Kaplan University-Hagerstown Campus Top Questions

What are your classes like?


All of my classes have been great and have kept me interested throughout the whole term; my current class is organizational behavior in criminal justice organizations. I am only 1 week in however it is very interesting.


Classes are usually around 30 people and the professor lectures, however, you are allowed to ask questions. This is a nice feature because if you are not sure about something you can ask to get clarification.


My classes are small, and there is a great interraction between the students and the instructors. Almost everybody get the chance to ask questions and the subjects are always informative, and interesting.


My classes at kaplan are challenging at times, but most of the time very enjoyable. The advisors generally work with you to get the classes that you enjoy the most but the general classes are required too. Most of the professors do their best to keep the class interested in the topic and to interact with the class on various areas of the topic. The only draw back to going to an online university is that you are not interacting in a physical classroom but an online classroom.


I have truly enjoyed all the classes I have had at Kaplan. They are all unique and different. I look forward to our seminars each week because I know it will be a time of learning and getting to know my professor and classmates. The professor make sure to enlist us during the seminar asking us questions about the chapter we are studying that week. The two classes I am taking this semester are SQL structured language and Management of information systems. In the SQL class we are designing a database using microsoft server express in the SQL language. In the management of information systems we are looking at the role information systems play in the world of business.


The classes I am in are wonerful ful of lively students and the professors is awesome, there are sometime 17 -about 30 student in a classroom. and we developed a team of IT students that come together and assist one another..


Classes at Kaplan are very interactive. In the online atmosphere the students are able to hear the instructor speaking and type responses just like in a chat room. My experience has been that the instructors are proficient in their teachings and are willing to take time to answer any questions the students have.


I love the classes the most of them since i started were easy but as I got through most of my classes but i figured that the more i studied it wasn't all that hard.


My classes are small intimate classes. I feel that I can ask questions and be taken seriously, My professors and classmates all try to help everyone that needs a little extra help,


classes are exciting! I love to attend our weekly seminars to hear what they professors are going to talk about next! I also love being able to talk with all the other students and see their views about the weeks topic!!


The classes I am in are wonerful ful of lively students and the professors is awesome.


Going into Kaplan was a bit frightening at first because I thought that I was entering an unknown world that I was not really familiar with. I am proud to say that I love my classes as they are very convenient, easy to understand, easy to approach, and well organized. No one can get lost!


The classes are great. You log into your class room and it tells you what is required of you for that week in class. Each week you have a seminar. This is when you get to interact with everyone in the class and the teacher. The whole set up is on the internet which makes it so you can relax and enjoy what is being taught.


As with any school, you have to be motivated in order to do well. With online classes, there is very little interaction with other people. It requires that you are able to read and work on things by yourself. The professors are available via e-mail, chat rooms, and instant messaging, though. This works well for me.


The classes at Kaplan are broken up into 10 weeks. Each week you have an assignment. The assignment will consist of reading and posting answers to that weeks questions on the discussion board. Each primary post has to be 350 words, and you must respond to two classmates per post with 100 words each. This allows you to have conversation about the topic, and this is where I learned a lot from my classmates. You will then have a few projects spread out throught the term. We also had an hour seminar each week, where we could hear the professor and see their power point presentation. There is an area to the side where you can type in questions, comments, and answers to the professor's questions. I always enjoyed the seminars, because that was when I could interact, live, with my classmates.


I take two courses every term. On my degree plan I have required courses that I must pass in order to finish my degree and then there are electives . Most the courses at Kaplan University are challenging and I like that about the school. In my courses thus far, class participation is a key component to passing the course. However there has been a rare course that was an easy A. Normally though my class is difficult yet enjoyable and useful in the end.


I have learned a lot since attending school with Kaplan. The course material is easy to comprehend and fun to learn. The professors are great about explaining everything each week. Being a criminal Justice major it can be difficult at time to absorb all of the material. The classes at Kaplan make it very easy to read and understand all of the courses. The discussion board also helps to reiterate what is important each week in the course.


I currently have two classes per ten week semester. This semester I am taking Criminology 101 and Client Relations in Corrections. My Week or Unit begins on Wednesday at 12am and ends the following Tuesday at midnight. We have one weekly live seminar where we log into a chat room with fellow students. We can hear the professor give his lecture and can participate through a chat window. We can hear the professor but he can't hear us and we can't hear eachother. We can communicate with our fellow students during seminars through the chat window or through IM. The seminar lasts an hour and covers all the information learned in the unit for the week. We have quizzes and essay assignments on top of discussion board questions that we must respond to throughout the week. The classes are fun and easy and the teachers are always there to help out.


They are always joyful and serious.


I take two courses every term. On my degree plan I have required courses that I must pass in order to finish my degree and then there are electives . Most the courses at Kaplan University are challenging and I like that about the school. In my courses thus far, class participation is a key component to passing the course. However there has been a rare course that was an easy A. Normally though my class is difficult yet enjoyable and useful in the end.


Classes are great. Each week we have chapters to read, discussion boards to participate in, assignments, and quizzes; I love the technology center where we can get help from a tutor, and the can see our desktop and what we are working on. You have to have a lot of self control to do online classes, because it is very easy to procrastinate. Luckily for me, I have always been fortunate enough to get my work in on time, without any difficulties.


Classes are very pro-active. They are made to be interesting and highly informative.


I am in my senior year in accounting so it is really getting difficult now. I am taking financial statements analysis and advanced corporate taxes. It's actually not too bad. My last class, cost accounting was horrible. I got my first B ever! Gina


Say goodbye to those early morning when you are completely stressing out over running late. You have nothing to wear, coffee isn't ready yet, you need a shower, and you're out of gas. Online, you are able to wake up and study at your own pace. Most courses have one seminar per week that is one hour long. At the most, I've had 2 seminars per week for each class at an hour long per seminar. There are usually multiple seminar times for you to choose from, so that you can work around your own schedule. Don't forget, that you can stay at home in your own relaxing environment that best suits you for learning. When you attend seminar, the Professor has a powerpoint presentation ready for the class to view. You can hear her voice, and type back to her or fellow students during the lecture. If the Professor feels that students are getting a little too off task with their side-bar conversations, then s(he) can disable that option. S(he) is still able to receive our questions, but the students cannot, unless s(he) shares it with the class. These seminars are also recorded so that if you are unable to attend, you can go back and listen to it.


I attend class online for Accounting. I love my classes, and using the online platform makes submitting my assignments a breeze. There is a discussion topic each week where we can interact with our peers and get everyone's point of view on the subject matter. You can access class anytime of day or night, which only adds to the convenience of being an online student; classes really fit into your schedule!


Most classes at Kaplan University are set up in the same format. Each week runs from Wednesday to Tuesday. You have a Discussion Board which you make an initial post to by Saturday, then you respond to two classmates initial posts on two different days to earn full credit. You have a Webinar for 1 hour, and usually an Assignment which can be either a MSWord doc. essay, MS PPT project or MS Excel doc. depending on your course. You may have a quiz assignment also. Usually the course work is all open book which is a big help with the quiz assignments.


My classes are very engaging and require diligence in order to get all work required done for the week. The professors are very intelligent in the classes they teach. The work required is managable if time managemnet skills are used. The online environment is also very good for me because of many factors. The classroom website is very easy to navigate.


Classes are a one hour discussion every week on the information we are reading for the unit. We have a interactive lecture with our prof and they are always willing to answere questions for any student. they make sure every student understands the material before moving too far ahead. the classes are interesting as well as fun to be in, interacting wtih the other students and in the process making new friends.


The classes are Kaplan University online are easy to navigate. Everything is labeled clearly to find what it is you are looking for. If you have a hard time professors are easy to contact and there is always tech support that you can chat with "live" as well. Classwork is not overwhelming and weekly seminars are very helpful.


The classes at Kaplan are really enjoyable and I have loved taking all of my seminars online. I rarely miss a class because that is the easiest grade you can get. If you don't attend the seminar, then you have to do what is called option 2, which is usually an essay type question or several questions. Each class I have been in has not been hard at all. I have attained a 3.98 cumulative GPA since March of 2010. I have been on President's list for every term except two. I really enjoy all of my classmates and professors. I have had a couple of professors whom I have had trouble getting emails to and responses from them, but for the most part I have enjoyed every professor I have had. Each one has been a positive influence to me and makes us feel good about ourselves and pushes us forward.


Depends on the class. Some professors actually know what they're doing while others make you wonder.