Kennesaw State University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


The dorms at KSU are really nice; they are more like apartments than typical college dorms. The dorms in which I live are set up with four individual bedrooms and bathrooms, with a living room area and kitchen as the main part of the apartment. Other dorms only have 2 bedrooms, so you could choose to share an apartment with only one other person. Some of the dorms have two bedrooms with a kitchenette and a shared bathroom and no living room; these are a bit more like typical college dorms. No pets are allowed in any of the complexes. Some of the dorms are substance free, and others are not, in which case you could have alcohol if you are over 21. The dorms come with cable hookups and ether net plug ins, as well as telephone jacks (all of which is included in your monthly rent except for the telephone, if you choose to get a land line). The dorms in which I live have a clothes washer and dryer, a refrigerator/freezer, stove/oven, and dishwasher in unit. Other dorms only have a select few of those appliances. My dorms also have dressers in the bedrooms, a large desk attached to the wall, and 2 long bookshelves attacked to the wall above the desk. They are quite nice dorms, and everyone is always surprised that college students here have such nice accommodations.


There are currently four styles of dorms: University Village Suites, where each resident has the option of living with one other roommate or by his or herself. In the suites, only freshmen are allowed to live there. Residents share a communal kitchen, social rooms, and communal laundry rooms. These dorms are closest to traditional style dorms. In University Village, the setting is more like a hotel. Each apartment has a full kitchen with a living room and a washer and dryer. Each resident receives a personal bedroom and bathroom. These apartments are dry dorms, and no alcohol is permitted. Similarly to University Village is University Place. Here, residents will receive the same amenities, but will also each have a balcony per apartment. These apartments are also more open to outside elements, as many entry ways are through the balcony door. Hallways are also external. This residential area is a wet campus, and residents are allowed to have alcohol if he or she is of age. Like University Place, Kennesaw Place is set in more of an outside setting. These are very similar to the apartments in University Place, but are much cheaper (and starting to fall apart!).


There are a number of layouts of the dorms at KSU. In the freshman dorms, called University Suites you have one room with two bedrooms with twin beds included and one bathroom. There is a double sink installed, a mini refrigerator and a microwave. In the rest of the dorms such as University Village, University Place, and Kennesaw Place you have your own separate room with a full size bed and your own bathroom connected inside the bedroom. Included in this is a living area space, a full kitchen, and a washer and dryer.