Kent State University at Kent Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


goal focused individuals with a desire to expand their knowledge in their respective fields.


My classmates are very dedicated and responsible students but, they also know how to have a good time. We tend to come together the most at sporting events, especially against our rivals: Akron University. During the games, wether it be football or basketball, the whole crowd is on their feet screaming and cheering on our team!


The students are kind and more than willing to lend a hand if you need it and I love them for that.


My classmates here at Kent are nice, and friendly and always willing to help someone in need.


Classmates at Kent State are prepared, focused, and all around helpful; especially when you attend one of the universities more difficult courses.


My classmates started as a bunch of strangers, but now I know they have become my life long friends.


My classmates are eclectically spread across different age groups (from my tender 19 to as old as sixty-five), socioeconomic backgrounds, and race, but are all united by the goal of earning a degree and willing to help others on their journey there.


My classmates are diverse and generally very nice people.


My classmates are hard working, goal oriented, and driven.


The majority of my classmates are respectual and quiet during class and helpful when asked.


My classamates of people who stand up for what they believe in and fight for what they like supported by a strong foundation of educators and ethics that we have learned from our professors.


I have talented classmates that are supportive, helpful, and offer and knowledge that they have to help me, and others, succeed and grow in our classes and learning.


My classmates are mostly diverse while being friendly consistently.


they are very interactive


My classmates are very helpful


My classmates are very active in wanting to learn and ask questions during class.


Artsy and competitive with great minds and strong ambitions.


Some of my classmates can be very friendly and willing to make new friends, but most are very reserved and do not really engage with other whom they have not had in one of their classes before.


I have had a diverse group of classmates from the traditional 18 year old student who lives on campus, the 16 year old post secondary student who is balancing college and high school, to the non-traditional student with children trying to balance work and college with family. I have learned much from these people and I hope to keep in touch with them.


My actual classmates are fine, but the really incredible people are the ones who live in my hall; I have made some great friends and, even if we don't all stay friends after this year, my memories of them will be nothing but fond.


My classmates are good people, they are caring, and never quick to judge.


We have a wide variety of students at Kent State.


Kent State students vary from highly motivated to not motivated. However, that is why there is an Honors college and once you get to higher level classes the students are mostly driven and committed. You may have to suffer through some freshman classes, but after that you will be with other students who care and work hard.


Most of my classmates are friendly, outgoing and helpful.


The Kent State student body is diverse, with individuals ranging from 16 to 80 years old; from different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds; and is composed of not just Ohio-based students but students from around the world, all of whom add something unique to the rich historic culture that makes the Kent State University student body a true melting pot.


At Kent State, there is a huge variety of students. Everyone comes from a different background, yet we all get along.


My classmates are all unique in their own way and come together to learn about each and every person they meet, there is never a time my classmates make me feel unwelcomed or uncomfortable.


A large group of libral open minded slackers who wana make the most of the their lives.


my classmates are career ready.


They are friendly and always willing to work together.


They are pretty nice and overall dont really care what you do.


The classmates at Kent are a diverse, compassionate crowd. They are there to help in any way that they can. This can range from forming a study group to sparking debates to allow ideas to flow or bringing a cheery air of school spirit or just being friendly in general. Kent students, summarized, are an embodiment of what and how people should be and act.


My typical classmates are creative, smart, hardworking people who have a tendency to go to a lot of parties.


My classmates are wonderful; very respectful, and accept people of many different backgrounds and cultures.


My classmates are diverse; they come from many different back rounds.


My classmates are very friendly when you have the courage to talk them.


My classmates are all generally much younger than me. Some of them are very naive about how the world works and have never lived in "the real world". Everyone is however helpful and considerate. I like the people I have come to know.


Friendly and just as stressed as I am, so theyre easy to relate to.


My classmates at Kent State University are hopeful, enthusiastic learners who not only are working towards a bright future for themselves but also encouraging and supporting their peers.


My classmates are very helpful at anything you ask them.


My classmates are all individual and unique, with determination and perserverance to work hard toward the degrees they want to achieve.


Very much friendly, some are willing to help you with a better understanding of the subject. Eager and pretty much uplifting, there are no judgements made everyone is free to be who they are and express themselves.


The classmates at Kent State University are typical everyday people just placed in a learning enviroment. Here, there are different races and very different personalities. At any university there will always be those classmates that care and those that do not. The learning enviroment will either bore or engage classmates into what is being taught. The classmates here are just those people, just because they are put them in a certain setting it will not change their immediate mindset. At Kent State University there will always be classmates of diverse background who are more serious about their education than others.


My classmates are friendly and competitive.


My classmates at Kent State are hard-working, very involved, value-driven students who work hard at their studies and and bettering their community.


My classmates mostly seem careless, but there are some who appear determined and focused on their goals.


A large friendly comunity that has the feeling of a small campus.


The classmates in my degree program, for future art educators, are dedicated, enthusiastic, and a lot of fun.


They're nice, friendly, and are usually willing to help another classmate out


My classmates here at Kent state are a fun loving group of students, but we also find it important to take time to study and achieve good grades. I would say my classmates and I are great at finding a balance between our studies and having fun.