Kent State University at Kent Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


It is a very nice school that provides everything needed to maximize learning.


Kent State is an incredibly diverse school with a very welcoming environtment and wonderful, knowledgeable instructors.


Kent State is passionate University that is willing to do whatever it takes to help their students achieve excellence.


Kent State, particularly the Stark regional campus, is an open-minded and diverse institution that recognizes the extreme variations in its students and works hard to help each individual succeed.


KSU is a friendly place where everyone is welcome to join, share, learn from other, and teach others. It is a tolerant, democratic place.


A place that pushes you to excel in your education and be involved


Kent State University is a college where I am accepted, included in extracurriculars, and not bullied.


Small, but diverse and liberal campus.


Kent is a respected institution that prides itself on academic excellence.


My school is a large state college that encompasses a blend of unique students that pursure their interests with passion and spirit that is contagious to anyone who walks onto our campus.


I attend a school that offers challenging and rewarding classes for my major and provides me with oppertunities to succeed in my future career.


My school is an orchestrated chaotic loving family bringing people from different backgrouds of ethnicity and location together as one.


My school is beautiful, and I love to be on campus. I wouldnt rather be anywhere else.


KSU is a very great school with great professors are very good and understanding and willing to listen to the students and the housing is very good and the food on campus is good as well.


Kent State offers a wide variety of college programs and provides students with opportunity to explore themselves while exploring the camups and town.


Kent State University is dedicated to making college a fun, memorable, and beneficial experience for students of all ages, genders, and races.


A large school that wants to make students pay more and more for tuition.


Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, the largest city in the county by population, is a diverse, multicultural university that has a great variety of entertainment, food, nightlife, shopping as well as family-friendly events, scenery and history.


Kent State University is a tight-knit family that looks out for one another and is interested in the lives and academic success of each member.


Describing Kent State in one sentence is not difficult at all to do. Kent State is a very enthusiac and very supportive school for incoming freshman.


My school allows for maximum, culturally diverse and academic participation that lets students soar into the career field of their choice.


Kent State University, so far, seems to be high-energy and huge.


Kent State is a school full of the nicest people and the most fun things to do while you're not studying.


My school is a great place to get a quality college education.


Kent State offers the most amazing experiences a student could ask for; you can really build a life for yourself here.


Kent is an amazing school that contains a wide variety of majors and provides terrific programs for their students.


My school is a diverse community that offers educational opportunities to all type of students; some of which are the elderly, international students, parents returning to school to complete their education, and the traditional high school graduate.


My school allows students to focus on the things they love, whether its academic or club related, or fun activites there is alwasys something to get involved in and feel welcomed in.


Kent state is a liberal school that strives for student involvement, which enables a safe and friendly atmosphere, and Kent State University is well taken care of with a multitude of new construction taking place on and around campus.


Kent State University is a wonderful place to study, which offers locally relevant majors as well as more liberal majors that are conducive to those whom prefer to think abstactly.


Kent State is the traditional college experience.


My school is extremely diverse.


Kent State University is a good, fun, and friendly school,Go Flashes!


My school provides some good professors that are always willing to help out with anything you need.


My school has many majors to choose from and lots of clubs and activities to keep you busy as well as several sports clubs and team to participate or watch all being in a city that has geared itself to college students.


A wonderfully diverse institution full of driven individuals; Kent State works hard to be your home away from home, with teachers who are interested in students, you really gain a well rounded education here.


Kent State University has a lot of pride in their community and have 290 orgnizations that are offered to the students on campus so that you are always doing something.


Kent state is a school with a greath upbeat atmosphere and a awesome educational environment.


Kent State University is an atmosphere of caring yet dutiful instructors, interesting and hardworking students, and a tireless staff.


My school tries its best to provide for students, but is often held up by an uncompromising administration.


A great opportunity to meet a diverse group of people.


A competitive university that challenges an individual to go beyond what they thought was capable.


Kent State University has a beautiful campus, numerous teachers who are considerate of student needs and situations, and the University is so well integrated with the city of Kent itself that the entirety of downtown kent feels like an extension of the main campus.


As big and diverse as it is, the moment I arrived on campus my first year it has always just felt like one big family to me.


Kent State University is my home away from home that is helping me grow, mature, and further reach my future goals towards my career.


Kent State University is an amazing school that allows each student to branch out and socialize.


Kent State University is a diverse university in a friendly, safe environment that allows for all students to succeed academically as well as independently.


School spirit is high at Kent State...make friends, get your work finished, and enjoy your college experiences while you have them.


Kent State University is peaceful, openness, and supporting students to become professional in their fields.


Upbeat, diverse and very social, you will meet life long friends no matter how much of a outcast you feel like you are.