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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time to talk to myself about college life, I would first say to go and don't give up on it no matter what. This is my second college. I made a mistake by dropping out of college as a massage therapist to move to Japan with my husband. I regret it sometimes because I should have finished my schooling and then moved to Japan with my husband. I wasn't thinking then,but now I am realizing what I could have acheived. I would tell myself to attend college for as long as you think you can, the better the degree, the more you learn, the better the job, the more money you can make to support yourself and or your family. I would also tell myself to strive to do your best at everything and never say that you can't do something. Can't should never even enter your vocabulary. No matter what, "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF" and know that you can do whatever you allow yourself to do.


Take it one step at a time. The work is harder but the rewards are worth it. Don't give up.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would say STAY IN SCHOOL and follow your dreams in becoming what you want to be. The sooner you go to college after graduating the faster you can be graduating college with a profession you love to do while making good money. I myself did not do any of that until I was 29 years old. Looking back now I wish I would have graduated high school instead of getting a GED, and gone straight to college instead of waiting until 29 years old being a single parent with a child. Making the transition from going without school for 11 years to college was a big change, but I have worked hard at studying and I am making sure I am the best student I can be.


Take a test to find out what you are best at and then go to school for that. Even if things happen in life, don't give up on working toward your career. If you need to, slow down, but don't stop! Don't put your career on hold, it could take a very long time to get back to it once you start a family and it will be even harder and more expensive than before. Not to mention all the years of struggling financially because you don't have a career.


Let your kid grow up. Cutting the cord is hard, but how do expect them to learn to finally live on their own if you dont give them some slack to roam? EXACTLY!


Listen to your children and pay attention to their habits. Study your children so you can make the best decision for them.


Finding out class sizes also class scheduling. Be sure to ask questions about the school and how they are going to help you to succeed and is there job placement.


find what u would enjoyed to do and give it your all. If u reach obstacles try your best to overcome them


The right college is based on a person's personnality and interest. The choice also depends on how busy your life is .wether or not you have a family working during the day and go to school at night vise versa . Each school has different requirements and criteria.


Look for a place where you will feel comfortable stydying. Choose the right career for you, and also look for a school where you can finish fast.


Be sure to research your schools and visit the campus often at different times to get a true feeling for the school you will be attending. Try to meet with alumni to learn about their experience while attending and after graduation as well as talking with current students about how they feel about their experience at the school. Don't rush into a decision as it is an important one!


As an adult who returned to college after leaving an academic environment for over fifteen years, I would say the best advice I could give would be to make the most out of the opportunities that are presented to you. Take advantage of everything, leave no stone unturned and savor every moment.


To find the right college decide what experience you would like to take away with yourself from it-do you want to be completely immersed in your studies and concentrate on entering the work force quickly or also be involved with extra curicular activities as well-


When searching for the right college, never fall for the advertisements because they are never true. Visit every college you are interested in and speak with students at those schools--they can give you better insight on college life. It's also a good idea to research the school and find out what the curriculm is and see if it fits into your area of study. And please, don't focus too much on extracurricular activies and societies at the schools. Although important, it should not outweigh the quality of education at the school. If all you are looking for is to have a good time, don't waste $30,000 a year on that; better yet, don't bother going to school. If you select well, your classes will turn out to be fun, you'll make friends, you will receive a high quality education, and you will get the most out of every buck you spend at the school--whatever the price, it will be worth it.


Look into your school. Make sure you visit the different colleges of interest.


Don't just look into one college, shop around for the one with a good accreditation, good financial resources, look into the length that the college has been in business, check out the curriculum, classes, faculty, talk to some of the students and the faculty. Ask for brochures, ask about class size, freedom to move about the college, campus living (on/off). Check out the cafeteria, the student center. Go online and just do some relative research into what you are actually looking for and what type of classes that you want to take. Look for a college that has multiple choices for the career that you have set for yourself. Don't just limit yourself into taking what is put in front of you because someone else says that it is good, do the research and the leg work to get all of the core information that you need and want to know in order to make the best decision for YOU! See what is offered and compare colleges to one another. See who is offerring the best and most financial aid, Most important ask them what can they do for you to help you to become a SUCCESS!.


Finding the right school is difficult. It took me years until I returned to school. I finally found a facility that motivated me so much that I am returning to finish my degree. A big issue with most people attending college is the cost. Finding a school that can help you secure a loan and can get you done with your degree in an efficient amount of time is essential. This was one of the factors in choosing my institution. There are also other important things to consider depending on your major and ultimate goals. These include but are not limited to, class size, lab equipment and facilities, quality of the instructors and the willingness of the faculty and staff to go beyond their regular duties in order to help students succeed. I believe that I have found all these things and with a little research and perseverance evry student can find their perfect fit and be succesful.