Keene State College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who want to be part of a close-knit community should go to Keene State. Future teachers should as well!


Those interested in a hands-on learning environment and a small town campus feel. The community on campus is close and the town is great.


Someone who is carefree about life, openminded, and lives it to the fullest. It may be a small school, but it is one where you will make a million friends and will always head back home with the craziest stories!


Someone who is dedicated and wants to learn, and participate in community service, serving there schoo and community. The phrase is "enter to learn go fourth to serve"


The kind of people that should attend Keene State College should be the ones that want a valuable education from a school that is not crowded but not tiny either. They should also expect some one-on-one time with professors, an excellent range of on-campus employments, over 100 clubs and intramurals, and an all-around good time. If they want to have a memorable but hard working and well worth college experience, Keene State College is the place to be.


Someone who is willing to learn. Who is willing to have a good time as well as being dedicated to their work.


I believe this school is right for everyone. It is the perfect size, and I truly believe everyone can fit in nicely. Whether your the quiet and shy type, or your loud an outgoing. You will find many friends here that are just what you?re looking for.


A liberal, free/open minded person


A person that wants to be a teacher or a safety major. A person that is outdoor savvy and driven to do something with there life outside the classroom and college life environment.