Kennesaw State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to not fear the first day of college, instead to embrace what college has to offer. Make friends on the first day. Always forget something to write with on the first day of class every semester, this makes for a great way to talk to other students and get to know them, this is a great tactic for shy people like myself. It works every time and I made many college friends doing it. This also helped to burst the shy bubble. Overall, college will be a little stressful and nervracking and setbacks are inevitable, do not fear them either, embrace them. Relax, sit back, and enjoy this new start called college.


I would tell me self that don't worry about working and making too much money while you are still in college. Consentrate on your studies and work hard in school. This will lead to you learning and completeing you school in flying colors and this will lead you to an oppurtunity to land a great job and then the money will follow.


When it comes to college, your grades depend on how much time and effort you put in to them. In high school, often times teachers are more linent and sometimes require a lot of "busy work" that isn't necessary. So, do all of your work. It may seem pointless and sometimes it can be, but when it comes to college you usually have four tests and that is your grade. Honestly, sometimes I wish I still had "busy work" to do so that my grade could fluctuate more. Also, have fun! Once you complete high school you are one step closer to being in the real world. It is okay to stay up late with friends, making memories is what life is all about. Just make sure you do not disrespect your parents while doing so :)


I would tell my high school self to not stress out as much as I did, because I was always told that college was going to be hard and that I would be struggling to handle my personal life and academics. I would also tell myself to not procrastinate and get the work done when I get it so that the other days I will have free time and I won't be stressed over trying to get work done at the last minute. And last but not least I would tell myself to have fun enjoy the fun times that college has to offer, keep God first, get my work done and try my best and the best college experience ever!


I would reassure myself that Kennesaw State University is the right choice. I would warn myself to be wary of my friends and social circle. I would tell myself to question my choices and to seek the choice that brings me closer to my future goals. I would also tell myself not to stress about what major to study. I was an undeclared major as a freshman at Kennesaw State University. However, after a few trial and errors I did find the major that made me excited to go to my classes. I would also encourage myself to be open to new ideas and to the possibility of the existence of a God. I would also encourage myself to apply for scholarships. I would motivate myself to go through the applications because it will save myself from future financial struggles. I would also tell myself to appreciate the next four years to come. Those four years re not about the end result of a degree but about the process.


Don't let depression consume you. If you do, it's going to cause a lot of problems later one. I know it's hard, but try to have confidence in yourself. Actively think positive. Be more diligent and regain your good work ethic. You are going to need it because there is no way you can pass without studying for at least a few hours every single day. Youtube can always wait and you're only in high school for a lit while. (If you don't screw it up, that is.) Apply to more schools so you can have more options and for more scholarships so Mom and Dad won't hassle you. Limit the time you use to play video games and use that time to study for the SAT and ACT. And I know that it may seem irrelevant when compared to everything else you have to worry about, but please study your Driver's Ed book so you can at least get you license. Lastly, tell the special someone about your feelings before it is too late. He deserves to know.


I would go back and tell myself to get started on college now do not wait until the last minute. Just because it is something that doesnt have to be taken care of today doesnt mean you should put it off. Go talk to as many people about college as you can, dont give up and just listen. Work harder, speak up, and listen to the advise that people have to offer. Everybody gets down and feels like it won't get better, but it is always darkest before dawn. Other people do what they feel like doing so don't worry about anybody else but your own, work on yourself and stay focused. Do not become discouraged because not everything will go the way you want it to but that is ok because you have options. Do not hate, it is not good for your soul just congradulate and become a better person. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes along as manyties as you can, take the act and sat as many times until they get tired of seeing your face. Ask questions until they remember your name and get tired of seeing your face. Be Great


"Stop messing around and start focusing on what really matters." That is what I would say if I had the opportunity to talk to myself as a high school senior. Ever since I can remember school just came naturally to me. Throughout high school I earned A’s and B’s without much effort. Both of my parents have college degrees and I was told that a college education would open more doors in life. Unfortunately I was a classic story of completing two years of college and thinking that I could make a decent enough living with what education I had. This scholarship will help me to pursue my educational goals as I am paying for my college education on my own. As a full time college student it is important to have financial resources to support my studies. The money from this scholarship would provide me with the financial support I would need for the 2015-2016 school year. I know where I want my career path to lead and I know which turns that I am going to have to take to get there, and I am looking forward to every step of the journey.


The advice I would give to myself is to stay hungry. By that I mean don’t be complacent. When you become complacent only bad things will happen. In college that means your GPA will not even resemble the one you had in high school because you were lazy and skipped class. That is my biggest regret so far in life. I stopped going to class and my grades suffered. It wasn’t until this past semester that I returned to my old 3.7 GPA self. I am going to end you making a 3.6 this semester. That is what I expected to make the whole time I have been at KSU. So I guess I am saying just make sure you apply yourself and go to class. The worry you feel when you don’t go is gone, and you feel like you are actually doing something with your life instead of just spinning your wheels. I tell everyone that I talk to at Kennesaw State to go to class regardless because if you don’t you are bound to regret it.


I would tell myself to focus on learning how to be social and overcoming my depression and anxiety at an earlier age. From middle school through this past year in college, I was a quiet student. I focused on my academics and put no emphasis on having a social life. This was great for my GPA but damning for my self esteem. In high school, or possibly even earlier, I developed depression and anxiety. I had a small circle of friends but was too shy to expand out of this group. I got bullied on the bus but never had the courage to stand up for myself. I had good relationships with a couple of my teachers, but the majority of the time I was unrecognizable, blending into the crowd, glanced over by my peers and teachers. High school was not fun. I cracked open my shell in my first year of college but quickly became overwhelmed and slunk back into my coccoon. It wasn't until this past spring that I fully emerged, forcing myself to overcome my depression and anxiety and live my life, and I feel 1000% better about everything. I completely regret not doing this sooner.


If it were possible to give advice to my younger self, I would tell myself how capable of succeeding in a college environment I am. There are numerous resources avaliable to acquire the skills for my future career, and the only thing I need to know now is that I have time and room to improve. I think that the most important advice for myself is to understand that I can take an assessment to understand where I can improve my health, or that I can join clubs that will provide me with experience, and that if I need help it is available. The purpose of attending college is to expand my knowledge in order to increase my chances of success, and that is not limited to my classes. Growth in my educational background should not be limited to my educational standing and I should take every opportunity to grow as an individual and allow myself to improve in any way I possibly can. I would advise myself that adapting to college takes time and can appear overwhelming, but there are many groups focused on helping students, so long as they try to help themselves.


"Snap out of it" would be said and joined with a slap the moment I was given the chance to confront the 17 year old immature sluggish kid, because that's what I was a kid with no aspirations or excitement about the world. I would take the younger me and show her the amazing things she would miss out after highschool. I would walk her through the life of a college student, the benefits gained such as free money for attending school, and the one- in-a-lifetime experience of becoming a part of a union where same interests are shared, the list goes on and on. The mature me would grab the 17 year old me and say "now is not the time to horseplay, party time and laughter can occur but schoolwork should always be first". The college experience is something to take advantage of, financial aid and scholarships are awarded if students can gain access through their efforts and hard work. In conclusion, I would take the 17 year old me and make her witness first hand what the college life has to offer.


The biggest piece of advice I would give to myself would be to stress less and not make as many moutains out of were actually molehills. Going to collge and finding the place where I belong was extremely important to me, so I tended to be more highstrung about the experience than I needed to be. Sometimes I would take on extra loads when I really didn't need to; all because I was worried about not doing the right thing in order to make the right fit. The AP courses I took in high school really did a great job of preparing me for what I'm doing now, so I would tell myself to chill and that the extra worries were not necessary. I also learned that some of the things my teachers said about college werento quite true, so I would definitley inform my past self of that. My teachers really do care about whether or not I succeed, and they do count attendance. Tests might be less frequent than some high school course did them, but I do have more than 1, with some quizzes and homework thrown in. I would tell myself all of this.


Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of that loan before choosing to sign the papers. Just because someone hires you for your first job does not mean you owe them anything, and certainly never means having to tolerate abuse. Your bones ache- go get that checked out; the sooner you get that thyroid medication the better. Never date someone who does not respect your mind, heart, or your love for Jesus, no matter how hot they are. Nothing good happens after two AM. Learn how to walk in high heels and dress appropriately. A large pizza can be a personal pizza if you believe in yourself. Despite the stigma, lifting weights is fun. Go to bed early, then wake up early, stop fighting it because you are a morning person. Take Dad's advice- zipties really do save lives. Sometimes a skip day is necessary, don't beat yourself up over it.


Apply for colleges. Every and all of the ones you honestly see yourself staying at. Apply and mean it. Don't say anything when you're told to apply for scholarships. Just do it and keep doing it. Everyday. Apply to colleges, apply for scholarships, and apply yourself. This year is the most crucial. THis year determines where you are going to go from here. What you'll do with your life. You have to make everything you do this year count towards something great. It doesn't matter if applying yourself gets boring. Having to constantly watch finances, worry about getting a paycheck, and worry about getting good grades, gets boring. Get yourself together. Get a game plan and stick with it. This last year is to make it or break it.


I would make sure to tell myself to make the most out of the resources for finding financial aid.


Start applying for scholarships early! I cannot stress this enough. There is money everywhere, it is just that matter of whether or not you are going to take the time to look and apply for it. It may be hectic, but in the end when you find out that you actually won, it will all be worht it. Also, apply to colleges early, too. This way once you get accepted, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the scholarships the school(s) offer ahead of time. And please pay atention to scholarship deadlines. If you do not pay attention to the deadlines, you will find yourself on money you could have easily won.


I begin college in the fall of 2014 but I can say to my high school self is that I should of branched out more. I should of not stayed so clingy towards one particular group of friends because it does not last. I would of not been so focused on guys too because they come and go! You have to be yourself, be diverse, and enjoy your high school years because they fly by. I also would of also told high school Maeghan to particiate mpre in things outside of her comfort zone. You don't know what you don't know so I should of just went for it a bit more!


The best advice I could give my high school self would have to be that college is not like high school in any way, shape or form. When you start college, the work load increases, the amount of time devoted to your work increases, and your social life decreases if you are truly a committed student. There is a lot more expected of you, and the professors show no remorse if you are unprepared. You are an adult in college, and your responsibilities increase drastically, so do not go in expecting it to be a breeze like high school was. You cannot go in the day of a quiz or a test and expect to wing it if you have not devoted enough study time to learning the material yourself. The professors are willing to help those who work hard and make an effort to do well. Being lazy will get you nowhere in college, so it is best to destroy the procrastination before you start your college journey. You will be grateful for that in the long run, and you will excel more than you expected to if you just prepare yourself for it from the beginning.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice as a high-school senior, I would tell myself to be open to many different types of schools. As a senior I was sure that I was going to go to a big school that wasn't in Georgia like Auburn or UCLA. I spent most of my time applying to these types of schools where I was accepted but not given much financial aid. Thankfully, I also applied to Kennesaw State (which at the time did not seem appealing) and was met with a fair amount of financial aid. As a senior I would like to have told myself to reach for schools like UCLA and Auburn but also have applied to many schools in-state which could have given me better financial oppurtunities.


Work hard in all your classes and make sure you care about your GPA. Learn all you can from your classes and don't just memorize the material for the test. Find a club or organization that truly meets your needs and make friends for life. Don't date your freshman year, it won't end well. Know your worth and how beautiful and smart you are. That will draw people to you who can help you and it will help you make good friends for life. Talk to your advisor often, and find out what is really the best major for you so you don't have to switch and spend an extra year in school. Stay on top of exercising because you will need to be fit in order to not miss work for being ill. Fall in love with saving your money. Lastly, aim high in everything you do and trust God through all of it becasue he can help you achieve everything else and more. Keep him first in order to excel in college and life.


Going back as a high school senio,r my tips for survial of college would be as follwed: Time management is top priority and one of the keys to success in college. As we age from seniors in high schools into maturing young adults, we are faced with more responsibility; time management being one of them. It would be taught that I would have to be more prompt and manage my time effectively because in college you are accountable for youself no excuses. I would also teach myself to be more social and to get more involved. An important part of college is networking, not only do you gain more awarness about your community and social issues around you, you also get a chance to broden your horizions while potentially making life long friendships. If anything one of the most important lessons I would always remeber to keep in mind is that it's a privilege to go to college. I am blessed to have the opportunity to attend such an illustrious school. I would teach myself to get the most out of my education because I am paying for it. Therefore, time wasted is time not being well spent.


If I had the chance to talk to high school me, I would have alot to say. I would advise myself to take the first year of college seriously and that will set the tone for the rest of your college career. Spend more time in your dorm being productive and doing work as opposed to being out and about with your friends. School should be a priority and you area a smart girl. Apply yourself and will do amazingly. If I had known back then what I know now, who knows where I would be. I wish the best for you and want you to succeed more than anything in this world. Don't give up.


There are a few things I wish I had known before I started college. Some things I would go back and change but others I wouldn't just because they have helped make me the person I am today. Here are just a few words of advise from one student to another. 1. The transition is not as hard as it seems. Yes moving away from your friends and family is tough but it is all worth it. You make some great, long-lasting friends at college. 2. At the beginning of each semester, start off strong. That first grade will be a predictor for the rest. 3. Take time to rest and enjoy college. It seems like everyone says this but once you start, it is very easy to get caught up in the hussle and bussle of college life. Go out with friends, go to sporting events, join an extracurricular. Find something that is your way to relax. Trust me, your going to need relaxation strategies. 4. If you are one of those lucky people that know what they want to do in life before they hit college, use that to your advantage. Find your niche and strive.


Oh past me, please try not to be so dumb! You are going to make mistakes regardless of what advice I give you/myself but just know that you need to stay positive through anything that happens in your life and it's gonna get tough in the next few years. You're going to lose friends you never imagined you could live without but you're also going to gain friends that are even better in their own ways. It'll be hard transitioning into college, of course it is a lot of fun too but try not to lose who you are just because you are trying to reinvent yourself. You can't just create yourself, theres no machine to click and drag the qualities you want into a person and BAM there it is! It's the choices you make and how you treat your friends, family, and even people you dont know; that is how you create yourself as a person! As for grades, get your butt in gear first semester! Your classes are easy compared to what you're going to take later on, so please help out OUR GPA!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would tell myself to get a job. Save my money, and be smart with it. I have never been a big spender, but I decided to move out of my parent's house soon after starting college. I only wish that I had saved up more money before doing this, so that I would be able to focus more on my studies. Now I am having a hard time balancing work, school, and play (of which there is very little). I would also tell myself to apply to more scholarships! I waited until after I had run out of money to start applying to scholarships, and that was the biggest mistake. I do recieve HOPE, which is a huge help, but it is not enough. Especially now that I have been accepted to a study abroad program to Benin, Africa. I am currently making payments for this, and am more excited about it than words can express. The only thing that can dampen this once in a lifetime opportunity is to be worrying about money the entire time I am over there.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life, I would tell myself not to let the cost of college scare me and let that prohibit myself from choosing not to attend college right out of high school. I come from a middle class white family. According to FASFA, my father makes enough money to send me to college without the help of financial aid. However, this is not the case. After applying to colleges my senior year and getting accepted, I was faced with the harsh reality that I was not going to be able to afford college. I took a year off after high school to work and support myself. After that year I attended Cosmetology school, which I paid for on my own working multiple jobs. I now attend community college full-time, paying for everything on my own while working two jobs. I would tell myself as a senior that paying for your own college education is possible as long as you work hard and believe in yourself.


Silvia, You will be the first in your family to finish college. Your parents will be proud of you regardless of what you choose to study. They will be waiting for you with open arms after the graudation ceremony so do not worry about whether you are making the right choice or if they will be displeased with you about your major. They want to see you happy even if it means you will not be making millions of dollars. Money is not everything so study for exam and say no to that extra shift at the restaurant. College is about finding yourself do not assume you already know who you are because there is still room for growth. Remember that when people stop growing their soul starts to die. Please for your own sake become a better procrastinator if the assignment is due on Thursday mark it as due on Monday. Do not say no to any opportunities that come your way. Yes will take you toChina, Equatorial Guinea, New York, and Washington DC for free. My only regret is not having said yes to more things. Lastly, have more fun in the library you will miss it later.


I would tell myself that it's ok if you feel overwhelmed the first couple of days. The standards in a university are elevated and professors expect much more from their students. Time management is essential and a critical component of being a good student. I'd also tell myself to establish relationships with my professors because they can provide me with the recommendations and future opportunities to help with graduate school applications as well as on-campus opportunities as well.


People say that the four years you spend in highschool are going to be the best four years of your life, but for you that isn't the case. In highschool, adults make all of the decisions in your life and little to no choices are left up to you. In college you'll get to make all of the decisions for yourself, and also discover why being an adult is so hard. Everything you do or say will have consequences and there won't be anyone you can expect to pick up the peices for you. That isn't always a bad thing though. Sometimes the way you handle yourself in those situations help to mold you into the awesome person you are now! Be prepared to take a stand for what you beilieve in and know that everyone else here is trying to do the same. Be understanding with other peoples beliefs and opinions and know that this is all part of the college experience that will make you, not only a better person, but a more worldly person. Take advantage of all this newfound responsibility and have fun with the REAL best four years of your life.


Assuming that I have the chance to go back in time and talk to myself, I would advice for me to take harder classes in high school. I would've probably taken more honors classes and a few AP. I would've been sure to take every prerequisite class that's dealing with my major and offered in my high school. One last thing I would advice is to start practicing and taking my ACT since freshman year rather than waiting until my junior year to start. Junior year is not early enough.


The best advice I can give to myself from back then is to not be afraid and to never give up. Its always easy to loose your motivation, but once you stay with it, you will find it again. Everything happens for a reason, and even if you are dealing with difficult things, like my dad having serious heart problems and surgeries, that should be an excuse to work even harder. Though it may be difficult to see the end as a freshman, it will come to you. Sleeping is important, but class is even more important. After the worst part in my life, has come the best part, and thats something that will happen to everyone. This is the beginning of a whole new world.


Going back in time to my college self I would strongly enfore that there is so much potential to succeed, you just have to put forth the effort. This was something looking back I regret and if I had the chance to do it over again I would have put forth more effort in the beginning of my first semester. However in saying that, I do believe that there is almost nothing you can tell an incoming freshman to prepare them for the reality of college. Each student takes and manages their time and study habits differently and each needs to work to understand how they work as individuals. Personally I would have strongly enforced less social life and more academic time put aside.


I would want my high school self to know that learning is a life long process and does not end when school lets out. The experiences you gain while attending school, such as community involvement and helping others are what help to carry you into living a fulfilling adult life. Take advantage of unique or once in a lifetime events like participating in your schools performing arts program, academic clubs or other extra curricular activities where learning and forming memories and friendships go hand in hand. Enjoy the learning process of discoverying new things and ideas. Talk to your teachers. Ask questions. Change your views and ideas about the world. People are so diverse. If you're open, you can learn from those not like you. Embrace that, don't be afraid.


People would often give the generic advice to study hard and put effort into your high school career. While those are true, they are not very help. My advice would be to first off, take as many AP classes as you can. If you receive the credit from these classes, college life will be much easier because you do not need to get that credit in college. Also, research your professors before hand. We've all had bad teachers. Don't pay thousands of dollars to have an indecent professor in college. Finally, study hard but also have an enjoyable time. Treat yourself. If you finish an essay or pass your exams, you should have every right to have a little fun at the local Taco Mac or entertainment of your choosing. Have fun, get involved.


I would tell myself to go directly into the human services program and not waste my time trying to find other programs, because the HS program at KSU is one of a kind. I would also tell my self to get involved in student government and to keep my GPA up!


Dear High School Brittany, All of the people who are making fun of you right now, won't matter in college. You'll meet new people and make new friends and you'll forget all about the people who picked on you. Nobody judges you for the way you look or dress in college, so don't worry about that. I only have a few other things to tell you. You need to save more money than you think you do from your summer internship- it runs out fast. Don't get a job your first semester of college. You need to focus on your studies. Don't worry about trying to get into a sorority your first year either. There's always next year. The last thing I will say is, relax and prepare yourself for the time of your life! Sincerely, College Brittany


Don't procrastinate, go to class, and do your homework. I came into college with a terrible GPA, and continued to skip class and assignments. About a year and a half into college, I finally surrounded myself with the right people, figured out what I wanted to do, and finally started making the Dean's List! Staying motivated is hard, but since I've been here for so long now (due to weird scheduling and a couple of those failed classes freshman year) I can't afford to do anything except my best in these classes. Not only for my grades, but now I need to worry about my portfolio for when I start looking for jobs. I wish I could have told myself to start of stronger, and finish stronger, rather than allow myself to start off slow and have to work twice as hard to catch up now that I'm about to graduate.


If I could give myself advice I would tell myself to fill out more scholarship applications, did more research on colleges instead of waiting for the last minuite. I also would have visited the campus of the school im attending just to get the jist and feel of what it was going to be like. I would advise myself to get involved into clubs and be apart of organizations to make the transition more smooth. Everyone is always smiling around campus and no one is ever too shy to give a simple hello! Becoming involved and being open to experiencing different things is such a great way to make friends.There are so many programs and activities to get involved in at Kennesaw -- the opportunities are endless. Being involved is so important in college. Try new things, and seize every opportunity you have. College is great.


Dear Tikea, Its ok to be afraid. Panic a little, it'll take the edge off. But guess what, see that slightly wild look in the eyes of the freshman at Orientation? They're all a little scared too, a litte self concious as well, just like you. You really are in the same boat. You can empathize, you know how each and every one of them is feeling. So talk to them. Tell them about the crazy Youtube video you watched the other day, and show it to them on your brand spankin new phone so you can laugh together, relax together, and maybe not sweat so much under your armpits (there's deodarant in your bag for that. I've got your back, and pits, always). And sophomore year, once you're no longer to panicky and spazzy, and you've really got in the groove of things, go to class. For God's sake go to class. And save your money, cause guess what's gonna make you want to vomit in a few short years? Thats right, student loans. Good luck kiddo! Love Tikea


I would tell my high school senior self to do dual-enrollment classes! For the love of all that is pure and holy, please, take duel-enrollment classes. You will have far less stress about classes, GPA, and you would already be a junior by now. I would also tell myself that it's ok to join clubs and mingle. I tend to be shy, but there are people just as shy as me and I didn't realize it until the end of the year when I suddenly started being more outgoing and talking to people more often. You were right, being your good ole' awkward self is indeed a plus in college, but you already knew that. One more thing, please get some sleep. I know you want to finish all your assignments and be the best at all of them, but you are not superhuman. You're going to stress yourself out worrying about how all those classes will show in your GPA. College is a time to be social as well as a good student, so do both...and use the gym. It is free.


One of my biggest struggles through the end of high school and my first two years of college has been procrastination. I often find myself paralyzed by the prospect of not writing or speaking with finite perfection. This fear has been a contributing factor to the putting off of papers and projects, an agent of pain and stress throughout college. If I could go back in time to advise my younger self, I would offer this truth: “You never really finish a book, you just stop writing it.” - A.J. Swoboda (PhD, Theology). Often, when I am anxious about my performance, I imagine how my older self would view the situation. Therefore, considering what has occurred behind and what will unfold ahead, I would tell my younger self not to become preoccupied with fear of imperfection, but to move forward. Start early, work in increments, let the project rest, and then return. Once the bulk of the text is written and the mind is clear, proofreading always, always comes easily. But in order to reach that point I must do as Albert Einstein observed, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”


If I could go back and talk to the senior year version of myself I would make a point to tell myself three things. First I would tell myself to be open to trying new things freshmen year. Once you begin college you are introduced to so many new people and cultures that you have never experienced before and some of those people can and do become lifelong friends. The second would be to plan your classes each semester with this formula. Take one hard class that will really challenge you, two medium level difficulty classes that will make you work for your grade without stressing you out too much, and one easy class that you are more likely to enjoy and guarantee an A. Finally I would tell myself to relax. College isn’t as scary as you think. The school you’re going to attend will help you wherever you need it. You are going to make great friends over the years. Don’t listen to the doubts in your head because you are going to do well in your new school. You are not only going to succeed, you are going to excel.


Do not stop moving forward. High School may be what seems like the most difficult portion of your life, but in the end, it is all worth the trouble. As a senior, you probably think that studying is a waste of time, but it will definitely get you further in your educational career. College life is full of opportunities and fun; do not waste your time partying life away. Push yourself because the sky is the limit, as our Culinary Arts instructor would always say, "Make yourself indispensable and pay attention to detail." Those words of wisdom will stay with you through your entire life. I live by those words every day of my life, because I will not stop moving forward, I will push until I can not push any further. Remember, "Make yourself indispensable and pay attention to detail."


Alyssa, the things that matter most right now won't matterso much in a few months, or even years. What you think is important today does not define you. What defines you are your passions and beliefs. What defines you is what you would consider your core, your gut reactions. I know you like to play by the rules and take the safe path, but life requires risk, but good risks. Allowing others to determine the risks you take will only end in hope deferred. You will be hospitalized for years fighting the battle of Anorexia. Do not be afraid. Fight. You will almost die. You will watch the disease take your friends and loved ones. But do not stop fighting. You are more than what people say you are and you are stronger than you ever know. Stick to your goals. Stick to your dreams. Don't worry, you will graduate college in four years as planned. You will also be hired as an english teacher, as planned. But then you will wake up one day without any plans and it might scare you. Be OK without having plans; it is in these moments we make the best decisions.


I would tell myself to try harder and take my education seriously. I would also tell myself that education is the key to being a success in life and to purse your educational dreams no matter what the sacrifice.


Dont get any credit cards and put in the extra work for applying for small and large scholarships. When trying to go to graduate school, finding funds is more difficult. So if you have to get loans, save them for grad school, not for undergrad. There are way more scholarships and grants available to undergraduate students.


If I were to go back to senior year, I would tell myself that making sure the college you choose is right for you is one of the most important decisions you will make within the next five to ten years. If you get lazy when applying for schools or even when looking at schools, you will not end up in the right place for you. I learned this because Kennesaw State University was the only school that I applied to. I did not take the time or use the effort to really seek out the right school for me. This desicion has ended up causing me grief. I do not believe that Kennesaw State is the right fit for me, regardless of the wonderful education I am receiving here.


Enjoy your friends that you have in High School and do not take your time there for granted. You think that you can not wait to grow up but really you are going to miss that small town and everyone there more then you can understand right now. Learn everything very well do not just barelly try because you can actually learn the material. It will come in handy to actually know these things already. Learn good study and organizational skills before you get to college and please start saving now!


I wish as a Senior I knew how important college especially as a freshman really is. College is a place I feel that a person truly finds out who they really are. College allows you to transition into a whole new person without being judged. As a senior I wish I would have known that networking was so important. In college that is one of the main things a person has to do. You have to be able to network with others and join different communities. Grades are another important aspect of college. The grades you get in college shapes your future. It is better to start off early getting the best grades you can get, so that you can get use to the routine in college. Having a proper education and doing well in college is so important and I feel like in high school it is not stressed to students enough. This has to change immediately, so that students are not frightened their first couple of months in college.