Kent State University at Kent Top Questions

Describe the students at Kent State University at Kent.


goal focused individuals with a desire to expand their knowledge in their respective fields.


My classmates are very dedicated and responsible students but, they also know how to have a good time. We tend to come together the most at sporting events, especially against our rivals: Akron University. During the games, wether it be football or basketball, the whole crowd is on their feet screaming and cheering on our team!


The students are kind and more than willing to lend a hand if you need it and I love them for that.


My classmates here at Kent are nice, and friendly and always willing to help someone in need.


Classmates at Kent State are prepared, focused, and all around helpful; especially when you attend one of the universities more difficult courses.


My classmates started as a bunch of strangers, but now I know they have become my life long friends.


My classmates are eclectically spread across different age groups (from my tender 19 to as old as sixty-five), socioeconomic backgrounds, and race, but are all united by the goal of earning a degree and willing to help others on their journey there.


My classmates are diverse and generally very nice people.


My classmates are hard working, goal oriented, and driven.


The majority of my classmates are respectual and quiet during class and helpful when asked.