Kean University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst part about Kean is the smell. There are flowers all around campus, it looks absolutely beautiful. However, they use fertilizer and the smell of the fertilizer is absolutely revolting. Along with the fertilizer, the dumpsters for the cafeterias are held right by the dormitories, so that add to the smell. Now, it's not bad all over campus, mostly around the dorms. So for someone, like me who lives on campus, these smells really get to you.


The worse thing about my school. right now, in my opinion is the president. He dosent care about the students. He only cares about the money for the school. Kean has a low graduaton rate. I believe that it can be workrd on, but only if the president, staff, and administrators work together, with each other to come to an agreement about what needs to be fixed when it comes to kean, and students graduating. The president recently boght a $219,000 table from China, that we are not allowed to use. But i pay for it in my tuition.


It's far from where I live.


The worst part about this school is parking. The president got rid of the parking garage, making the situation worse. It's hard to get a parking spot so people usually come an hour and a half early before class starts.


The worst thing I consider about Kean University would be the transfer admissions registeration process. Very tough obstacles to achievement while trying to register for classes. Your assigned advisor will tell you the classes needed to work toward your major but the problem is full classes and no overloads into the full classes are allowed. Highly frustating.


Lack of guidance that exist in leading students on to theright graduation path. Students take most if not all the courses suggested to them by the system, only to find out that they are a couple credits shorts or are missing requirements that werent established with them at the forefront.


Although I find everything to be very helpful and easy to manage, I would have to say that parking is a big issue. There is an issue with finding parking close to the campus because many students attend this school. Even though the parking is not terrible, it would have to be my only complaint.


The worse thing about Kean is the morale of the students; the school has many activites but students are cautious about joining in.


The worst thing about Kean college is the lack of parking at the center of the college where most of the classes are held. This is more of an issue at certain times of the day and for those who do not take advantage of the shuttle services. Since the college is in every other way extremely convenient for commuters, quick and easy parking is the only disadvantage for those who rush from home or work to the campus at prime time (9am and 1pm).


Overall the school is great, the only problem is how early the cafeteria closes. Kean gives a college experience which is wonderful but the only problem I hear regularly is about how early our cafeteria closes, and us, as students are often hungry a lot.


No school is perfect, but my school to be on the perfection side so i really cannot say something bad about my school


I suppose that the worst thing about Kean University is that now that I am approaching my final year the course times and availability seems to be less accessable.


The worst detail about Kean University would be the limited amount of working computers on campus. Only a select few labs have printing abilities, and it is a process to be granted permission to print documents. Also, many of the computers are out of service, which limits the availability to a very small amount. Often the labs are overcrowded, and cannot accommodate those that desire the internet or a computer. Most of all it is frustrating because all student documents (bills, grades) are strictly posted online ?no paper documents. Without a computer, this information is inaccessible.


It is nearly impossible to find a parking space. You have to arrive at least 45 minutes early to try the handful of lots available for way more than a handful of students. They continue to expand the school by adding housing and classrooms, however no parking spaces have been added admist all the growth. I have witnessed people getting into fist fights in the parking lot over who was at the parking spot first. My advice , live on campus or use public transportation.


The bordem on campus as far as a social life. just met the right people with the same intentions as you at your school & your bound to have fun let alone met great people.


I wish i could finish it sooner so i can start at a job and move out on nj.


The only thing I consider the worst thing is that some buildings are old.


the inability to engage other students who are interested in other career fields than what the school specializes in and campus housing as well.


The worst thing about my University the food, but I believe anywhere you go food is never gonna taste like your moms' unless your mom is making it.


The worst thing about Kean University would have to be the steaming pipes because they smell extremly displeasing.


the worst thing about my school is the lack of parking! but that is being fixed within the next year, with a brand new parking garage : )


I honestly do not think Kean is meant for one to pursue a fulfilling career. In general terms, Kean is a college suited for students to build their GPA to transfer to more reputable Universities, where a college degree has more credence and prestige behind it (Such as NYU, Columbia, Wharton, MIT, Cornell, Harvard, Yale). The only good point on Kean is that the tuition is EXTREMELY affordable, and can be used to build a base for improving previous GPAs, so that scholarships for transfers can be attained.


You dont feel the " college experience" when living there. Parking's terrible. The staff (non-professors) really dont care about helping. Majority of the students arnt friendly. You'll make a few friends and that's about it. Theres not a lot of on-campus living available . The food that's available to those who have a meal plan (those living on campus) is terrible. The school spends its money on planting new trees or buying new statues than using it on appropiate things. Like a parking structure, better food, more for those who live on campus to do, etc...


The worst thing about my school is the parking situation. There are so many students who commute it is sometimes hard to get a parking space, therefore students sometimes arrive late to class interrupting the professor and other students who are trying to learn.


the worst thing about my school is that they keep raising the university fees, and don't tell where the money is going.


I believe the worst thing about my school would have to be the construction that is always occuring. From my very first year at Kean up until now there has always been a lot of construction going on during the summer and all throughout the school year. There is always some new detour that you must follow to get to class, and with everyone estimating the path they saw yesterday to this new path sometimes it makes it hard to arrive in class on time. But the good thing is that you get to discover new scenery at the school.