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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


You have your whole life ahead of you. Rest assured you will get through whatever you are going through, you will come out a better, stronger person. Stay focused. Create art. Do things that make you happy, if you don't know how to be happy, focus on finding what makes you happy. Try new things, experiences, bad or good, are healthy for you, they help you to grow. Step outside of your comfort zone, it challenges you. Put down your device as much as possible, quiet the noise, listen to yourself and take time to reflect. Don't seek the approval of others, be comfortable with yourself. If you don't lie then you never have to remember anything, you will remember the experiences. Try not to judge others, we are all trying to get through this thing called life. Sleep. Exercise. Give more than you take. Don't stop working, working might seem like it is redundant, trust me, it is harder to start working after you have stopped rather than to just keep working. Be kind. Get to know yourself, live alone for a year. Have a pet. Learn to cook.


Hello, My name is Ben Huard and I am one of two siblings. My Senior year in Highschool was probably my best, you see, I was still coming back to myself from loosing my sister a year before, but was lucky enough to go to Vocational School for Machine Tool Technology. Even though my family situation was a mess I pushed on to take advantage of an opportunity to learn something that I really came to enjoy. If I were to try to enlighten my younger self, it would probably be things that you have heard before, as far as, applying oneself, stay focussed, ask for help when needed, and of course believe in yourself and your own abilities. In taking my whole life into perspective I would definitely add that this is only the beginning and to strive, now, to shape your life into what you want. To persue what you enjoy, do not let anything or anyone stand in your way or tell you that you CAN'T. In living my life now, I am very happy for what I have, as I will Pray to do my best to instill these ideals in MY daughter!


Stop worrying! It accomplishes nothing in your life. It's okay not to know what you want to do, but you should be wiser with your money. Using it to travel is great, but you're going to wish that you had saved more for college and gone right away instead of waiting. But you will have learned so much from travelling that you won't regret it. The years ahead of you are rocky but yield very good things. Keep your head up! You are going to have a great, great life.