Kaplan University-Maine Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Kaplan University is a diverse student based population. Our school is represented by many minorities and noone is thought of a s a majority. All students work together, side by side as fellow students and unique individuals. Our area has many African/African American folks that enhance the lives of the locals and work hand in hand alongside everyone else. It is this diverse population that has helped us grow into the wonderful community we are. I do not believe that any person would feel out of place at our school. Everyone is treated as an equal, and nobody is any better than person sitting/standing next to another person.. Our dress is casual, just no provocative clothing wear, if one is in the medical field, then most need to wear their provided scrubs, little to no jewelry, and tattoos covered. If one is in the business field one is asked to dress casual, neat, and clean. All other areas are simply expected to be neat, and clean clothed. Our area of town is low to middle class financially and most depend on financial assistance in order to get through our classes.


The classmates in my classroom are very open, have a lot of experience with examples they can bring to class and are there to better their education.


Those that want to continue their education.