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Kennesaw State is a big commuter school. Once people get done with their classes they leave, and don't come back until their next class. In other words there isn't a lot going on, on campus.


Kennesaw State University has provided the students with many services focused to helping us with our specific situations, services that I was not aware were available at other universities. Another unique aspect that I have not seen in some schools is that their dining hall composts food that is not eaten and they even grow a lot of the ingredients they use.


I believe KSU is a wonderful school due to its faculty. They push their students to succeed for future success. I love the vibe that was demonstrated during the orientation that took place a while back. Kennesaw State is definite yes for me as an awesome school.


All residential housing has private bedrooms. All the other schools I applied to didn't have that, so that made Kennesaw really unique. You get to have your own space and never feel crammed.


Amoung having a positve learning enviornment with ambitous and dedicated students; Kennesaw State University promotes diversity in its institution. The hands on experience students take from here will last them a lifetime. The engagement that the professsors gives to each student makes learning more of a joy than an obligation. Diversity is amoung one of the most unique attributes at KSU. No matter the ethnicity, sexual preference, or gender, both the students and professors encourage eachother to stive for success; thus making attending a college /university more of a memorable time. Here at Kennesaw State University education is top priority.


Out of all the schools I considered, Kennesaw State was the largest and most diverse. The campus location is also well-balanced as it is located close to the city of Atlanta, yet students are still able to enjoy the beauty and safety of a suburban enviroment. Another unique aspect of the university is it's housing options. On-campus housing at KSU offers seperate bedrooms for all residents and private bathrooms for many if not most residents. In addition to on-campus residential options, KSU has numerous off-campus housing options for students.


Kennesaw State University is unique in its diversity. The age of students ranges from high-school seniors participating in dual-enrollment to adults who are coming back to school. There is also a wide range of personality and expression of self. There is not one way to describe the typical Kennesaw State student.


I liked how Kennesaw State was very close to home. it has a beautiful campus, and many places you can go to on campus with friends


Even though KSU does not have a football team, our school still shows the same amount of school spirit as those with top ranking football teams.


My school is close enough to my home to where I do not feel homesick, but far enough away so that I feel as if I am independent and living a genuine "college lifestyle".


It is unique in that I am close to home, but I live in the amazing new apartment style dorms, so I am still away at school. It also has one of the top ranked business schools in the country and I am a business major.


While having a very large student body, larger than many major universities, it is still primarily a commuter school.


We are a large school yet we do not have a football team (which I like).


KSU has designed their course schedules to accomodate non-tradtional students who work during the day: you can take everything in the evening that you can take during the day. This was not the case at a couple of other universities I looked at. There are so many options for non-traditional students at KSU that I just didn't find anywhere else.


What is unique about Kennesaw State is that the campus is just right for a college. It's not too big, nor to little. The curriculm is geared towards hands-on projects and simulations. From my perspective, KSU strives to offer students a variety of organizations to join and volunteer opportunities in order to enhance our positive experience while attending this university. I'm not sure what is in the air, but everyone seems friendly and outgoing compared to other schools. Plus, there is a heavy emphasis on multiculuralism and understanding. I could not have picked a better school.


The vast majority of the student population is formed by students that do not live on campus, but commute to school instead. Another thing is that in many traditional college towns, the towns tend to form around the colleges. Kennesaw State is the opposite, it is nestled in a suburb of Atlanta, parts of which have been here since before the Civil War. Lastly, there is a lot of very intuitive and creative projects going on to help the school expand and become more contemporary.


It's located in Ft. Collins, CO rated #1 place to live by Money Magazine. It is the #2 rated veterinary school in the country. It's famous for its agriculture and farming history/emphasis.


What is unique about Kennesaw State University compared to other schools I considered is that this university is an excellent stepping stone in order to get where I want to go in life. Kennesaw State Univesity is not a big school so there are less distractions than at a large University. This is a transfer school so after I get the hang of college and learn what I need to do, I can then transfer to a big time university and acheive my goals and be prosperous.


My school has a lot of diversity in regards to age. There are many adults returning to school and they are grandparents! This is something that is very unusual about Kennesaw State University.


Generally small classes with teachers who actually seem to care about their students.


It is very easy to get everything done in one day on campus. The size of the campus is just right. I can go to classes, eat during lunch on campus or at the many fast food stores nearby, workout in the gym then do my homework in one of the many computer labs. I spend a lot of time on campus and find everything easily accesible.


Kennesaw is only 25 minutes from the City of Atlanta, so it's close to night life, events, and many jobs. Kennesaw itself is in a mountainous area, so there are many hiking trails, lakes, and outdoor activities to partake in. In other words, you get the best of both worlds.


you have many opportunities to shine


This school allows students to meet new people, explore their passions, and grow as students on a beautiful campus. Our campus is unique because it is close to an urban city, Atlanta, so activities are abundant. KSU is also great for students who work or have other obligations because there is not pressure to be more involved in extra-curricular acvitities than you are able to. There is definately a diverse student body.


Even thouh we are the third largest school in the state of Georgia I feel that it is still a great sence of community not only on campus but the area around. There are so many things to do every day that there is never a dull moment. It fells like everyone knows everyone which is hard because the size of the school.


Big campus and growing exponentially with students. Greek life is getting better but we need greek housing and football.


ROTC club


Well for one this one does not have a football team which is not a good thing.


Kennesaw State University prepares students for a variety of feilds after graduation. The Global Learning perspective that is integrated into coursework is an invaluable asset to attending this University; It gives students the ability to compare American culture to foreign culture on any subject he or she chooses to take. This persective gives any student the upper-hand when trying to obtain a job after Graduation. The Professors are hired from many different races, backgrounds, and countries with the same goal of providing a quality education and sharing life experiences that will provide students the tools for their future success.


Seems to be a high emphasis on social networking through the university in ways other than fraternities/sororities etc.


The diversity of age groups. I attended Georgia Southern University before attending Kennesaw State University, and there were not many people over the age of 26. At Kennesaw there are people of all ages in classes with you, and it brings about a mature environment (in my opion), which I believe other schools lack


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I would have to say the location of my school, and the fact that it is still considered a commuter school.