Kean University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I like to tell my friends how CHEAP compared to their big Universities Kean is. I was great and allowed me to be able to pay through a bunch of different methods. I also like to tell them about how great the class scheduling is. There's times for everyone's schedule!


Many activities, the women, the interactive professors, and the campus


That my school has beautiful landscape and is extremely friendly. Everyone is open and approachable, so if I ever needed help, I won't ever find myself truly lost. They're safety precautions are also extremely important to them and i feel safe because of that.


The amount of relevant club events at school.


The thing I brag about the most is how easy the classes have been so far. I tell them that as long as they pay attention to the professor and attend the classes it is an easy course.


Defenitely our interior design program and the great diversity of the school!


i brag mostly about my GPA, and being on the Dean's list. Then I tend to brag about the fact that Kean is an accredited university for education majors.


Kean University is one of New Jersey's hidden treasures. The school is ranked first in the field of Education. Kean Univeristy invests in its students' success by offering diverse courses, the most knowledgable professors, free tutors, excellent student resources, and state of the art facilities. Kean is a large university that gives students a sense of belonging. One thing that I brag about to my friends when I talk about Kean University is that it offers not just an education but all the advantages you need to be a well-rounded, successful person when you graduate.


I aways look foward to school beacause of the great enivornment and people. My classes are usually interesting.


There is a wide range of diversity and sense of attachment with the professors and students


The campus security is comforting.




The party atmosphere!