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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


As I am a student that transferred, I would advise students to not stress about picking the right school. I remember feeling so much pressure to pick the "right" school, and felt that if I made the wrong decision, all hope was lost. I loved the school I attended my freshman year, and I'm glad I spent that time there. However, it was right for me to transfer and it was a decision that really paid off for me in a lot of ways. Transferring is difficult, but it's a decision I'm very happy with. I just wish I'd known beforehand that nothing is final and I never needed to worry about making the "wrong" decision.


The next four years you college pick will be our home and the people around you will be your family. Makesure to visit every college you think you might attend and trust your gut. Deep down you just know which place is right for you. Also, see if you know anyone on campus and go to a game, stay over, or go to another activity to see if you can see yourself there. LIke i said, its in your gut, you will just know!


Just focus on what career path you want to pursue and then find out what school is best qualified to help you in gaining the right education for whatever career you would like to pursue.


Look look look. The student will know when the set foot on the campus.


The most important thing to do before applying to a college or university, in my opinion, is to visit the campus first. Walk around, really get to know your surroundings and if it feels right then it is. Get to know what the college has to offer other then classes. What kind of sports they offer, like varsity, recreational and club sports, and also what kind of clubs they offer. Find one that interests you, that way when you finally arrive at school you know exactly what you want to get involved in. Also by getting involved you meet a lot of people, some whom may become your really good friends. This will make the transition from home to college life even easier. Most importantly, make your final decision based on what you want and feel, not what others persuade you to do.


I think that college is an amazing experience that everyone should have the opportunity to experience. Choosing the right school for your child or for yourself is very difficult. It's better to go into college at least having an idea of what you would like to major in, and go from there. But if you're undecided, like many incoming college freshman, choosing a school with many options in all sorts of fields is your best bet. Going on lots of college visits is also a good idea, you'll get to see where you could be potentially living, and if you don't like the atmosphere, you're more likely not to enjoy the school. Once you get to college, take lots of classes to discover what you're interested and what you might want to major in. And remember, most students don't know what they want to do with there lives, and that is completely ok.


If I could give advice to any student applying for college, I would offer them two words: be true. Look into who you are. What are your unique interests? What sets you apart from a group? Be honest with yourself when you decide which college fits you best. Your friends from home will always be there when you go home for breaks, so don't follow them to their school of choice. If you are true with yourself and pick a college that best fits your needs and interests you will find people with similar qualities and a school that offers what you need. Sometimes this means being the only person from your graduating class to attend a school but it is well, well worth it because your friendships and knowledge will last you a lifetime.


Look for a medium size school, if you dont like it you can always go to a bigger or smaller school, because college is a hard transition as is.


When i was choosing a college I was focusing a lot on the image of the school. I wanted to go somewhere that had a big name and sounded good to my family and friends. The advice i would give to others is that the name of the school really doesnt matter. You need to find a school that will fufill what you are looking for. The environment and the people will affect you more than the name of the school. I would advise someone to concentrate on how comfortable they think they would be on that campus. Is it the right size, how big of classes do I want, and has my major been successful here in the past? As long as you are happy where you are, and recieve a degree the name or image of the school won't be important at all.


it's expensive


When I picked the school I went to it was that feeling that they say you will get of, "you just know." I do not regret going to the school I did, but I did not have the best college experience. I picked the school I went to because it was cheap to go to a state school and I knew I would be going on to get my masters and did not want to spend a lot of money at my undergraduate. If you know exactly what you want to do when you go to college go to a school that is famous for what you want. Do NOT be afraid of moving far away if it means getting the best education. If you do not know what you want to do my suggestion is college is an investment do not go unless you know or are very close to knowing what you want. I know too many people that went to school for years and still do not know what they want to do and are now paying 700 dollars a month in student loans for a degree they do not use or do not have.


College, much like life, is all in how you define it. In order to find the right college, I think that a tour of the campus is definitely a necessity. While the college might be renowned for its academics or a major that you're interested in, I feel that the actual college environment is a vital determining factor in whether or not the school is right for you. One must feel comfortable in their environment in order to excel. In order to make the best out of the college experience, it is always best to get involved. This may sound cliche, but it is definitely true; getting involved means meeting new people, and making new friends. Although we attend school in order to be succesful in the future, college is also a place to make friends that will last a lifetime. While most will look back on their college years and hopefully be thankful for the classes that they have taken and the knowledge they have acquired, it is most likely not Biology class that will come to mind while reminscing, but the countless memories that were formed at a college to be remembered for a lifetime.


College is not only an educational institution, but a great social institution as well. It is not a hasty decision to be made considering the fact that you'll most likely be having a four year stay. Make sure you enjoy it and feel comfortable in your surroundings, because if you're not, you're not in the right environment to be doing what needs to get done.


I would advise parents and students to visit the campus and get a feel for the atmosphere there since you will be spending the better part of 4 years there on your own. I is important to feel comfortable in the surroundings and feel you can get the support you need whether it is academically or socially. College is an important step and the growth you experience during this time is essential to your development as an adult and in how you will conduct yourself throughout your life socially and in your career. It is also very important to attend a school which gives you many options in majors that way you can persue new avenues if your first choice of major turns out not to be as you expected. Remember, it is up to you to get what you want from this experience and the choices you make will shape the person you become. That being said, your education in all areas is what your main focus should be.


Don't set your mind on one specific college. Always apply to as many schools as possible, because I have many friends that only got into their second or third choice schools and they all ended up being very happy at their college or university. Choose a college that is the right size for you, and don't focus on going where your friends are going to school. Look forward to going to a new place and meeting new people; after all, college is a fresh start in life and you should make the best of it! Also, go with a random roommate for your freshman year! Even if your best friend is going to the same school as you, try to get a room in the same building as them, rather than having them as your roommate. Meeting new people is a great experience and your close friends will always be near by if you need them. Find a school that has a comfortable setting for your needs and focus on what you need to do to better your future after college. It goes by fast!


Some good advice for parents or students entering college is, do not worry about fitting in or whether or not your son/daughter will pass or fail. College is not as scary as everyone says, and classes are not as hard as you would think. Teachers will not assign homework that you would not be able to finish, and if you are having trouble they are always available through email, phone number, or office hours. Have fun, enjoy the experiance, and live life to the fullest, but do not forget your home or family. They love you, and want the best for you and what you want.


Choose the college that you can go to if you switch a major or stop playing sports and still look at it as an enjoyable place to be. Choose a college that will offer you the tools and space needed to grow and be wherever your potential lies, which is unlimited.


It is important to research the school environment that is right for you personally and for your propsed major.


Follow your first gut instinct the minute that you arrive on campus


My advice is to find out the dynamics of the campus, take a tour, talk to people, especially the res. life staff. Learn about the campus. See if you can stay a night on campus with a responisble person such as an RA or a close friend. Make smart choices and if its the rigt campus, you'll know it. Just by being here you'll learn whether you will be happy at the campus or if you won't be. Its just like finding the right car, or spouse or anything. You just know.


The best advice would be to visit all the schools you are interested in. All schools look great in the brochures but to get a real feel of the school and the atmosphere you need to tour the school.


In narrowing down finding the right college, I would definitely recommend a visit to any campus being considered, during the school season. This will allow you to get a real feeling about the atmosphere and what a typical day is like at that school. It made a huge difference for me and I feel I made the right decision after visiting/touring the campus. As for making the most of the college experience, be prepared to work hard, manage your time, and enjoy the social aspects that college life presents.