Kennesaw State University Top Questions

Tell us about the food and dining options.


When I first came to KSU, I loved the dining hall (called the Commons). And I'm not the only one; it's really nice, especially compared to other university dining halls. The Commons has different areas of food, including a deli/sandwich section with salads and a grill, an Asian section, a pizza/pasta section, a home style comfort food section, an international section that features foods from different cultures, a burger/hotdog/grilled cheese section with french fries and other typical American foods, and a coffee bar with teas, specialty coffees, desserts, and fresh juices. So it's pretty great, unless you're a vegan like me. They do usually have at least one vegan item at the dining hall, but I never know when that's going to be, and I've wasted a meal swipe on more than one occasion because the only thing I could get was a spinach salad. Because it's so nice, though, it's pretty expensive to get a meal plan or to eat there without a meal plan by paying with cash. The company that supplies the food and some of the employees is Sodexo, which is not one of my favorite companies. They don't have a good reputation for fair treatment of their employees, and they are non-compliant with "farmed animal" welfare reforms. But if you don't care about any of that, that freshman 15 could easily turn into freshman 50. Aside from the dining hall, there is an Einstein Bagels in one of the classroom buildings, which is nice. There is also another Sodexo owned coffee shop in another of the classroom buildings. The student center, which is in the middle of the campus, has a Krispy Kreme section and a little Chick-fil-A section, a PJ's coffee, and a deli sandwich shop. So for the average college student, KSU has plenty of dining options.