Keene State College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Keene State College (KSC) is all of the international opportunities that the school has. In today’s increasingly connected world it is very important to become a global citizen and KSC gave me the chance to do that. Since KSC values global citizenship so much it makes sure to offer several affordable experiential learning trips every year. After I took Tropical Ecology I had the opportunity to go down to Belize and see everything we had just studied. That trip gave me the chance to step into the world rather than just studying about it.


The learning environment is the best thing about Keene State College. There is a sense of yearning for knowledge among students and teachers and you can feel it as you walk around campus.


The best thing about Keene State College is the social atmosphere. My freshman year, I instantly felt the friendliness and sense of welcoming from everyone I met. No matter your age, class rank, or what team you cheered for, people here had open arms. I myself joined a sorority which I would have never even imagined doing upon entering college, and it was the best decision I have ever met. I opened the door for me to meet so many new people and I love it.


The beautiful campus and intelligent faculty.


How helpful the faculty and staff are in every aspect. When applying to graduate school I had a lot of questions, and I found that this school was very helpful. The people are all very friendly and nice, and the town that it encompasses makes it a wonderful school to be a part of. Being part of this school you feel like you are part of something greater, and because of that I think students strive harder than they might at another school. There is a lot of variety of where everyone comes from, which creates a enriched atmosphere.


The atmosphere and social stuff is really great. There're all kinds of clubs and Greek things to join from day one and at orientation so you never really spend much time without knowing anyone.


The best thing about KSC is the people are all friendly.


I consider the best thing at my school to be the students and the faculty. Everyone here wants to see you succeed, and they will help you in the process. The students and the professors are both very outgoing very nice, and I think that is what makes this school very easy to fit into.


I believe the best thing about Keene State College is the small class sizes. I'm not just a number to my professors, I'm a living, breathing person, who they've had the opportunity to get to know and genunienly care about.


Friendly people and a beautiful campus that i love walking around.