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Why did you decide to go to this school?


I am currently living in Hong Kong and needed a school that was 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} online.


I decided to go to Kaplan because I had to work full time and I needed to have flexible times. My schedule changed each week so I could not drive to campus and attend class it just did not work. I wanted to get a degree in psychology and Kaplan was the only accredited school that seemed like it would fit for me. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I do not have any regrets. I am now in my third year and I plan to finish my bachelor's degree and go on to my masters.


In 2008 I knew I wanted to go back to school. After 16 years of being out of the classroom I had no idea where to start. I took my child to a political rally for now President Barrack Obama. The event was held on a college campus. That night changed my life, for the first time I believed I could do this. The big question was what would I do and where would I find a school? The answer came when I was selected for Jury Duty in January 2009. The courtroom felt like home, I knew I had my answer. I came home that first day and researched schools. Being a disabled individual I couldn't keep up with the physical demands of a college campus. That's when I began researching on-line learning and it has been a perfect fit. I explored a variety of online schools. Then I took a leap of faith and signed on with Kaplan University. One major thing when looking at an online institution is ensuring they are an accredited school. If they aren't your degree could be worthless. This is one reason I choose Kaplan University.


Kaplan offers the most flexible schedule for what I need. I can continue to work and attend college classes without worrying. There are so many classes available at different times depending on what works for your schedule. It really is the perfect school for anyone with a hectic life.


I decided to go to Kaplan because I needed a school that would fit my busy schedule and would still provide a quality education. I stayed at Kaplan because my expectations were exceeded.


One of the main reasons I picked Kaplan was the fact that I did not need to take my SAT in order to attend, the other was there option of online schooling.


My parents actually inspired me to pursue a Medical Assisting degree, so I chose to obtain this degree from Kaplan University.


I decided to attend Kaplan University because of its accreditation, online program and its credibility.


I decided to attend Kaplan University because of its accreditation, online program and its credibilty.


I decided to attend Kaplan University because of its accreditation, online program and its credibilty.


For me to go back to school, I was already a web designer but I knew I needed more I needed to learn the terminolgy, and the concepts of what I was doing and so in going to school, for me was exciting and a blessing, as well as to show myself I can do it and be what I truly want to be in the world of technology and continue my education.


I decided to attend Kaplan University online because at the time, I was out on disability for a knee injury. My work schedule was always a graveyard shift and regular college schedules didn't work with mine. While being out on disability I did some serious thinking and weighed out many options to my life and what I wanted out of life. I decided that getting a further education would be the best benefit for me. Still to this day I am so glad I chose Kaplan. This was the best and smartest decission I have ever made for myself. Just furthering my education was the highlight, but I have shown myself that I can achieve more to life if I just put my mind to it.


When I started looking at colleges I went on a site that list different colleges after reading about some of them I chose four to look into .Later that same day I recieved a call from the military advisor at Kaplan University. I talked to him for about thirty or forty minutes. I was very impressed with his knowledge and friendliness so I told him I would get back in touch after I talked to someone at the other schools. After talking to representives from other college I still remembered my impression of the advisor at Kaplan so I called back and decided to submit my application. He helped me through the paperwork needed and transfered me to financial aide who helped set up my finnancing.


I wanted to go to this school because it was easy for me to take care of my kids and go to school to better myself for my family. I also chose to go to this school because it offers two classes every week and that is something I can handle without feeling overwhelmed.


I decide to go to this school firstly because they didn't care that I graduated with a special education diploma. Secondly I picked this school because I liked that I could work at my own pace. and last but not least I loved all the helpful services they offer their students.


I decided to go to this school because I was tired of working in a factory. I am also a single mother with two kids to support. I didn't have the luxury to quit my job and focus on school. Kaplan University Online offered the flexibility I needed to maintain my lifestyle. I am still able to work, take care of kids and do my homework. I can get an education while still supporting my family. I also chose this school because of the convienience, attending classes online gives me the ability to spend time with my family. I also avoid commuting to and walking around a campus.


The deciding factor of where to go to college was ultimately made by the price. Yes, I did research on each college and had it narrowed down to this college and 2 other big online Universities, but this one always stood out...and was the cheapest! As I said, the deciding factor was the price, but I had already made up my mind that if it was not "the right one" I would change school immediately. As you can see, I am still here. I cannot stress enough how much I love this University - the Professors, the way of communicating, the curriculum, etc. The only thing that almost lost me before I even saw the "inside of a classroom" was the Financial Aid department. The Financial Aid Department is great, if you do your part. However, in the beginning, as a new student, it is hard to know what your part is. I was entirely confused as to what financial aid was, how to apply, and how to receive the benefits. I am sure that they were just as frustrated with me as I was with them. Once I got everything straightened out and started making payments, though, I don't have any more complaints.


I decide to go to this school firstly because they didn't care that i graduated with a ESE Diploma. Secondly i pick this school because i liked that i could work at my onw pace. and last but not least i loved all the helpful services they offer their students.


I chose this school because I knew I couldn't go to a regular campus. I work and have three children and the schedules would always conflict. When I decided to do any online school, I seen so many good review of Kaplan, that I wanted to know more. Once I talked to an adviser and seen how thorough and helpful they were, I made my decision,


Kaplan has one of the best per quarter hour prices that I've seen. Also, e-books are included in the price which makes it even more appealing. This school also gears its' curriculum towards your line of study to help move you closer to your goals.


I found myself unemployed wanting to go into another career path or just gain more skills. When I started going to Kaplan it was more of the convenience of attending a school online, as I have a disability that prevents me from leaving my home. Attending classes online with Kaplan gives me the opportunity to gain great knowledge, meet new people, and succeed in my classes. You are able to do everything right from your computer, but do not think that you are alone. There is an endless amount of support when questions arise or you need help with anything. Kaplan is a great university to attend to gain skills, knowledge, and the ability to advance in your career while still keeping up with an ever changing life schedule.


The main reason I chose this school is due to the admissions adviser. His name was Andryu and he gave me his own personal advice when I was considering what courses to take and even gave me honest research websites to use when comparing Kaplan to other schools. I was able to review other student reviews as well as financial aid reviews.


I decided to go to this school because with me being a mommy I had to go where I was still able to attend to my children but go to school as well. Going to school online I do not have to worry about a babysitter ever. Seminars are always held at a time/day that is convenient for me and I can do my class work while my children are at school and I still have plenty of time with my family. If you're are someone with no kids but you work, you can do your classwork around your work schedule. Making Kaplan University online a great option for those who work but also want to go to school.


I personally decided to go to KU after speaking with many online and traditional colleges. I am 36 years old at present, so the want to not have to deal with "children" was greater than the want of comraderie, at least for my Undergraduate Degree. Several of the other colleges I looked into were going to cost the same, and, a few of them required you to be a full time employee while going to school. I'm a full time college student (I don't work much, odd jobs here and there) and my Financial Aid package allows me to do so and take care of my bills while in school. Also, at the time I applied with Kaplan they had a higher retention rate and graduation rate than many of the other online colleges. It has since fell quite a bit, but that may be primarily due to the economy and people's inability to get jobs to pay for schooling (those that can't get Fin. Aid.).