Kendall College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Kendall is an amazing school because it has a well-known and successful alumni, modern facilities and a track record of excellence.


Kendall College is four year culinary school, where most schools only provide associates degrees. Kendall not only trains students to become chefs, but allows us to get training in leadership, management, and business. With a well trained faculty they ensure that students do not miss a word of information; we are expected to read, attend a seminar, watch a demo, and then cook. This ensures that all people can learn with varying learning styles. There is free tutoring center and teachers always offer time to tutor as well. Finally, the student life shows that Kendall is dedicated to the students.


I think the best thing about Kendal are the people that I have met there.


I think the learning environement is the best thing about my school.