Kaplan University-Maine Campus Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Kaplan has a wide array of educational opportunities to choose from. The staff work diligently beside each student to help them in the choices of classes and degree programs. Professors work hard with all individual students to ensure that the student is understanding the lessons and the expectations. Is certainly is not uncommon to see professors dropping by the computer labs or the academics room to simply talk with the student and hand out support and praise. If the student is having difficulty the professor will simply stop to try to help. Our newest field of learning is the Human services curriculum. KU also offers Criminal Justice, Child Enrichment, Accounting, Business Management, Medical, Law Enforcement, et al. Professors enforce class participation and oft times has classes break into groups to work together as teams in order to do lessons and then present their efforts to the others in order for all to come up with new ideas and thought processes to the particular lesson of the time. So yes, there is also a lot of class competition between teams and individuals. I have my Associates degree in Business Management with Medical attached, my Associates in Human Services, and am presently working on my Bachelors degree in Human Services. The school stood behind me when I opted to change fields and genuinely helped me to transition quickly and easily. Oft times you will find myself and other students grouped around professors in the hallways, or outside the campus simply conversing about what the day has entailed and what ever may surface for a subject. I have made many friends worldwide thanks to our online classes and have become quite close to many of these students and have become friends even once classes are completed.