Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are aliens from another planet who like to talk about anti-gravity coffee.


Your classmates are your family and are the reason you get through your education.


i am in online student


My class mates are multi-cultural and diverse in their backgrounds. I have met students of all ages, races and background.


All have different ideas and opinions, makes class interesting.


My classmates are all seeking a career in the golf industry, suach as management, instruction, maintenance or any number of areas that are connected to the golf industry.


Very busy people


My classmates are very focused, career driven, friendly, and also very smart.


If you desire to go off to school away from home go ahead and it do it. Because I was so attached to my mom I didn't want to go off to school and I seriously regret it when I see others I went to high school graduating college now and I am just getting back into college.


my classmates re very in to school and wants to graduate.


Since I attend online school I have'nt actually met any classmates face-to-face, but we still communicate in chats and discussions. I enjoy "chatting" and working on assignments together, because everyone is always polite and enjoys praising others and handing out constructive criticism.


Older students going back to school seeking a second career.


ready to learn and fun to be with


I only have a few classmates in my classes. And so while they are all different, they are very similar to me. While most of my classmates are in their late twenties and above I am in my early twenties. Most of them have families at home and strive to do the best that they can do. They all know exactly what they want in life. They all know exactly what they would like to do in their careers. We would all push ourselves in order to better ourselves and better one another.


Students that want to be in school for a higher education.