Keene State College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


You only get one freshman year so step outside of your comfort zone and try everything that you're even slightly interested in. College will change you and make you a completely new and improved person if you let it. This can literally be the best year of your life if you're willing to experience everything that freshman year has to offer.


I wish someone had told me not to bother with the library to study. It’s excellent for research and group projects, but not if you need to write a five page paper. When you’re in need of some quiet study time the best, super secret study spot is the second floor of the Dining Commons. It’s usually empty so you have your pick of tables. Plus if you’re up there studying and get hungry you can take a break and grab a snack without having to use a meal.


Before starting classes at Keene State College I wish I had known how to access the program evaluation and class registration section of the MyKSC account. Knowing how to properly navigate the "student services" section of the MyKSC account would have been extremely helpful in evaluating my academic standing and available courses.


I wish I took more CLEP tests to get ahead


The difference between the BFA and the BA program in studio art.


Nothing, I am happy with my choice.


i think something i wish i knew before i came to this school would be knowing how the system actually worked and more scholarships and grants i could of applied for. On paper it looks like my family has money but in fact we are really struggling and im trying to find money but its impossible for me.


I wish I had known that they crame all the freshmen dorms. Most if not all the freshmen dorms were forced triples when I was a freshmen and that how they currently are and I will be a Junior in Fall 2009.


I loved Keene State. There isn't anything I wish I had known prior to attending.


Well I knew this but you don't really know it until it happens to you that they do not guarantee upperclassman (not freshman) housing. So if you are a freshman you are fine but it you are not then you better cross your fingers. That you were not required to have an internship as a psychology major and you should!!!! I learned more my first year working in the field then I ever did in four years at school.


I wish I had known what I wanted to major in before I came to this school so that I had planned out my general education classes to fit my credit needs, instead of trying to make up for the first semester of my freshman year where I took random classes because I did not know what I wanted to do for a major.