Keene State College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The social scene. People love going to parties/hanging out all the time. It's always fun here.


Great students, everyone helps each other out. The students came together to help the school and city clean up the "2014 Pumpkin Fest" that other students had destroyed and damaged.


I brag about how I got the best roomates, and how theres always events on campus that I can get involved in.


I tell them how impressed I am with the professors. They are very helpful and strive to get to know all their students on a first name basis.


I usually dont brag at all about KSC. Students usually brag if it's a top sports school or top money making school and KSC was neither. However it was an extremely well run college as I was on student government and got to see their operations in action first hand. It was better then most and seemed to be progressing nicely.


Its a beautiful area with a open minded, organic community focused on each of there own carbon footprint on the world. A fun school to go to socially.


Great atmopshere, everything is close by, we have a lot of fun on the weekends, great small town, and the tutition is cheap.