Keene State College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The liberal arts. Keene is a great shool for music, teaching, and nursing.


Keene State College has a phenomenal teaching program, as well as a fantastic psychology program, both of which I am a part. The campus is great, and located right in downtown Keene. Also, the professors are very friendly and really want to get to know each student personally.


Keene State College is best known for their Education Department.


My school is best known for the friendly, down-to-earth staff who are constantly involved in helping their students achieve their best. They always make themselves available outside of class, and enrich their students through extra materials, field trips, and week long exploration trips to other countries during school breaks. In every major there are faculty who go outside of their way to bring the best to their students. Graduates of this school leave with more than a degree; they leave with life-long mentors and friends.


Keene is a party school.


Keene State College is best none for it's blind friendly environment and for it's atomsphere. The college is a beautiful campus with many different available majors.


Pumpkin festival, the mountain near campus, being environmentally friendly (green)


It is best known for being a liberal arts school specializing in education majors.


its teaching program.


My school is best known for being a very open-minded and welcoming to everyone.


Well to most that go there is known as a party school. There is lots of parties and drinking, but in my opinion you choose to do that you do not have to. I was involved in the dance team and I did go to parties but there were many night that I spent not going out. Though it is known as a party school to most who go there.


Keene is best known for its small-town setting. With mountains, beautiful fall foliage, and a welcoming campus environment. Keene comes to mind when I think of home, as the campus is small and it does not take long to put a face to everyone. Keene is also known for its Education and Psychology departments.


My school is best known for its education and nutrition majors. Teaching is the most popular major but nutrition is rapidly growing this year.


I've always know Keene State College for its Education Program, which is what I'm here for. It's also a great Arts and Performance College