Kennesaw State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The culuture and everyone being friendly and ready to help if you every need help, students and teachers included.


Being from a very small town I would have to say the location of the college and the number of people that go there are the best things. There are tons of food options and things to do around the Kennesaw area which I love. Also, the student body is big so it allows the opportunity to meet other people.


The best thing about Kennesaw State is the staff and the campus. The campus is beautiful and it is very easy to get around and meet new people. The teaching staff are very personable and always there to help you when needed. They make going to college very easy and less stressful.


There are many opportunities here at this school and you literally can run out of nothing to do. From the time you step on campus you meet a handful of people that are interested in the same things as you and they are very friendly.


You can park very close to the campus. The parking decks are well places. It saves people time in the mornings because they can leave later and still get to class on time.


Academically I find class the class size to be extremely appealing. There are very few typical 200 people lecture classes and the teachers really care about their students because the number size allows them to. A couple classes like physical education and some freshaman level courses still remain quite large, but for the most part smaller class size allows for more teacher to student interaction. Not only does this make things more fun because a teacher can be more flexible with less students and can do more than lecture, but there is a more relaxed feeling to everything.


I love being able to access the mountains or the city easily. Every direction I turn I see a different adventure that is just within my grasp. I never feel pressured or excluded based on participation from my school- there are people from all walks of life. Plus, if I head north for thirty minutes, I can get a bite of my mom's meatloaf, and it's the bomb.


The fact that everyone there wants you to succeed and will often go out of their way to ensure your success and to unlock your potential. They are also very friendly and welcoming, and they are not judgemental. Not to mention, all of the classes are extremely helpful and you learn an abundant amount of information in them all. Also, the professors are very cooperative with you and help you whenever you ask for it. Plus, you are free to be yourself.


There is a great student life organization. I would highly recommend getting involved with campus life. You will feel more a part of your school and you will meet new people who could change your life. Also, never be afraid to communicate with your professor if you are having problems inside or outside the classroom. They are here to help.


At KSU, there's many amazing things to do at all times, it's almost impossible to ever be bored there. Our cafeteria, The Commons, is the best. The culinary arts department has their own garden, therefore the cafeteria is full of healthy food. In addition to that, KSU is still constructing many things. In about a year, we're going to have two pool (one indoor, one outdoor), a few basketball and tennis courts. KSU also have many organizations, ex: the writing center, to help students succeed in their classes and the staff there is extremely helpful.


I would say the best thing about Kennesaw State University is the selection of professors. Entering college this is something that can seem scary to those straight out of high school and being able to have a close relationship with a professor is very important.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere. When everyone comes together to celebrate a Kennesaw victory or an anniversary, they really come together and it's an amazing feeling. You don't have to participate in anything to feel it. You can simply watch and see how incredible Kennesaw State University is.


The library and tutoring. If at anytime I am have trouble in a class, I could find free tutoring. And even if I can't find the tutoring, there are plenty of nice places in the library to meet with a study group. You can reserve confrence rooms and there doesn't seem to be a shortage of computer labs. I just love that about the school. It helped me out a lot when I took general chemistry.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the learning environment. Teachers always offer extra help, and I never feel secluded in a classroom. The campus is beautiful and offers a wide variety of both on and off campus activites.


Kennesaw State University is large enough to allow for meeting many people and having many things to do, but small enough that you can meet someone and know you will run into them again. Most classes have a very small group of students and even required classes don't exceed 50-60 students. All of the professors I have had are awesome at what they do and take time to meet the students on a personal level.


The best thing about my school is the professors. Most of them have open office hours and are willing to help in any kind of way to help their students succeed. Students have lots of resources on Campus to help them accomplish their goal.


The best thing about my school is that the faculty and staff care about each student. My professors have all taken the time to get to know me as an individual and are very respectful of me as a student. I don't feel overwhelmed by a large workload, and I believe my professors take our ourside lives into consideration when giving assignments. I am in love with my campus location because it is in an area surrounded by nature and there aren't many distractions, however there are many great activities availkable within five minutes of the campus.


The best thing about Ksu, is all the opportunities you have here. There is a lot of free games, and food which is a nice perk. The campus is extremely beautiful and campus living isn't what you'd expect if you live in KSU place.


The best thing about my school is the diner room, because it's a big buffet, fun to interact with others. And there is a large selection of food from many cultures like chinese food or hispanic food. The best part of it, is that my college went green, so everything cooked there, fruits, are from a fresh garden on the college's property.


I really enjoy the amount of commitment given by each of the professors here. No matter the field, each professor seems to have real life, relevant experience and unwavering enthusiasm for what they teach, both of which are very important in today's competitive society.


The best thing about KSU is how pretty it is up here, the friendly people, and the awesome professors. They actually care at KSU and class sizes are usually small.


The best thing about my University is the professors. The professor here at Kennesaw State Uninversity are very friendly and helpful. They are always willing to aid any student with their specific troubles and issues.


The professors. The professors at Kennesaw are nice, neat, organized, informed, helpful and open to all opinions expressed.


It's location in Colorado and the city it's located in.


The best thing about Kennesaw State University is that this university is a small commuter school with few distractions. This is an excellent school in which you can attend and get a good GPA in order to transfer to another school. Along with that though there are many events that are held which allow you to be able to mingle and make new friends. All of this is great in a school because it makes a great stepping stone in order to acheive your life goals.


I believe that the best thing about KSU are the many activites that they have to offer. They have a number of intermural sports, as well as major teams for the school. But at the same time, their fraternities and sororities do a lot around campus and bring a sense of community to the school. Also, there are many church programs that are allowed to take place in the school, encouraging students to experience new beliefs. Lastly, their study abroad program is really great. It really encourages and fosters civil engagement and global civilization for the next generation.


The best thing is the dining hall, right now. It just opened this semester, and even though it's a mandatory meal plan, the food is great, and it's a great place to just hang out! The meal plans are pretty diverse, as well, so that you're not just stuck with something you can't really afford.


The best thing about my school is that there is so much to offer. It is very diverse and has a club, sport or any kind of organization to fit anyones likes and needs. We have great teachers that are willing to help and that make class interesting and fun to be in.


The student-teacher ratio. Most classes are smalll so you are able to contact the professor easily.


I love how involved everyone is at this school...well, most people. I am inovolved in a leadership group at school. Everyone in it is awesome and wants to make a difference in the community. I like that the school is close enough to my house so I don't have to pay rent somewhere else. Everyone at this school gets along and listen to each other's opinions. I also like that this school has a major that I am interested in. All of the professors in the education department are awesome and help out a lot.


Nice and helpful faculity and staff. Good dining hall food.


Everyone is very friendly, welcoming and helpful and the campus is really pretty.


Kennesaw State is not that famous like other schools in Georgia such as UGA or GA Tech, so not as many people go here. So it's like a hidden secret. They have extremely nice dorms. Every student has their own lockable room and only a few share bathrooms. It's like living in an apartment, only there are many activities to participate in to get to know other students around. And this school is growing FAST. RIght now most people from my hometown are like "What's Kennesaw". When I graduate they will be like, "You went to Kennesaw!!!?"


The student interaction and the ability to make a new friend no matter where you are anytime during the day.


The students. With Kennesaw merging from a non-traditional school to a traditional school, and there being over 20,000 students, there is bound to be some extraordinary people. Withen each different type of acedemic building (Businnes, Nursing, Social Sciences, etc...) there comes a different atmosphere of people. Also, different times of day are different people. Morning and afternoon classes are usually filled with underclassman whom live on campus, and night classes are filled with older adults continueing their education. This diversity within my school is what I think is the best thing about it.


KSU offers flexible classes and learning environments for the non traditional student.


The best thing about my school is the growing community that it has become. The buildings on the campus have grown with the increasing number of students and even with the buildings it is a beautiful campus. The walk to class is sometimes long but always beautiful.


I love my school because it's close to everything. KSU is only minutes from the bustling city of Atlanta and still only minutes from the quiet, peaceful outdoors of parks like Kennesaw Mountain and only about an hour from Amicalola Falls State Park. KSU also offers so much to do. There are numerous extra-curriculars, you're sure to find something to suit you.


Fantastic professors and small classes


The best thing about KSU is the professors in the communication department. They stress global awareness, which is in line with the strategic plans of the university. The instructors emphasize and encourage students to study abroad. There are several guest speakers and panel discussion through out the year that help increase understanding of global issues. The best advice I received at Kennesaw State University came from my academic advisor, Dr. Womack. She encouraged me to participate in the accelerated Master?s Program in Conflict Management. She is the reason I was successful and will complete my Masters.


I get a real sense of community on campus. No matter where I go, there is always someone willing to help. Students, professors, and staff are very open to ideas and many other things. The other thing I love about Kennesaw State University is that fact that it just became a state university in 1996 and has grown so much in the past 12 years. We are reaching close to 22,00 students, a football team is in the works, and it's just amazing to be a part of all the growth.


It is in a growing suburban area, so there are constantly new things around. The school itself is very new and that is part of the reason I love it. The overall education is great


The location of Kennesaw State is ideal. If you like outdoors, you can spend your time at Kennesaw Mountain. If you prefer the city, it is minutes away from Atlanta. There are off campus jobs readily available, and there are a lot of apartment options. On campus housing is better than most universities. The student poulation is very diverse.


The people and teachers are very friendly. The staff is easy to talk to and teachers are always willing to help.


Our new president really appreciates all areas of the school from sports to the arts and everything in between. He really values the student body and is willing to listen if there is something we need or want changed.


Its just big enough and just small enough


The size of the school and location are the best things about it. You don't just feel like a number but you're still part a big group of kids. Also, the majority of people here both work and attend school, and the profs seem to realize that.


The opportunities that are offered on campus are very diverse and allow for each and every student to make the best out of themselves, whatever that may be. There are so many programs offered on and off campus.


I would say the professors. They are all very helpful and want to see the students succeed in his or her class. Kennesaw Professors really do care!