Kean University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Kean, is the diversity on campus. Kean also has a lot of activities on campus that students, families and friends are allowed to take part in. We have a many clubs and things that students can take be a part of. Kean goes out of ots way to make a new student feel welcome. they are always giving away free stuff, like t shirts, and key chains, and other stuff. To me, when i walk on campus, i can feel the school spirit. Kean knows that times are hard, so they also give incentives on campus.


The teachers and professors take their duties with the utmost sense of personal and communal responsibility. Their expectations are appropriate and challenging at the same times. The campus is clean and constantly improves every semester. You can see your tuition at work. Resources are often broadcasted. The student body is enthusiastic to be a part of the school and it shows. The library is my favorite spot to study, although lately I feel that there hasn't been as much space. The student body is growing but the school is doing a decent job at keeping peace.


My Professors help me when I need help.


The professsors and staff are generally always willing to help students regarless of their personal/non personal affilation with them. They are always willing to help a struggling students either in academics or social life wise.


The best thing about my school is that i feel like i'll be able to transition into college there easily. It's very open and friendly and I can easily make it my new home.


Faculty - they are extremely helpful and really care about their students.


This school is well-known for its outstanding education program and is regarded as one of the best education schools here in New Jersey. It also allows a great deal of interaction between student and teacher and there is a great support system here at this school. A student can feel comfortable here knowing there is always access to get answers to any questions or concerns regarding the complexities of the education program.


The best thing about my school is the great professors, they not just there to teach, but they are they to build a relationship with you and help you personally too.


The small class sizes. I think small class sizes makes it seem like youre getting a more attnetion from the professor and like you dont get lost in class


I consider that the class availabiltity and small class sizes are the best things. The teacher are able to learn names and help everyone out that really needs the help. They are also very nice and are willing to do as much as possible for thier students when they see that they are really trying.


The best thing about my school is that it is close to my house and that it has a high employment rate for the program I am in post-graduation.


If you want a commuter school....heres a good one...... If you want to be a teacher come here...........but dont complain about the "extra" stuff they make u do and me they know what'll make u shine


convenient, and is affordable than most other schools in New Jersey


Small campus. It's easy to get around almost everywhere, especially during winter.


The fact that it is very convenient for me in order to maintain employment while attended classes. And of course the fact that it is located very close to my home.


The campus is very nice, the people are friendly, and the school has a good system to help people choose the right courses for their major.


I believe that there are so many different things that I could state here and with valid reason but the one that jumps out at me the most is the great diversity of the school. As an African-American student I believed that I would be one of few that chose college over other things. I was completely wrong! Kean University has such a diverse and unique community that it was quite hard for me not to make friends with everyone and anyone. My town is very small and most people don't chose highte education so I was pleased!