Kennesaw State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I wish someone would have told me how lonely college can be at times. I was excited to move out on my own. However, coming from a large family of six, I did not realize how much alone time I would have. I was left in shambles the first few weeks of school, unable to live through my extraverted personality.


I wish someone would have told me how lonely college can be at times. I was excited to move out on my own. However, coming from a large family of six, I did not realize how much alone time I would have. I was left in shambles the first few weeks of school, unable to live through my extraverted personality.


The worst thing about my school is trying to find parking. There are so many students there that parking has become an issue and always has been an issue. If you can park off campus and get the bus, or if you can arrive to class about 15 minutes before you're class starts, you'll be okay.


The worst thing for me would be that it is a long comute but this is not fault to the school, just my situation.


I feel that the worst thing about Kennesaw State is that it is mainly a commuter school. As a student that lives on campus, there isn't much to do on weekends. Therefore, most times I end up driving back home to spend time with my family.


The overall tuition cost, but a lot of that has to do with the location as well as the improvements that they are working on, such as a new health and welness center as well as an NCAA football team that they are in the process of working on. Other than financial cost, everything was great about this school.


It may sound silly, but I think the school colors are the worst thing about the school. I cannot think of many things that I really do not like about Kennesaw so I'll have to say that the mix of yellow and black is my least favorite thing.


I consider the worst thing about my school would be that I did not feel 100% supported by the professors in efforts to graduate. Alot of my professors were not understanding and it set me back for graduation and I did not appreciate that.


The worst thing about my school is the amount of pressure that some students face. There are some very competitive majors that some students leave because of the rigors of the curriculum. My school strives to challenge the students in order to make them more well-rounded once they enter the next chapter of their lives.


The worst thing about going to school at KSU is not anything to do with campus life, its more about the system they choose to implement when signing up and working with classes. They give out time slots to register and that can sometimes be unfair to people with later time who end up with the class times no one wants. Also the system they use for keeping in touch with professors and classwork changes almost every semester and can be extremely daunting to relearn every year.


Very indecent professors because they took our jobs.


I would have to say that the tuition is the worst thing about Kennesaw State University. It is still not as expensive as other universities, but it surely is not cheap either. Don't get me wrong, the school is worth just about every penny you spend. I just wish college was more affordable.


The school is constantly growing, so each department is a little small. The education and nursing departments are the biggest and most well-known, so the Art department is very, very small with only about 5 teachers and possibly the smallest building.


Well im an incoming freshman so Im not realy sure i love everthing


Required meal plan even if you are a commuter because it is extremely expensive and you never use all your swipes.


The conservative attitude.


Campus can be pretty dead on the weekends sometimes


Some of the fees that are assessed to all students for services that they will never utilize (like health insurance and dining plans) are ridiculous to make mandatory for all.


Financial aid/course overrides.


Parking was terrible and it was hard to get classes at the times that students wanted.


The worst thing about KSU, would probably be.... Some of the sucky teachers. My math teacher this year was awful, so you relaly need to use when signing up for classes, it really helps a lot.


I would say the worst thing about my school is that is is mostly a commuter school. It makes it hard to form any "school spirit" amongst the students on campus. Because there are so many different types of people at Kennesaw (parents, joint-enrollment, etc.) there is not a uniform age group on campus either. So the most difficult thing is that people on campus can tend to come for class and then leaving, having no time spent building a community.


Not knowing what is going on at all times other ways then having to go out of your way to walk around and find out


It's still primarily a commuter school, KSU is working on it to make it more resident friendly.


Sometimes I feel there is too much drinking that takes place.


The worst thing would have to be the size of the dining hall compared to the size of the student body that is hungry. Although the dining hall is new this year, during the main eating hours it can take up to 20 minutes to get a single plate of food and find a seat. It is nearly impossible and sometimes you find yourself still hungry after leaving, because they were out of food.


Because KSU is mostly a commuter school there isn't the sense of community that you would find at a more residential university, you have to work harder to get involved and foster a community around you.


The worst thing about Kennesaw State University is that the school requires every full time student to pay for a meal plan, even students who commute to the school. It is very difficult for students especially with night classes to abide by a meal plan when the dining hall closes its doors earlier than when classes start.


Honestly, I love my school. There aren't too many bad things about the school, however parking is a nightmare. This isn't because there aren't enough spaces, but because people are too lazy to walk from all of them. I also think there could be a better emphasis on carpooling, and riding bikes from the neighboring communities. Plus, we recently opened our first dining hall, which is great--except that it's mandatory for the majority of students. And coming from someone who lives off-campus, having to pay for food quite frankly, sucks.


The fact that my school is an up and coming University. While it is a renowned and very well known school it still hasn't completely outgrown its status as somewhat of a commuter college. Living on campus in the apartments it can be hard to make steady friends as a vast majority of students are commuters to this school.


I think the worst part so far about Kennesaw State is that they do not return e-mails back at all it seems like. The only e-mails I've recieved back from the school were regarding extra curricular activities.


Parking! It's the worst. Most people have to get to school at 8 in the morning just to get a parking space that is not a billion miles away from their class.


The worst thing about my school is the parking. There are two parking decks that are easily accessible to where I need to be, but they're small and are almost always filled up. They built a new one thats much bigger last year, but it's on the other side of campus from where I usually need to be.


Cold weather in the winter.


It's difficult to get into the courses that you need to at the time that you need to because there are soooo many students that go here.


The worst part about KSU is that some of the professors are not goo teachers, they don't care about the students, and they make it impossible for anyone to pass.


It is more of a commuter school.


The worst thing about Kennesaw would be tied between having no football team and the tight space the school is squeezed into. The school has grown tremendously in the past 40 years , going from a jr college to a university. So the campus seems a little crowded at times with it's 20,000 students. I think a football team would bring out a lot more school spirit among the students. Afterall, football is HUGE in the SOuth.


My school is too small for the growing population. We have one of the largest populations in the state but one of the smallest campuses. Parking is horrible and traffic is rough. Also, there is not enough funding for the arts. We have a great performing arts program, but we need more funding to better educate the students.


The worst part about Kennesaw State University is the parking. The school just built a new parking deck, so hopefully the congestion will clear up.


The advisors on campus are horrible. I've been to over 5 different advisors in a semester and was told 5 different things. I eventually became my own advisor and started taking classes based on what I saw I needed to graduate.


The directed study programs are unmonitored. 4 months after "graduating," I still haven't received my diploma because my professor refuses to be reasonable and post a grade. Also, the financial aid employees did not keep a good eye on my scholarship because 3 months after graduating, they tell me I owe the school $1,758 dollars because they overapplied my scholarship. Now, I have to pay $1,758 back as an unemployed alumni with no diploma!


Majority of the students that go to Kennesaw State University are commuter students. We also have a large population of non-traditional students. That thing that I wish there was more of is school spirit. Yes, we have school spirit, but not like other schools who have football teams. Reaching almost well over 20,000 students, I just wish there was a way we could have more spirit and have it attract and engage all students.


Parking. There are just a lot of commuters because of the smaller number of dorms.


I think the worst thing about our school is that we don't have any fraternitys or sororitys on campus housing. Other colleges often have a group of houses zoned for them. Although frats and sorotitys are very active on campus, there is no telling how they stay connected and involved when they don't live on campus.


There is a lack of school spirit. Students are not involved in athletics and it sometimes feels like I am missing out on the true college experience. Also, it is near impossible to take courses (atleast in the communications department) when you need them. There are not enough professors to offer all the courses needed. KSU is a decent school, but I dont know if I would choose to attend if I had it to do over.


The worst thing about my school is many of the students already went to highschool together. So they do not associate with others, just each other.


There is no football team. Everyone loves football and it would make the school more diverse and attract more students.


There is not enough room for off campus students to park. We don't have a great deal of school spirit


They constantly increase tuition and do not add any perks in doing so. I pay more and more out of pocket each semester. The school is also considering a meal plan that started out being very unfair, it may be getting better but it is still a little messed up. They are organized but it can be very stressful when school changes things all the time.