Kent State University at Kent Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Kent State University is those cold walks to and from class in the winter time.


The worst thing about Kent is not actually something specific to the university. Rather, I think my least favorite thing about Kent is the weather. The campus seems so much bigger when it's covered in snow and you have to walk to class. The pros definitely outweigh this con, but the inclinate weather in Ohio is something to consider!


The worst thing about my school is nothing. Honestly i can say i love everything about my school. My fashion progam is third in the nation and they offer so many opportunites for me to grow and succeed. I so feel kent provides, amazing professors, diverse people, great food, and comfy dorms. I love everything about Kent State but, the only downfall is that they do not serve the general so chicken enough. Amazing!


The worst thing about Kent State University is that it unfortunately is located in Northeast Ohio. The weather is unpredicatble and if you're an ambitious student you may be limited by what Ohio has to offer.


Parking, it makes it difficult for commuters and/or freshmen. Be sure to plan for extra travel time!


The worst thing I can say about my school is that some of my fellow students are racist. As a young black male on campus, its somewhat difficult to deal with some of the other students. When it comes to doing some group assignments, its difficult to work with some of the students as well.


The worst thing about my school is the freshman parking. This is the worst thing about my school because all freshman have to park at the stadium. The stadium is about two miles from the school. There are two ways that students can get from the stadium that is by walking or waiting every six to twelve mintues for the bus to arrive to pick us up from the stadium or from our dorms.


I believe the diverse interaction is the worst thing about my school. I believe that this is the worst because we find ourselves segregated and fighting against each other. Its hard to say that we interact together as a campus in unity because there are so many groups that pull us apart. It also make it hard for people of different ethnic backgrounds to befriend.


The seasons. Having to walk on campus in the snow to get to my classes.


The worst thing about my school is, in my opinion, how big the campus is. The freshman parking lot is a 2 minute bus ride, or a 15 minute walk away from campus!


I think the worst aspect of Kent State University is that it is too selective in its admissions. There are many individuals that are quite gifted and will go on to great things, as evidenced by the prestigous Honors College program, but at the same time the makeup of the student body is undermined by those that will likely drop out and do not care about higher education or its implications.


The worst thing about Kent State University is being able to balance financial needs with graduating on-time and within the major a student might initially begin with.


The worst thing about Kent State University is the current administration's belief in non important infastructure and expansion projects. Only until recently did the university start to replace out-dated and older windows, repair ceilings and damaged, older pieces of dorms and lecture halls. The emphasis on non-traditional and non priority upgrades or expansions have increased tuition, while the investments are not seen within classrooms, dorm halls, food, infastructure, and returns on investment and education. This has angered many because of rising costs, devauled economy, and lack of progression in education has made college almost a bad investment.


The worst thing is the Freshmen who bring high school drama with them. We're adults, we shouldn't behave this way, college is a place to start over.


To be honest, the worst thing about Kent State University would be that the resident halls aren't very close. I feel like that seperates the students to a degree. I believe that Kent loses some of the sense of community because of this.


The worst thing about my school is having to pay for parking because its just another thing we have to pay for that should be free.


The worst thing about my school would have to the price. I love Kent State and I would change nothing but the price.


The worst thing about our school is how the students focus more about there social lives instead of focusing on the important things like their schoolwork.


I consider the fact that people smoke all over the campus to be the worst thing about my school. I consider this to be the worst thing because, when your walking the smoke blows in your face, and if a person has asthma it is bad for them, and will leave you coughing. Another thing is that it leaves the beautiful campus looking unattractive with the cigarette buds laying around.


The worst thing about Kent is definitely the parking. Freshmen aren't allowed to park anywhere except the Stadium which is located all the way down the street. You have to take a shuttle to get there and back. If you have a job or something important to do that day, getting to and from your car can be time consuming.


The worst thing about about Kent State University, in my opinion, would have to be the bus schedule. As a commuter I park in a provided parking lot off of campus. Fortunately, KSU provides busing around campus and they come quite often. However, the only way to be on time for class is if I make sure I arrive quite early. The buses often get behind schedule due to traffic and other students.


The only bad thing about attending Kent State is that there are different key cards for different things to do. There is a door card, a laundry card and a meal plan card which can be somewhat cumbersome at times to keep up with.


Kent cares more about the way it looks. 1) Every year there is a new construction project. Instead, they should spend money and time on increasing student morality. I've been at this school for many years and the student body is not very warm or welcoming. And as the years go on its getting worse. 2) When looking at pictures that the school puts up on display, the pictures show a lot more diversity than what really exists. Yes, there are people of every background in attendence, but the majority of the student body is white.


I consider the cost to be the worst thing about my school. The cost is extremely high to someone like me, from the lower class without much help from anyone. The cost is in even worse light than at the begining thought when you think about paying back so many college loans in an unsecure job market.


The worst thing about kent state is not being able to be integrated fully unless you are a student living in a dorm. I always lived at home with my parents so it was hard to make friends at first.


The worst thing about my school is that when you call everybody does not have all the answers. So when trying to get things set up if you dont already have a step by step plan written out and to follow you will be misguided and this will make your enrollment either be late or not have everything you need to start school. They will have you running around calling a ton of people and still miss something that should have been tooken care of. This has caused me to take classes I did not need and money wasted.


Sign up for dorms early because the go fast.


I think the worst thing about my school is the high wind levels.


Honestly, I can't think of a bad thing about Kent. When choosing where to live on campus, make sure your fist class isn't a twenty minute walk!


If you own a car and live a little far from campus, the worst thing would be the parking. Any place you park you always seem to be to far from the building you need to get to. Also if you don't buy a parking pass early on you may have to pay a lot of meters to park, but the meters don't pass two hours. So good luck trying not to get a ticket if you have a lab class that is more than two hours long.


Not enough Bachelor's Degrees. You must transfer to the Main Campus to finish many of the degrees.


Some of the foreign professors do not speak english well enough for students to understand.


I believe the worst thing about Kent would be the long walks and the very large classes. Since Kent is so big you sometimes have a 10-15 minute walk to get to your classes which can be very hard on some people. Also, the big class sizes means you wont get 1 on 1 help from your instructor like you are easily able to in a smaller class size.


There are some places on campus that you cannot use your meal plan. I just think that is silly. It makes me feel like they are only out to get my money.


I would have to say the hardest thing about my school would have to be some of the teachers there. In high school you get the luxury of having someone there to assist you whenever you need it but once you get into college it becomes very difficult to do that. You have to be very self sufficient because you don't have someone watching over you all the time


As the Kent Campus is rather large, the "worst" thing about my school is the class sizes. I prefer smaller class sizes, but unfortunately the student population calls for large lecture halls. On the bright side, it's an experience being able to have a class in a large lecture hall.


I concider the lack of technology in the classrooms to be the worst quality. In every aspect of the business industry and our current world we use technology to function. The lack of student computers lessens the school to work experience.


The washing machines are realy bad. It takes more than one wash to clean your clothes.


The worst thing about Kent State University is the lack of organizations and availability to students. When I transferred here I wanted to immediately get involved however I found that many organizations were not reachable. Coming from a school where I was involved in a sorority, charity board as well as other clubs and organizations it is difficult to adapt to a University that does not have as many activities available.


The only real thing I dislike about my school is that it's been using my tuition money to buy its way into championship games, and to make things on campus (and in downtown Kent) look pretty and attractive for visitors. I understand things need to be updated, but it makes me unhappy to hear that the new welcome sign downtown cost $46,000 and it was paid for by KSU. They could have put some of that money toward new computers in the Technology building, or to add one or two more classes to the course listing.


The worst thing about my school is actually partially why I chose this school. Because Kent is in Ohio, it faces the cold days of snowy winter. While I wanted to live through all four seasons at college, poor weather can make getting to class difficult. On top of that, because the school was built like a wind tunnel, the wintery weather becomes more difficult to manage. At the same time, I am grateful for the ice cold weather because it's just like home. I'm glad that something so minor is the worst thing about Kent.


There is nothing wrong with Kent State University. The campus environment is aesthetically pleasing and the faculty are all amazing.


I am interested in learning the best and worst that Kent State University has to offer. At this point in my college career I would say that the commuting from work in Twinsburg will be a challenge.


The worst thing about my school is that I have to pay out of state tuition, with minimal financial aid. Coming from a working middle class family, I have to pay back my own tuition through student loans. Although I know that I am not alone, I now realize that with the current economy I may end up paying the price for my post secondary education and college experience later in life... Literally. The debt is overwhelming at times, and is certainly discouraging.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the dorm rooms, unless you are willing to pay a great deal more, are less than desired and are on the smaller end.


I think the worst thing about my school is parking, because I am a commuter where I have to park is far away from the main campus. I have to take a bus from the parking lot to the student center and then walk across campus to my building. The total time it typically takes me to get from my car to class is 25-30 minutes. I think Kent needs a better parking system.


The worst thing about my school is that there is nothing to do around campus on the weekends.


I find the mobility of getting to each class very difficult at times. I also find that some professors do not respond to emails promptly.


The extra fees and the president of the university. The extra program fees that add to the rising cost of post secondary eduation and then all of the extra fees that are attached to each course that is required for your major.


I don't consider anything at my school to be bad. As long as you do things to fit your needs nothing will work out as an impossible situation.

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