Kennesaw State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who plan to major in science or math should not attend Kennesaw State because the school does not have enough math and science classes to accomadate all the math and science majors that already attend the school.


Somebody who is daunted by a large students population should definitely not consider KSU. We are the third largest school in the state and students are everywhere all the time. If a student doesn't like to get involved on campus, it might not be the right fit either. There are always events on campus and people wandering around inviting others and seeing if they would be interested in attending. Sometimes just going to the commons means getting roped into a multicultural shendig. It is also really hard to meet and hang out with people outside of these events.


If you don't like a big campus Kennesaw State probably isn't for you. It isn't big because of of the number of building or students. It's big because when you're there you get the feel of community. Everything is spaced out so you don't feel cramped but you also don't feel like a little fish in a big pond. Even if you don't like the open space and walking distances there are on-campus buses. Kennesw is everyone. Except those who don't like owls. Owls is kind of the mascot.


I think Kennesaw is a very open school. I believe anyone could go to this school and have fun if they give it a chance. There is always something to do on campus, and all the students are very helpful with classes. Anyone could go to Kennesaw and have a great time!


I believe anyone should attend Kennesaw if you are dedicated and ready to put the work in. Everyone I have come across at the school has been friendly and helpful.


Anyone who thinks that college will be easy at Kennesaw State should not attend the school. Although it is not a very hard school to be accepted to, the school is by no means "easy".


A person that wants a school where the teachers hold your hand through their courses, the teachers are helpful but they will not baby their students through their courses; a person who has no self responsability has no business at KSU.


Individuals that would enjoy a multi-cultural and diverse community that share specific core values such as tolerance, liberty, and freedom of choice.


The kind of person that should attend Kennesaw State University is someone that needs a stepping stone from living at home rather than the large leap into the real world. This University has a small atmosphere with a large student body allowing those attending the medium between large and small college life.


This school is growing, but it's still pretty small. Anyone looking for a more relaxed environment with fewer students per professor, then this is it. If someone is looking for a huge school with a great big "college experience" with football and big events and huge traditional classrooms, then this school may be a little small.


Those wanting a well rounded college experience. Those looking for the expereince of campus life as well as competitive and challenging classes.


Students that do not care about finding a good career and making a lot of money for themselves and their future family. The slackers that only care about partying and getting drunk and doing other inappropriate things.


Someone who doesn't like to be in a crowd. It's a very large student body.


People who aren't academically focused and those who are willing to cheat.


Someone who doesn't like big campuses or lots of students. The campus is large and there are tons of students, but not so many that you can't meet people, be in multiple classes with the same person, and see people you know around campus. If you're looking for a college with mostly on-campus students, you'll be disappointed. KSU is mostly commuter students.


People who are not willing to work should not attend this institute.


A person who prefers small classes and a small, tight student body should not attend this school. The school is far to large and has an extremely high population. It is also primarily a commuter college, so there are fewer residents than most colleges.


Kennesaw has many classes with high enrollment numbers, so often the course material is made to fit a larger group of students. So, if a students desires a higher level of difficulty and increased course load, Kennesaw State University is probably easier than that student would prefer.


I think a person who is not dedicated to school work should not attend my alma mater or any other college.


Friendly , outgoing, open-minded, idealistic, diverse, aware person.


There is not one person that should not attend this school. This school is a very diverse school and everyone is really nice.


Anyone who doesn't want to get involved at the school or do the extra work for classes.


The school I am attending, anyone can attend. My school makes you feel very comfortable and they have much resources for everyone.


My school has people who grew up down the road and people from other countries. There isn't anyone I can think of who would feel out of place here. There are students joint-enrolled in high school programs, and people older than my grandparents who attend my school. The only person who shouldn't give my school a try is someone who wants to go to a gender-specific school or someone whose specific area of study isn't offered here. Other than that, everyone would fit in wonderfully!


Anyone who prefers a football oriented school shouldn't attend KSU. The socials and fraternaties or sororities are not very strong here. Other groups seem very low key.


Someone who is not focused or does not work hard for the things they feel they deserve.


Anyone who has an interest in astronomy should not attend this school. There is only one elective astronomy course offered. My twin brother left KSU and transferred to the University of Georgia specifically because Kennesaw State could not give him the degree he was looking for.


Someone looking for an easy grade should not attend this school. People here work very hard to achieve academic excellence and expect others to do the same. Somebody who is not serious about attending school should not attend this school.


Kennesaw State University has shown me that all individuals are welcome. I have seen all kinds of races, financial brackets, and colors here and succeeding.


unfocused and does not want to commit to getting the best education


Kennesaw State is a school for everyone. Traditional and Non-traditional students, commuters and on-campus residents, everyone fits in at KSU.


One who doesn't enjoy interating with people that have different views and backgrounds.


People who tend to be lazy should not attend this school.


Someone looking for the traditional fraternity/sorority dorm life college, although over time it is slowly becoming more like a traditional big college


Someone wanting a school that offers a campus life, as this is specifically a commuter school.


This school is welcoming to students of all types. I see students of all nationalities and ethnicities. I also see adult non-traditional students and there is even an adult learning center set up for them. The school features an honors lounge in the well stocked library building that also houses a very cool rare book collection. The school is well situated for disabled students with plenty of handicapped parking spaces and automatic doors. There is new campus apartment housing for students who want to live on campus. The music and art programs are lively and well attended.


Mainly someone majoring in Law, because there is no pre-law degree. Generally the school is very hospitable to every type/age of person.


Someone who wants to be surrounded by their peers drinking on every street corner, or who wants to be involved in intense greek life since it's a small part of the school.


Someone who is somewhat nervous about being at too big of school. I've heard that our business school is very good. A person who doesn't want to go to a huge party school but enjoys drinking in moderation.


anyone looking for the typical Dorm life. This school is so mixed with different people and different lives that the droms and the dorm life doesn't really exist.


young white male, who think they are the best and everbody is notten


people who don't like traffic and don't like to be around alot of people. those who don't attend class.


If you do not like big schools or you are not willing to meet new people then I would not attend this school.


one who is interest to learn