Kendall College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I am currently taking classes online through Kendall College. When I was in the classroom we were in what was called a Cohort; a small group of classmates who move through quarters of classes together until each individual person can go off and do the next step for their individual path. I loved the classmates in my cohort. They were fun, exciting and always had something intriguing to say. We got a long very well and learned a lot from each others experiences.


In culinary school, a classroom is a team. My classmates are like teammates very much like in a professional kitchen. In a culinary program, most students come knowing what they want to be a chef of some sort. For this reason, many of my classmates are extremely dedicated and hard working. We are expected to put one hundred percent and above into our education, and due to the clear expectations from the faculty and staff, my classmates work hard.


I feel that Kendall College students are leading themselves to great success, because they focus on their individual major of study, they put a lot of time into their coursework, and they also allow time for themselves to have a social life and relax.