Kent State University at Ashtabula Top Questions

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Kent State University-Ashtabula Campus was close to home. Where I was mentally at the time of my enrollment, it was best that I attended a school close to home.


Its relatively small and easy to navigate. Its affordable for students seeking acquire a degree without going deep into debt.


Kent State University at Ashtabula has very small class sizes compared to other schools, which makes my experience much easier with the direct attention I get through my professors and faculty staff.


Kent is unique mostly because of its entire atmosphere. The faculty gives every student the time they need to understand so that they can enter the community knowledgable about the career path they have chosen. A more open-minded education is aquired because of the cultural diversity Kent provides. Small classes guarantee the needs of both student and educator are met, all while being in a safe, comfortable environment.


My school challenges students with harder exams. The better a student does on an exam, the better the school looks for having students with high exam scores that were harder to achieve.