Kennesaw State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It is the third largest university in Georgia and it is the most beautiful school that i have ever been to.


I mostly brag to them about going into the Wellstar school of Nursing Program that is one of the toughest to get into for the whole state.


I love the location of the school and how close it is to many convenient stores and shops. I also love the overall environment of the campus because it feels like everyone really cares about learning and doing well.


The people! When I was first looking at colleges, KSU really felt like home. Everyone was very friendly and genuinely wanted you to attend KSU. Everywhere you walk someone has a smile ready for you, making even the worst day a good one!


When talking about Kennesaw State to my friends I will usually brag about the beautiful campus. There are so many places to sit outside and study when its warm and the green where students sit on the grass or play games. There is so many different activities going on; if you want to be involved in something, there are plenty of opportunites.


The oppurtunites in clubs, and the dining hall.


I brag that Kennesaw State University offers genuine quality education without the overwhelming feeling of most large colleges. The professors become your colleagues and the atmosphere is just very positive and uplifting.


How close it was to Atlanta. The great friends I made and mostly about the activities I was involved in.


The new dining hall!


I brag that we have the most beautiful campus that ai have ever seen. the people are verry friendly also. and the teachers are outstanding.


I brag about the dining hall! It is very nicely done. Also, I brag about how close of a community we have at my school. It is a very tight knit, loving place.


The dining hall. It's like a low-class restaurant, which sounds like an insult, but when you consider the usual standards of school dining services, it's really nice. I know people who go to other colleges in the area who drive to KSU just to eat. The food is always good and there's a great variety. The staff is helpful, friendly, and polite as well.


The campus is gorgeous and the school offers a lot of different and helpful programs. There is free tutoring for almost any subject. There are group exercise classes at the gym that are diverse and interesting. They are paid for in your student fees at the beginning of the year so why not use your money wisely and go to the gym? The commons has a lot of different things to eat too. There is also a chick-fil-a and an einstein brothers bagels on campus.


I love the area/community surrounding the campus, its proximity to Atlanta, the high number of students enrolled, and large class sizes.


That Kennesaw State really prepares you for graduate school and for a career.


I love the campus of Kennesaw. I have been accepted for Spring semester and I cannot wait to get started there. The staff know answers to the questions that a student needs to know in order to be successful in their career as a student.


When I tell freinds and family about Kennesaw State, the thing I love bragging about the most is how much of a community I feel amongst the students. I have been to larger, top tier schools, and I never felt the receptiveness that I feel at KSU. I am always helping others around campus, because I know that if I ever need the same kind of help, It will be there for me. That, and along with a great hockey team, is wht I brag the most about when I talk about KSU.


I brag about how helpful my professors are and how they ginuwinely care about me as a person and me being successful in class and out. I love the campus atmosphere and its convenience to my house. The extra-curricular activities are awesome and very affordable.


I know that certain departments bond and work with their students better than others. Mine, History, is a perfect mixture of Ivy League professors, pranksters, those who will help you with internships and those who just enjoy meeting their new talent. I love that my department offers multiple opportunities to travel and join research projects. Not all departments offers opportunities to get involved.


Kennesaw State is growing so fast and anyone in his right mind would be wise to jump on board during the takeoff process.


I love the environment and atmosphere. The professors really care about every individual students undertanding of the lectures. It is an exception four year University in all aspects including dorms.


I brag most about that fact that I have a full time job and I am going to school part time to finish my education.


Great dining hall, wonderful teachers, nice people and great music.


Generally small classes with teachers who actually seem to care about their students.


I tell them all about how great the campus atmosphere is. The people are great and the school is great. Every is very friendly and nice. The school itself is top of the line. So I tell them that the school is great at the atmosphere on campus is so great.


I brag about our housing. Most of the "dorms" , each person has their own room and bathroom. I didn't even have that with my parents!


The location of the school. It's in a suburban area and only abput 25 minutes from Atlanta and it located across the street from a major highway.


The dorms here are nicer than the dorms anywhere else.


The campus is wonderful and the faculty is very accessible. They have excellent resources and are a rapidly growing school


the professors and the value of education


The people I have met. I have made tons of good friends here.


I usually brag about how helpful and respectful the teachers are.


That Kennesaw State is the fastest growing university in the country.


We have such a beautiful and clean campus with some of the latest technology. The services offered at KSU are phenomenal and the teachers are easy-going and fun to have.


I don't brag about my school.


I brag mostly brag about how great the location is. Being twenty minutes North of Atlanta, and forty-five minutes south of the North Georgia Mountains, there is always plenty to do. I also brag about how large the school is enrollment wise but how all the different activities and small classes allow you to get to know people on campus.


The school understands that people are struggling to attend school and to work to pay for school. So, they are understandable about meeting with professors and such right after class or threw e-mail. they are computer and e-mail oriented.


its growing which means its becoming a more accepted college to attend