Kean University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew more about the programs at this school, I came to Kean University because i like the campus but another major reason for me coming was because i wanted to play soccer. I also wish i was know more about the commitment that being a stident athlete is while trying to juggle college as well. Finally i wish i knew more about school itself, as in, the area it located, and what they have to offer to the student.


how people act


I wish I would have known financial aid grants would fully cover the costs of attenting this university.


I wish I had known that the campus is basically a ghost town on the weekends.


I wish I had known how involved my major would be. I often spent 12-14 hour days on campus, and had I expected that, I would have dormed at Kean rather than commuting over 40 miles per day.


There is nothing else about this school that I would have wanted to know. It was just as I expected.


I wish I had more information about scholarship opportunities when transferring to Kean University. There was a significant increase in tuition payments in comparison to community college prices. After starting classes, I realized I had missed many of the deadlines of scholarships that I would have been eligible for. I also would have like to know more about class registration dates, by the time I received the opportunity to register as a ?transfer student? majority of the classes were filled. My first semester in was very challenging schedule-wise because it was not ideal for my personal agenda.


I wish I was taught more studying techniques in high school. When I came to college I found it harder to study because there was such a bigger work load. So if incoming students are taught different study techniques then there will be a high success rate of first semester students.


I wish I knew that my gardes in high school were going to be looked at in the future. I wish I would have known to save money and plan to pay out of pocket for college instead of taking out loans. To this day I regret some of the items I purchased with out thinking about college tuition. Overall, I wish I could have taken high school seriously to try to get a scholarships to pay for school. My mom told me to apply for scholarships but I did not. I regret that most of all.


One wish that i have that i have known before i attended Kean is to see my advisor twice a semester and decide what i really wanted my major to be early on and get rid of all major requirements first.


English is the second language!


I wish I had known why I wasn't supposed to get into a sorority in the first year of college.


More information about scholarships and research programs.


One of the things that I had wish I known before I came to this school is that almost half of the students attending are commuters. This sometimes makes it difficult to make friends in your classes that you can hang out with when you don't have class. I also wish that would have known that many students here tend to go home on the weekends. Sometimes that weekends can be boring because there is no one around.


The way a proffesor looks after their own kind


cant think of anything..


Before I came to this school I wish I knew that living on campus is fun and a great way to meet people outside of your academic classes. I also wish that I would have known more about the sports at school, and the hours that practice and games would be held so I could at least try out, if not actually play for the team.