Kean University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Kean University is a well diversed institution focused on the success of the students; most professors are very considerated and helpful when needed. Kean is a familt school, once you get connected and take advantage of the opportunities given to you, one is sure to have a good college experience at this institution of learning.


Kean is a mixture of all types of people and it is made to help the student pass.


My school has been able to assist me with my needs and goals.


I love it.


Kean University is a very disorganized school but makes up for that shortcoming by offering the students many ways to take part in the goings on of the school.


Kean University is filled with diversity and intelligence.


An enchanting, diverse and amiable place for my higher education.


My school is diverse, welcoming, helpful, and friendly.


Kean University's beautiful campus feels like a magical place to me, it has opened my eyes to many unfamiliar things. Teaching staff and students around me have also opened many doors for me to explore. This is a place where I trully feel will have a lasting impression on me.


Very diverse and career oriented with its students.


Kean is very diverse and that is why I chose them. There interior design program is great, the other programs I am not so familiar with, but I am sure that they are great as well. The campus life is pretty dry because Kean is more of a commuter school, which I do not like.


Kean is multiculutural, active, lively, focused, modern, upscale, and supportive.


Kean is a dynamic, diverse, and involved campus that offers much opportunity in all fields to its students.


My school is very into soroities and fraternities.


Kean University is a multi-cultural university which offers a variety of Greek Life related groups.


My school campus is very spirited during the week, however the weekends are not as eventful.


Kean University is very fun. They give everyone an equal opportunity to progress in their education and use their minds; at the same time, the campus allows for students to have interesting and fun social lives. All the students have to do in return to get these things is work hard, to ensure their education is secure, and be a little outgoing, so that their social lives will be satisfactory.


affortable and you feel like home.


Kean University: kids come for the small classes and cheap tutuion but seek a better admission.


the professor's do not care about the students at Kean University, the professors are only concerned about there pass fail average.




Kean is a college for people who want to participate in class and not be lectured to.


Always send all letters to financial aid by certified mail and keep cpies of evruthing. Make sure you get a receipt, when they get your transcript, because they tend to loose them.


Kean, in all it's entirety, is a good idea gone wrong.


Very convenient and affordable.


Kean University is for anyone who is looking for a great college experience.


Kean University is very committed to giving the students the best facilities possible to complete there education, and are very accomodating to those students who have extremely busy lifes outside of their classes.