complete my work. I'm also a mother of two with one on the way which makes this college wonderful because I don't have to leave home to attend.


I love that they offer classes online. That is one of the main reasons I ended up going to a college that was out of state. It gives me the freedom to go to school without really having to make any changes to my daily life.


I enjoy the flexibility. I can attend seminar in my PJ's if I want!


I love being able to learn online, the Professors here are very helpful and want their students to suceed.


I believe the best thing about my school is that I am able to attend my classes online, and have access to my studies, resources and professors anytime I need them. Being an online student allows the freedom and flexibility I need to continue my education and still take care of my son and his needs.


The resources is the best thing about my school. I take online classes, and everything you need to know is in your resource center. There is resources for school topics, blogging, personal issues, if you need to talk to someone with school matters, personal matters, or just to talk, there is always someone there to listen and communicate back to you.


I love the individulized attention I receive at Kaplan Universtity. The instrustors are always willing to help with any situation.


For me the best thing is that it is all online. I am a fulltime single mom, working fulltime, getting my education online is the only way I can get it. It works around me, I take the classes at a time that works best for me!


The convenience and support system is the best thing about my online education at Kaplan University. I am a single mother of two very young boys, ages 4 and 1, and a part time employee. Distant learning programs is one of the greatest advances in technology because it has opened many doors of opportunity for working single mothers like myself, who dreamed of obtaining a higher education but lacked the funding and time required to commit to such a goal. I never feel alone as an online student because of the support of my faculty, peers and student resources.


Kaplan University is fantastic! It's completely online which offers so much flexibility. I started school while pregnant, and had my son during finals. I started a new term with a newborn baby, not to mention my four year old. I have a 4.0 ... Who said college is hard?