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I did not make an attempt to go to any other school.


Classes are small and teachers are very interested in helping you to the best you can do. I love feeling that the teachers really care about how you do.


Kent State is unique because of its immense opportunities to get involved on campus. There are plenty of organizations and volunteer orportunities.


I had visisted three other schools for their Fashion Merchandising programs as a highschool senior. Chosing Kent State University was the greatest decision I could possibly make because their Fashion School is so overwhelmingly advanced. The resources I have as a Kent Fashion student are incredible. No other university had a Fashion Histoy Museum connected to their school of Fashion, nor did they have their own textile lab! Kent State University also does a wonderful job getting students involved. I am in the Fashion Student Organization and being included in such a reputable organization has been a life changing experience!


Kent State was and still is my number one choice school, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. The campus is in a safe neighborhood and there's always something to do. The wide array of clubs makes sure that everyone on campus is involved. The faculty is welcoming and the student body is very diverse. This allows students to experience other cultures and ways of life. In all Kent is a school with a rich history and an all around great place to be.


My school's unofficial mascot is a Black Squirrel. There are tons of squirrels on campus, and they are very friendly and walk up to people while they walk to class. Another unique thing about my school is the amount of diversity on campus. I have never seen so many different types of people in one area before in my life. Plus we have a club or organization for everyone.


Kent State University was unique in that it is extremely connected to the regional hospitals, businesses, and works hard to make sure you are employed upon graduation. 100% of the students in my graduate program found employment using the degree used at Kent State.


Kent State University offers students a lot of opportunities to become useful members of society and global citizens. The value of education that students get at KSU is equal to or, in some cases, even better than that of private universities.


We're a big school in a small community. We make sure that we take care of our surroundings and care for the other citizens who live close by.


My school is unique because the faculty really takes the time to get to know you. I haven't had the best transition from high school to college but the staff helped me and they encouraged me to do better for myself , without that help I wouldn’t' have received the grades and GPA that I did receive. I met a lot of amazing people from all over the world who all are majoring in dfferent things, but the one thing I didn't expect was the compassion and understanding that they have for others who are different from them.


The students seem to be more dedicated than the professors.


Kent has a very unique campus. There are all kinds of people, from many different places, and everyone interacts. The most unique thing would have to the night-life. With all different kinds of people, social gatherings are very fun. Kent is a great place to meet new people and experience new things with those new people.


Kent State has some unique properties but the one that sticks out the most to me would be its campus architecture and beauty. Especially during the Fall; the leaves, black squirrels and overall building placement and designs come together to create a memorable and aesthetic environment for anyone who visits the campus.


The things that stood out to me the most when considering Kent State were the beautiful campus and all of its anemities, including many excellent choices for dining, a wide variety of helpful resources for struggling students, and a multitude of opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. There is also such a wonderful amount of diversity here where a person from any kind of minority, like me, can flourish and really enjoy their college experience comfortably. This appealed to me more than anything else when looking at prospective universities.


The black squirrels.


What's unique about my school is that it is very diverse but bountiful in the degree programs offered and has a generous financial aid program.


They have an amazing fashion program that drew me in but the finacial issues here are making me re-consider


Whats unique about my school is the diversity of the students that attend. there a people from cultures all over which makes kent a very diverse and a learingin experince in it self.


It offers a warm and friendly environment, with students who care about the school and the world around it. It's easy to make Kent State a home rather than just a school.


One thing that is unique about Kent State is an organization that I participated in, College of Arts and Sciences Learning Community. This is an organizaion that allows incoming freshman to participate in. This organization assigns a mentor to a group of incoming students to help them adapt to the college setting. We also broaden the learning experience beyond the classroom and lab setting.The students also have the oppurnity to make close and personal realationships with faculty that the other students don't have.


Kent State University differs from many other schools for mnay reasons. Kent State provides such a welcoming community; each and everyone seem to care about each other when it comes to personal problems and even in class. Despite of Kent being a huge university, the professors absolutely engage with you in class and outside class. Their office ours are very reasonable and that's when you really get to ask them questions about the lecture or the class. Kent is just a very easy-going and fun environment.


Well we have this study aboad program which caught my attention where you get to travel to certain place in the world based on your major. Considering my major is Fashion Merchandising I would get to study abroady in Florence Italy, or Paris, London, New York. Just to name a few places but while there I would have the opportunity to Intern there and possibly make future connections for my career.


I love the diversity I find at Kent State. We are free to express who we are. I have met student from all walks of life and so many diffent cultures. Kent State is not in a big city but it is doing great big things.


Very active student organizations to paricipate in on campus.


what i found to be very unique to kent state is that it is a larger school but, you dont walk around campuse and dont at least bump into one person you know. Everyone is very willing to help and there are many events always going on to keep students busy.


Kent State Universities campus is more diverse than other college campuses that I have considered.


Kent is a large university with a small-town vibe, which creates the perfect learning and growing environment for college-age students. The large university provides access to great resources, various organizations, and expert faculty. Student life is diversified and opportunities for success are wide. The small-town vibe, however, helps to keep the size of the university from being overwhelming. Kent State's partnership with downtown Kent creates a creative and exciting outlet for the work's week, which is a great place for students to relax and enjoy themselves.


Kent State is the second largest college campus in Ohio. Kent provides many services in order to help you succeed academically and has over 200 clubs to get involved in. The library has 12 floors so it is easy to find a place to study. There is always something to do between athletic events, social activities, watching free movies at the Kiva, going to the rec center, etc. The esplanade, a path running through campus, even leads you directly to downtown Kent where there is a variety of restaurants and shops to choose from.


I attended KSU as an 18 year old and again as a 43 year old. Be willing to explore and participate. Whether you live on campus or not be part of the KSU community. Make lasting friendships and learn all that you can. You never know if you are going to be able to finish your degree in the first four years after high school or wait and come back after 25 years. Make the most of every minute you are there. Party and have fun, but remember you are there to learn more than anything else.


Kent State strives in every breath to aid potential students, current students, and former students in their every endeavour. The campus itself is rolling and green; the entire university seeps with life and warm hearts.


I think the most unique thing about kent state is the size of the campus and all the students that attend. When you first enter Kent is isn't a big town, but the campus is pretty vast with different people all around. A lot of people up here are pretty friendly as well. It kind of makes it hard to truly not have any friends. Kent is also very innovate in a lot of fields. Their fashion program is one the best in Ohio. They also pioneered in liquid crystal used for laptop and computer screens.


I believe what makes my school unique compared to the other schools is this strong image of originality and tradition. This school has been around for decades and lots of historical events took place here. For what its worth I believe that a school that built around something like that would in a way help improve my own college experience.


My school is unique because it is accepting of all different types of people. Walking around campus you will see that our student body is extremely diverse.


Kent State is unique because it offers a wide range of majors, including programs that are some of the best in the country. There is something available for everyone, and there are plenty of opportunities for one to discover what career path they would like to take. Everything is very organized and comfortable, more than other schools I have looked at, and I think that it really has a huge impact on the success of the students.


There are many unique aspects to Kent State University, but to begin I would say the amount of programs they have to offer for the different majors. KSU has some of the best programs to offer in Northeast Ohio that would give the better job opportunities upon graduation. Also, KSU has a wide range of diversity among the school. There are people from all over the world that you have the opportunity to become friends with and that is an amazing experience to become globally aware and adapt to new experiences in college that you wouldn't somewhere else.


Kent State is very friendly and you will feel very welcome here. There are people of all different types. The staff really wants to help you get your degree as quick as they can which is great for you. There are more than enough extra-curricular activities here. They literally have everything you need on campus. The campus is always clean an beautiful. Just a wonderful college overall. No regrets of attendance.


There is a very strong focus on academic standing and involvement with professors and other students. Each member of the Kent staff is incredibly friendly and timely with responses, which is helpful when in a time crunch. The campus feels safe, homely, and inviting, which is unlike many other college campuses. There is more to do than just drink on the weekends, and friendships made here last a lifetime.


It's academic composition amazes me, from the multitude of programs of study to choose from to it's campus setup. It's considered prestigious, and I would conquer with this statement. Uniqueness is prominent; moreover, it does convey this through the various exquisite activities, etc.


What is unique about Kent is the fact that the entirety of the student population is fairly large compared to most schools in the area, but the campus does not feel overwhelming and is designed to welcome you and help ease the transition to college.


What's unique about this school as to compared to other schools I have looked at would be it's well-rounded education. Before attending Kent Sate I looked into a Veterinary Technician school called Bradford in Columbus this was probably a more hands on school, but you really don't aquire a well rounded education through this kind of school like you do at Kent. Being provided with such a wide variety of new information and things to learn really broadens your outlook on what it is you really want to do with the rest of your life.


Kent State is diffrent from all the other schools I was considering because, it came out of the blue for me and yet turned out to be everything I needed. Its so diverse in culture and music and even food. Its unique to me becasue it my home away from home.


Kent State is ranked pretty high. I heard a lot of great things about them. I saw a lot of commercials about the great programs they offer. It is about two and a half hours from where I live. It gave me the great opportunity to experience the college experience but still be close enough to travel home when I needed to do so.


A historically political campus.


My main reason for choosing the school was due to its affordability and location within driving distance to home. But I would continue going back to Kent due to its faculty and the relationships I have made there.


The school itself is quite large but at the same time it is so beautiful with all the greenery. What really stands out is the comrodery that everyone shares with eachother. Kent also actually cares about their students as well. I have a few friends that go to different colleges and from what they tell me about their college it only seems like they want you money and once they get it you're thrown to the wolves.


Compared to other schools I considered, Kent State is a lively school with engaging teachers, friendly and hard working students and a beautiful campus.


Kent State has a duel major, where you can double major and have certain classes count for both degrees. Also, you can have a car on campus as a freshman, unlike most colleges. It has several ragional campuses that you can switch to to better suit your personality anf goals.


There are a wide range of classes that you are free to take that can count as credit towards graduation but aren't strictly about your major. For example: I'm majoring in exercise science but I'm going to be taking a wine tasting class.


Kent State University offers a diverse range of majors and degrees. I found this especially unique and important because as an incoming freshmen I was unsure of what I wanted to go into. Kent State offered resources and advisors to help me narrow down my possibilities as well as offering many majors to chose from.


Kent State was a perfect choice for me based on the size of campus and the distance from my hometown. Kent is the perfect size. It's not too big where I still get lost while being in my second semester, but campus is big enough where I feel like there is still new adventures to be had and new people to be met. Also, it being a mere 2 hours away from home, I get a sense of independence and adulthood because I'm away from home, yet if I get home- sick, home is a car ride away.