Kennesaw State University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I applied to KSU in high school as my backup school. I only applied to one other one because I knew I could get in, and that was where I wanted to go. Well, I went there for my first semester of college and hated it so much that I dropped out before the semester was even over. I reapplied to KSU, got accepted, and started the following semester, and I am so glad that I did. I chose KSU, for one, because of its convenient location. It is right off of Barrett Parkway where there is so much to do, and it's on Chastain Road where there is also a lot to do. It is also only 15 minutes or so away from my parents' house, so I visit them pretty often (whenever they feel like coming to get me, since I don't have a car). That's another great thing about KSU; it's really easy to get around without a car. I also chose KSU because it is significantly bigger than the first university I attended, without being so huge that I would regularly get lost. There are enough people so that if there are people that you don't like, you don't have to see them all the time, but it's not so large that you have difficulty finding people you know. The people were another reason that I chose KSU; there are a huge variety of people here, and diversity is good; you never know what kinds of people you are going to see or meet. Honestly, I didn't choose KSU for the academics because that's not what I was thinking about at the time, but I am really glad that I came here because it has turned out to be great.


It is close to my house, affordable, and had the programs that I wanted to be a part of. Their nursing school and education program are high up in the state, and even though those aren't my majors it still says a lot. Mainly I chose this school because of the location.


Because my sister was attending at the time, and she really enjoyed her education there.


I decided to go to Kennesaw State because of its campus and its relativity to the Atlanta area.


I decided to go to KSU because it has a really nice nursing program, and this school is really renovating itself. The campus is really beautiful and it is relatively close to my home. I also really liked the dormatories and the people when I came here for a college visit with my school. Kennesaw State University also gave me enough scholarships for the first year and I did not have to pay for anything.