Keene State College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who want more scientically focused careers.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is one that is not motivated to do their work and doesn't want to put their best foot forward in everything they encounter on campus. This school offers challenging courses, but if you work hard and study to your best ability, you will see that anything is possible at Keene State College. This college is full of life and people to help you whenever you need it so there are no excuses for someone to not do well here.


someone who wants to live in a city, someone who wants a very small school, someone who wants to be sure of having housing during their junior and senior years.


I believe any kind of person should attend this school as well as any other institutuin with the respect that anyone has the ability to succeed no matter what the circumstances may be. In any college institution a student must master the skills of time management to be able to fully excell in the classroom as well as enjoying the social aspects college has to offer. There must be a balance for a student to gain maximum knowledge and experinces in thier particular college.


People who just want to dick around and party. There's a lot of drinking, but a pretty big emphasis on schoolwork. How much work you really have to do depends on your major.


Probably someone who wants to attend a medical school. It is a very liberal arts school, and is great for education, film and psych majors


Someone who is not entirely sure what college they want to go to. Someone who wants a quality education without going broke.


If you are looking for a big sports school or a large university Keene State College isnt the place for you.


I would not recommend this school to a person who enjoys the city life; a lot of people, with a lot going on. Keene is a very laid back place to attend school, there is not a lot to do around the area. I also wouldn't recommend this school to people who are not comfortable with cold weather, or a very opinionated and outspoken atmosphere.


Not sure