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What are your classes like?


I am majoring in Physical Anthropology, which is a less popular major than typical majors like business or political science. Therefore, the classes for my major are much smaller than some of the other major classes. There are usually less than 30 people in each class; I would say the average is around 20. The general education classes, however, are much bigger, some with 250 students per class. I like that, though, because sometimes I prefer anonymity in the classroom as opposed to everyone knowing who you are. The teachers are still available for consultation, though, and it is rather easy to get to know them despite the larger class sizes. The smaller major classes are nice too because you can get to know your professors really well, and they really work with you to achieve in the classroom and well as in your future career. You also get a change to meet people who are the same major as you, which is a nice change from everyone else in the general education classes. Although, the diversity in the general education classes is nice as well since I enjoy talking with people about school and their majors and future plans. I think it's a big misconception that the general education classes are easier than the major classes. I took 3 general education classes this summer because I thought that it would be easy, only to wind up having to do more work in those classes than I do in my upper division anthropology courses! (That is not to say that my upper division anthropology courses are easy; there are simply hardly any, if any at all, small assignments, with the main portion of your grade coming from a few large assignments.