Keene State College Top Questions

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I chose Keene State College because they have a fresh new start to an Architecture program, whereas my other choices for schools didn't have as much or any choice for architecture programs. The Architecture program here, I think, is pretty good. It has a lot of potential to grow over the years and I am glad to be apart of its program.


lots of places to take good "nature" walks


the campus is a lot better and more up to date compared to others and everything is right where you need it as far as stores/groceries


I saw that Keene State College went beyond just meeting my needs for an academic experience. The experiences and connections I gained there have been just as invaluable as the education itself. It catapulted me into the real world and really emphasized the fine-tuning of my critical skills to become a very well-rounded leader. I am grateful that Keene State has provided me with such resources and excellence that has enabled me to push my life forward into its next chapter. I am ready to help not only myself, but the others around me as well.


The sense of pride I think is the first thing that sets this school apart from others. When you walk down jayhawk blvd. everywhere you look people are decked out in school colors and sporting a KU jayhawk. The compassion people show towards one another is outstanding here. I have been to other schools, and none have I seen such spirit. The people that go to KU are proud of the school they are a part of. It feels more like a family of friends than just a school. We may all be on different paths, but all for education.


The dining hall is very large and has much better quality food as well as a greater variety of food than the other schools I visited before making my decision. In general the people who work and study at the college I attend are very friendly and easy to get along with.


it is in my hometown.


There is nothing unique about Keene State College!


quaint little downtown


The campus and surrounding area make the college more like a big family then a school.


To me, it had one of the best education programs and since I wanted to go into education, this was the best school for me.


Keene State is a very beautiful campus that really makes you feel safe and comfortable. The town is small, but there are plenty of people around, without it being overwhelming.


Location is perfect if the outdoors is your thing. Great mountains within an hour, lakes and rivers all around, and Boston is only two hours away for the city folk.


At this school we have a lot of diversity in the sence that we have the hippies and the artsies and the athletics and everything in between. We have every interest and every style.