Kean University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to high school senior Dominque, I would tell her to come with her game face. Although, college can be extremely stressful for most students, it's best to always make the best out of every situation. You are going to feel really alone and realize that you have to be independent in order to get through the daily struggles and stressors of a college student. But, all you really need is to have an open mind and be willing to try and experience new things, coming out of your comfort zone and blossoming into the woman you were birthed to be. I would tell myself college is about experiences, making life long friendships and connections, and figuring out what you want to do with your life. Life is all about making mistakes and then learning from them because in order to master something or become CEO of a company you first have to fail, repeatedly. You will become frustrated and somedays you will feel like dropping out because you have no idea what your doing or where your going, but it's then that you should push through and surprise yourself.


Going back in time would allow me to prepare myself better for college. Given this opportunity, the first piece of advice I would say is to apply yourself. This would consist of taking academics more seriously and appoint the many opportunities out there . Next I would tell myself t go above and beyond. In college it is very important to stand out amongst the others. There are people in college with the same mindset and are just as motivated to succeed. The last piece of advice that I would give is to never reveal everything you know. It is perfectly fine to help and get help from other people. In college, you have to be careful because there will be people that only care about themselves and will use you to their benefit. With these three pieces of advice, you can advance to new heights and succeed.


Dear High School Freshman Bridget, I want to start this off by telling you that I will be giving you somewhat of a "High School Survival Letter". I want to tell you first off that these next four years of high school, right now might seem that it will take forever, but i promise you they will fly by! You need to appreciate everyday that you are given and take chances and risks that you might not think you will try, for all you know you might end up loving these risks that you take. Dont worry about what others think of you and dont keep looking in the past because you are not going that way. Life moves on and if you don't worry about things that don't matter your high school experience will be so much more successful. Always keep your head up and be who you are. There are going to be times when you just want to give up on it all, but if you keep focused and keep working I promise everything will work out. Keep going and be confident. Sincerely, College Freshman Bridget


What would I tell my senior high school self if I now had the chance to go back? When I first read this, I couldn’t think of anything that I would tell myself. Then it came to me a couple of days later. When I was a senior in high school, my parents split up. It was a very hard time for me. On top of schoolwork, I had to now help take care of my siblings. I had to step into a role that no seventeen year old should have to fill. I had to take care of my two younger sisters. I would tell myself to pay more attention to the people who came to talk about college. Don’t let your dreams go, because of what is going on at home. Home will be handled. Go to college, right after high school. So you can finish on time and start your business.


For most, the typical 4 year college outline is an easy checklist. Not easy in the sense that it renders absolutely no effort. It's a higher degree of education after all. Rather, students follow their path quite seamlessly, with nothing too detrimental causing a hinderance or epic delay. Most even attribute their best years in life trusting and following the system: class, homework, party, repeat. For me, however, it's been quite an arduous journey. I've been paying for my college education since freshman year. Multiple jobs accompanied with a demanding and dysfunctional family, several uncontrollable stressors, almost no social support, and a disabling tendency to think myself into self pity, caused major mental and academic set backs. For those who've had similar experiences, one thing that is always wished for is to go back in time and tell their younger selves to stay strong, keep going no matter what. For me, I would tell myself to stop. Stop, breathe and think. Don't allow yourself to feel pressured into a predetermined path that you don't agree with because you'll be unhappy and fail. Ultimately, you'll be going through the journey, no one else.


When you graduate, prepare yourself. College is not even close to high school. It's all about who you know and interaction with everyone. Be prepared to organize your life.


If I could go back to talk to my high school self I would tell myself to not worry so much about making friends or trying to keep the old ones from high school. College changes people. Some for the better and some for the worst. You have to be one-hundred percent true to yourself throughout the college experience and do not try to change for anyone during the transition. If you see friends who are going down a bad path it is OKAY to stray away from them while entering college. If you are meant to cross paths again it will happen. Don't ever judge a book by its cover and remember who you are!


I would tell my high school self not to panic about making friends or adjusting to the college. Most of the people here are friendly and very open-minded, and very little sexting or hazing takes place. College is not that big a transition because the workload in class is really similar to the workload in high school despite what high school teachers claim. The food is better in this cafeteria than in the high school cafeteria and there are more things to do in your free time than you could ever do in a high school study hall, so don’t worry about boredom. Most importantly, many people told you that you should have gone to Rutgers because it is larger and more famous but Kean offers many opportunities despite its size and Kean is proof that small schools can be just as good as big schools. Finally, don’t worry about the danger at parties or walking in the dark on campus because overall the school is safe and as long as you are with a friend you are fine. At first you may feel alone when you arrive but quickly you will find your place.


Focus on your classes and study harder my friend. Try to put all your energy into hitting the books and look up scholarships for the university you plan on going to. I would also adivse doing research on universities in and out of state. Reconsider your life decisions up to this point and ask yourself: was it really worth it?


Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to shift my priorities. When I first started I got introduced to farternities and sororities and started partying a lot and made those things my priorities. I would suggest that you get involved more in volunteer oppurtunities because you are going to love it. I would also tell myself not to get involved with boys just yet and to stay focused on just school because boys can alter your path when it comes to education. I definitely would tell myself the one thing thats is super important and that is to take advatage of the school's resources because you are not a geek for using the resources.


As a high school senior I couldnt wait to graduate high school. All I worried about was walking across the stage and getting my diploma. What I should have been thinking about was how will I go to college? Instead of worrying so much about prom and graduation, I should have been thinking about what schloarships to fill out, what field I wanted to work in, and even what school I wanted to go to. If I could have given myself advice in high school, I would have taken college classes in high school. I would have told myself to learn new study habits. I would have also figured out sooner what field I wanted to pursue, and taken all high school courses I could for that field. I would have even told myself how challenging and difficult college can be.


i would say to my self that collage is right around the corner so i need to study hard and not go off partying and drinking


Assuming I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself the following advice: Laterria life is what YOU make of it. Whatever you want in life you can achieve it. This is your last year of highschool and the time to become independant starts NOW. Take a piece of paper and list 3 life expectancies. I expect to be independant, achieve, & succeed. Its been 13 years since the day I graduated into independance. Here I stand the single mother of 7 beautiful children with an AA degree in Social Science. Within the next 2 years I will achieve a BA degree & become an elementary teacher with a subject major in mathematics. Giving up on my life expectancies will never be an option. Rearranging how my life was expected to be would be all the advice to see.


If I was able to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior, I'd tell myself to joke around less and to work extremely hard on everything I do. I'd even work hard and not do "just fine" on tasks that I knew were easy. I'd be more respectful, not that I wasn't disrespectful, but I'd be sure to never offned my teachers nor question their inttelligence. I would tell myself to cherish the things I learn evryday and always study even when there are no exams.


If I could go back and give my high school self some advice, I would start with stressing the importance of planning ahead and doing research. Failing to do so will make you lose out on opportunities that could have helped you without even realizing it. You are completely responsible for seeking the resources that will help you reach your goals. You are also responsible for making sure that you maintain your pace to reach your goals in a timely manner.Another piece of advice that I could have benefited from is not to put more on your plate than you can handle. Although taking that extra class or working those extra hours could be beneficial theoretically, piling on so much will lead to exhaustion and make you feel overwhelmed. It may even set you back and bring you further away from your goals. Lastly, if you do happen to take on more than you can handle, admit it and get help. Learn to manage your time better or find a beneficial way to decrease your workload or responsibilities.If I knew or took this advice, my experience would have been much less stressful and more enjoyable.


I would tell my younger self not to change a thing, keep doing what you are doing. I have been in the United States Army for 16 years now and I am very proud of the service to our country. Being able to accomplish both school and serve our country is a dream come true; I am completely satisfied with the direction my life has taken.


Dear Jade, you might think you have all the answers in life and that you are un-touchable. Jade, you are going to lose the person you love the most and you are going to have to grow up and make wiser decistions. You are going to have to be more careful with your money and they way you carry yourself. You also need to be a rolemodel for your younger sisters becuase they are looking up to you. Things will not be easier in college, first sememster of college you are going to want to party and worry about homework later. You need to find a happy balance with homework and your social life. Things might be hard sometimes but with the right attitude you can accomplish anything.


Write everything down and make copies of things.


In college, it is every person for themselves so do not rely on people contanstly reminding you about deadlines as they did in High school, because your treated as an adulat and as an sult you should be able to accept responsibility for your acamdemics. Unlike High school there wont be teachers you've known over the years who have a personal relationship wth you and would constnatly push you to achieve your best, in college, you must motivate yourself to achieve your best or else only a slippery path lies ahead. Furthermore, one thing all college students know is that Time managment is of great importance in college, the ability to properly dispense ones time to is of grave importance, it is very easy to get caught up in the social aspect of college and lose focuss on one's academics. However it is possible to have a good social life as well as good performance in your education as long as there is balance between both, time has to be set aside for everything, because truly there is a time for everything.


I would tell myself no matter what happens im still going to go to college because i want to be sucessful and have a carrer and im going to be dedicated and hard working and no matter what if i dont have any money ill try my hardest to save up.


If I were able to go back in time to talk to myslelf as a high school senior, I would tell my younger self this: Do not take your last days as a highschool senior for granted. Make them count and enjoy every single moment. Soak in every class, every essay that you have to write, every moment, every enjoyable walk with highschool friends from class to class. I would tell myself that those friendship are the ones that I will cherish forever. I would tell myself not to work so much, but to focus on my studies, friendships and family, for those are the things that, in the end, will get me through all of my difficult moments in college. I would end with this: Do not stress too much about the future, but focus on the "now". Cherish the relationships that you have NOW. Make them strong wnough so that they can withstand the distance that will come from freinds being seperated and led to different universities in many different states. Last, but not least, I would tell my younger self to not run from, but to accept challenges as a new opportunity for growth.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high schooler, I wouldn't. I know this probably goes against what this question is about, but knowing everything I know now, I wouldn't change a thing. I got more advice when I was in high school than I knew what to do with and advice from myself would not make that any easier. If I were to go back, I would be wasting my own time. I'm happy with the way I am. I love who I've become and I only change for the better. I lived, I made mistakes, I learned, I grew, I felt the pains of failure, rejection, and love; and I would do it all again because those built my character to what it is. I have no regrets and I use my experience to help those who need it most.


I would tell myself since I had a 3.75 gpa to apply for scholarships. Since I went to a private I didn't know how and know one helped me.


There was a day, near the last day of school, where I just sat down with my boyfriend and just started telling him how I wish I had done a few things differently during my senior year. I had told him that I shouldn't have let myself become so lazy and unfocused. Time really slipped on by and I could've joined more clubs or organized more activities. I wished I had learned from freshmen year to really put myself out there and be known early because by senior year, I didn't feel as accomplished as I thought I would have. Now, as I am entering my first year of college, i'm so nervous and too lazy to complete the scholarships that i should've done ages ago. If I could go back and give myself some advice, it would be to never lose focus, because you're going to really need it once the summer hits and college life ends up being right around the corner.


Never fear what you do not know. You must always look forward to making mistakes because that is how people learn. Always expect to have questions but never be afraid of asking when needing the answer. Stand tall and look proud to be in school, learning new things, experiencing things you could not when you were in high school. Know that there are so many people that are going to be willing to help you, motivate you, guide you, and be your friend. You will come across incidences where you will not have control of what is happening but you will find strength to get back in the game. Long and sleepness nights will be in your future but just know that they are all worth it in the end and that everything will come back and benefit you for the better. Be willing to learn new things and know that there are new lessons to talk about with friends, family, peers, and professors.


I would make sure to build meaningful relationships with faculty who are helpful and supportive as soon as possible. These types of relationships helped me receive internship and scholarship opportunities that have changed my life. I would also look into specific careers that interest me so that I'm able to take courses that will be beneficial to me in that career.


Appreciate and manage your time effectively because It can be gone within seconds.


Go to Kean, do not even bother it is the best pace for you and what you want to do with your life. Do not fret and worry so much, college is a transition. Life is not easy but do not stop working hard like you have always done. Everything will pay off in the end, just do your best and do not stress.


That high school is so much easier than college and in college everything is serious business day in and day out.


College. Just do it. Put everything else aside and just do it. Apply, go, and finish. Make it "not" an option. No matter what happens in life, no one can ever take your education away. One day you might lose your job and find yourself in financial debt, losing your self-esteem. You could lose your house or your car. You could lose a friend or a bet. You could lose someone close to you like a partner, through divorce or death. You could even lose your freedom. Your education belongs to you and is embedded in you. It becomes a part of you like the cells in your body and yours forever and no one, no one can ever take it. Because education enhances and feeds our body, like water and food, it it a necessity. Give your body all it can take and feel yourself respond. In life today, education can not be an option and should never be considered a privilidge. So, claim your education; it is yours. It defines you and your future. It is the security blanket that will be with you forever. Education is a must. Many know this and now, you do too.


What wouldn't I tell myself if i could go back. I always think about this when I am in my room. If only I could go back in time i would tell myself to take AP courses to get college credit. To have joined extra curricular activities, community service, and clubs. This would have helped me in my comunicatin skills. To go to advisors to help me choose a career for myself. To get to know myself so I could have a better understanding of what my weaknesses and strenghths are so I can know what I enjoy doing. I would push myself to apply to scholarships. I would tell myself to look into colleges that offer a variety of majors. I would tell myself that college is to be taken seriously and I need to really know what I want my future to be like. I need to be aware of who I really am and what I can achieve. I would tell myself that I can't sit around and expect everyone to tell me what to do. I would tell myself to start taking responsibility because the road to success is a long way.


I have gone through many hardships through out my collegiate years. These hardships have carved my views and values into a beautiful sculpture. I was in a very dark place freshman year, which lead to sub par grade far below my potential. On my own will and determination I got my act together, school became my number one obligation. My grades sky rocketed! Through these experiences, I have learned to appreciate and value education like no other. Even on Saturday nights i choose to stay at home and read about the human body, nothing fascinates me more. I have been given a great opportunity many people unfortunately do not have---to become a well rounded educated person. I will use my education to help people to the best of my ability, that is my purpose in life.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is that there are more careers than I thought there'd be in the field that I'm interested in. It is valuable to attend college because you learn more about the world and what ways there are for you to make a difference in other people's lives.


Despite being a non-traditional (adult) student, the support of university employees and fellow students was remarkable. University provisions and meeting students with varying circumstances encouraged me to complete my studies. I learned to properly prioritize the demands of my children, family and job without sacrificing my personal development. College gave me the opportunity to stop putting myself last on my list of priorities and develop patience in achieving goals. Attending a university that serves a variety of students (housing, majors, schedules, etc.) gave me an opportunity to make observations that will assist my children. College gave me the forethought to plan for my children's college education and equipped me to assist them academically, socially and emotionally when they are in college. Participation in service related extra-curricular activities boosted my self-worth as I helped incoming freshman adjust, assisted students with class scheduling and supported the on-campus daycare center. College gave me self-esteem, employment that required past experience working with children and the foundation of my professional network. Above all else, college gave me the opportunity to hear my teenager say "If my mom can do it, so can I."


Over the last two and a half years, I have met friends, professors and other leaders from all walks of life. These people have taught me true values of friendship and important work ethics. Ever since I was about 16, I knew that I wanted to own a business and now I can proudly say that at 20 years old, I have met that goal! My business is just taking off, but it is right where I want it to be for this time in my life. I know that it is my college experience that has taught me a lesson in perseverance; from all of the lectures, hands-on projects and late nights of studying. It is from these experiences that I knew I couldn't give up on my dreams of being a business owner. Today, I do my best to encourage students to never give up on their dreams. I believe education is the key to success. Although many people call themselves successful, I believe that success is found within the mind's intellect, not the bank. My college experience has taught me the true value of success- to do what you love and do it well.


Since I've entered college I have learned so much in the different subjects I've taken and completed. College brings the experience of being knowledgable and I honestly believe that I am experiecing that. If someone has been in college long enough and they don't feel as if they are getting anything worth knowing out of it, than something is wrong but I love my college experience. Being educated is the key to being successful and me attending Kean University is valuable for that reason.


I have gotten much out of my college experience and have realized the challenge that college can bring. I have developed a great enthusiasm for history and political science education. I also have developed a great appreciation for foreign language and am interested in learning the Portuguese language at this school. My horizons have expanded and am eager to embrace the culture of the country of Brazil as I would like to be an English-language teacher in that country.


Well since i haven't had much experience with college it is kind of difficult for me to answer this question but i can say that doing everything it takes to enrolle and register and financial aid, etc.. it has thought me a whole lot of responsibility. I haven't had any help from anybody so basically i have been doing all this process alone but i don't complain. Why? you might ask and there is a really simple answer, the road of life is a path we all have to walk on sooner or later and for me to be doing everything alone has thought me important assets of how life could be in a few more years. Well i hope you take me under consideration. Thank you very much.


I have been in and out college since I graduated high school, taking breaks to repay the institution. I had very little help in my college experience, but I am learning from my mistakes and persevering through my educational journey. I have learned, thus far, that I must take responsibility for my education and be self-motivated. I only have myself to rely on and have to keep pushing until I attain my goal. I have realized as I have gotten older, that my education is of the utmost importance. I need an education so that I can support myself independently and become my own person. Also, my experience as a child of a broken home has motivated me to become a self-reliant individual so that I can deal with any situations that life may throw my way. I very am passionate about helping others and believe I would be a great assest in the healthcare field, not to mention such a rewarding experience.


You learned something new everyday, but going to Kean University i learned something new every second, it maybe from the professors or just my peers around me.


I got that networking and making friends with your peers is something that is of worth, and by getting that exposure at school is extremly important. With networking, you are bale to broaden your horizens--weather it is that you need a job and someone you know can get you one; you need to access resources from them; or if they are able to help you with things that you need. Networking is everything and Kean University helps you with learning the importance of this. At Kean University, i also got an overall good learnign experience. The professors here are willing to do the best to help their students; which is what I loke the most about this school. I think it provides that personal and caring touch and makes the students more acessable to get the support they need. Overall, from my college experiecne, I gotten the joy of education. I know that I am getting the education that I need to get the most when I go into my career. Kean has done an ecellent job to get me prepared for that. Kean has definitly been a building block for my future.


I have learned that the world that we are living in is far greater than what we think. There are so many things to learn. This world is filled with different people, different surroundings, different cultures, and etc. So, everyday I wake up with the urge to know more about this world that has been created for us occupy. My school has made realize that it is such a waste to just come to school and do my homework because of its diversity. There's more to to this life than just doing your routines!


College changed my life. I learned that going to school just because its socially acceptable is not the thing to do. Right out of high school I attended the University of Hartford. I landed myself on academic probation and lost all of my grants from the school. Due to my family's financial situation I moved home to NJ and enrolled at Middlesex Communtiy. Finding myself in a depressed state, I needed to prove my worth and move out of my parents house where reality set in. I realized that if you let life pass you by it will leave you behind. So I ventured out and started working at a mortgage brokerage fulI time while attending night classes. I became lisenced at the age of 19 and was active for about a year. While working with other professionals I realized how political things are. Certain clients will only respond and interact with a college graduate who is perceived as an intelligent person. One day a senior broker and I were having a conversation. He had made fun of how properly I spoke, I knew then and there that I can utiize my brain for something better than mortgages


Experience A.K.A. Wisdom.


I have gained invaluable experience in the field of music education. Due to the proximity to NYC, I was able to attend many concerts that opened up my musical knowledge, and I was able to study clarinet with one of the most dynamic international clarinetists in the world. In my education courses, I studied with two valuable resources in the field of music education; one a specialist in the field of early childhood education, and the other a specialist in woodwinds and K-12 education. The small class sizes made it possible for a close interaction between faculty and students, and this one-on-one attention enabled deeper understanding of the content being taught.


The truth is that Kean University is indeed an accredited school for anyone entering the education feild. It was my first choice and I am pleased with quality of my education. In addition the finacial aid department has been more than helpful in supplying aid and grants to continue my education yet i still have some outstanding student loans. I am a first generation university student in my family and I want to earn my degree and make something of myself. I do not want to struggle financially in life the way my mother has, due to becoming a widow raising four young children, without a degree. What i have gotten out of my college experience is a new appreciation for hard work and study skills all while meeting peers of the same calliber. I thank you for your time and hope you will seriously consider me for this scholarship.


Going back in time and talking to myself as a high school senior would be a very benifical experience. The first thing i would make sure to tell myself would be what I decided to go to school for. If I did this i would be graduating now instead of looking at two more years. Also i would tell myself to be more involved in school activities and other events on campus. I now feel that would have made the transition more fun and if I had done that I would have made more friends along the way. Most importantly though I would advise myself to relax and enjoy my time in college because life does not slow down after college it only gets more hectic.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice that I would want is to apply myself and take advantage of oppurtunities that will help me in college. I should've taken more steps my senior year in my education by studying, taking harder classes and utilizing time management. My transition to college would've been easier had I taken that harder math class or that harder english class my senior year then sitting back and letting the oppurtunity pass me by. I wish I had someone to tell me that the easy way out of things isn't the best for my future. Going to college has really opened my eyes and has helped me to learn that I will always benefit and do well if I apply myself ahead of time. I'm very happy that I've learned from my mistakes from when I was a senior in highschool. Now that I'm in college I'm not going to let another oppurtunity pass me by. There are 6 billion people around the world who would die to be in the position that I'm in.


The most important advice I would give myself is to not transfer. I would tell myself to go straight to the college of my choice and not mess around with the 2-year school thing and transfer to a 4-year school. I am considered a junior, but this is technically my fourth year of school. I have one more year left. I regret not going straight to this school out of high school. I let my parents pressure me into going to a community college so they could keep me around for two more years. When I transfered, some of my classes didn't transfer, even though I stayed in New Jersey the whole time. This is a set back, and now I won't be graduating when my friends do from their other schools. So I would definately tell myself to not transfer.


Now that I have a few years undermy belt I would go back and tell myself to relax and just focus on my classes. I was nervous as a senior that I wouldnt fit in, make friends, or that my classes would be too hard. The best thing for a high school senior to know is to do you work ahead of time and then youll have plenty of time to make friends and join extracricular activities. Its not as scary as most people think it is. Keep your head on straight and follow your dreams and sooner then later you will achieve those goals.