Kean University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Kean University is a very diverse and accredited school. This school is fit for those who would like to engave and interact with people from various backgrounds. The type of person that should attend kean University would have to be unbiased, well-grounded, and academically motivated.


Any kind of student can come to Kean it is very mixed and you have all types of majors. However, if your you are goin to school to be a teacher then Kean should be your first choice.


A motivated, well-organized, determined person should attend this school. There is not much room for slacking off. Some professors do not give second chances but in my opinion that is fair and how it should be.


People who graduated from community colleges or freshman


A person that is looking for a great schhol and environment for a reasonable price shpuld attend this school. If you are interested in pursuing a career this is an amazing college to attend.


Any person with a desire to learn and share their experience with others should come to Kean University. This school has great programs and the students can make it better by putting forth more serious efforts.


Any kind of student can attend this school because it is very diverse with many different types of cultures.


The kind of person who should attend this school should be well-motivated and determined to succeed. This college can be demanding and require a lot of work for academic success. The person should be organized and have a great ambition to succeed in any endeavor they face.


A person who takes their education seriously and has a low budget.


Someone who likes small class size and teachers who know your name and when you don't go to class.


Kean University is a diverse learning institution that has a variety of students from different backrgounds and ethnicities. Kean University offers a quality education while endeavoring to give students the interpersonal skills needed to be successful once they graduate. This university is perfect for a peson looking for a large campus that has a sense of a small community atmosphere. Kean is especially a great school for students who want to become teachers. They prepare and give students experience in their selected major. Kean University strives to offer the best learning environment it can for its students.


I believe that if you are focused and want to be successful in higher education you should attend this school. Most of the professors that I have had at Kean have tought me alot of new things. If you dont know how to manage your time well you will not be able to good at Kean.


Any person should attend this school. you can be a loner or someone thats very outgoing and you'll find someone that's just as much into as the things your into. you'll never know who you'll meet!


The kind that want to go to college, thats the kind, because when your going to that one special college, you can leave the whole world behind.


Somebody who has goals of being successful, wants to meet new people, and wants to really understand what field they want to get into.


The kind of person that should attend Kean University, should be well- organized, smart and interesting. A Kean University student should be able to interact with professor, other students and personel. The kind of person a Kean University student should have integrity and strength to accomplish anything, analyzing the data given and processes into their daily life through leadership and respect. A Kean University student should be able to demonstrate the ability to intake information and use it to progress through life experience by imposing a positive attitude, lending a hand with respect to Kean University Motto: TRANSFORMING LIVES.


The kind of person that should attend this school is a person who loves to meet new people that share similar and different ideas. A person who is not afraid of being who they are and who enjoys meeting people who are very diverse. Also, a person who is commited to volunteer work and doing the best they can academically will flourish at Kean University.


someone who is academically focused, wants to join in on campus life and do community service, enter sports, or do an internship. should keep an open mind and be positive about diversity and environmental safety!


Any student who is interested in being involved with extra cirricular activities, or a student who is looking to work while they are in school.


A person who is struggling with money, best upcoming university there is.


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