Kent State University at Kent Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the over population. There is problems with it not being enough room in dorms to really accomadate every student, so they fill the lounges up with four people hoping that students will just drop out or transfer or just move to there own apartment.


Alot of students aren't cultured in the arts.


Being that I am from Michigan, going to school in Ohio, I am not able to go home very often. Majority of Kent students go home most weekends, making the social life difficult. Kent's main feeder schools are located anywhere from five minutes away, to an hour away. I have found it hard to make friends at Kent, considering many of the students are already in cliques from the local high schools. Therefore, the worst part about Kent State is the location being far from my family and friends.


The worst thing about my school is the hilly campus and weather. The climate in the Kent area is very cold and windy. The fact that the campus is big makes it even worse to walk to class in such cold conditions. Then also, the campus is very hilly. Walking up and down hills all the time makes it difficult in this climate.


The thing I consider worst about Kent State is some of the organization of events. It seems like some events are not planed/coordinated well, or are put together at the last moment.


There are not too many bad things at Kent State University, but if i where to list any I would say some of the dorms. Its the dorms with the public bathrooms that are the worst. They are disgusting. Also I think the fact that the cost of dorms and surrounding appartments is an exorbitint price. I would also like to add the fact that you are forced to live on campus for the first two years and you are obligated to buy their expernsive meal plan. It's all way too expensive, definitely when financial aid isn't enough.


The worst thing about my school was the parking. It was very dificult as a commuter to find parker near or close to my classes.


That it is in Ohio. I am from Pennsylvania and I hate the drive to Ohio all the time.


Recently our President, Lester Lefton, decided to renovate our plaza in front of the student center. It was kept pretty 'hush hush' and now the student body has learned that it's going to cost 3.3 million dollars and that the plans include tearing down a beloved fountain. Also the university just raised the tuition which has aggravated many students who are already struggling to pay for higher education. Finally, they allowed too many students in this year and ran out of housing and since they guarantee freshmen housing, they cut other's out and off campus is expensive.


The worst thing about my school is that it is located in ohio where it snows a lot.


The worst thing about the school as I know it are people's overall attitudes. My perception of Kent revolves around the theatre program. It would take more than 100 words to convey what I mean. What I will say is that people embrace art for the wrong reasons. The students in the program are mean, heartless, and feed off of other peoples downfalls. This should change. A far too large portion of the staff don't care, don't take an equal interest in the students and many of them seem like they aren't here to teach.


The worst thing about Kent State University is advertisement. The university campus life is thriving with late-night activities every day, and there's never a time where nothing is going on. However, it's hard for people to find out because the unversity's campus life office does not seem to have grasped the concept of effective advertising. If students want to find out what's going on, they have to search for it - go to different organization meetings on campus and network, search events for Kent State, visit the Center for Student Involvement website, etc.


When I attended Kent State University, the only thing I disliked was how overly liberal it was. Much to a point where everything was considered artful or all literary criticism was adequate.


Not that diversity is a bad thing, I like being a part of a diverse campus, but among our students racial groups stay within their own racial groups and rarely make friends outside of those groups.


The winters here. Living in Columbus, it was quite a drastic change with the snow in April. However, you can come to get used to it. (We even had a snow day).


lack of finacial aid. if you're in a family with poor credit you basically can't get loans.


The worst thing about Kent State is the wind. It may sound crazy but, the wind is terrible there. The campus was built to resemble a school in the southwestern United states.


I don't think that Kent State gets the respect that it deserves because of the name that some of its students give it. We are known for our parties far more that for our academics. I am really annoyed that people consider students from our great school as not intelligent and underachivers. I am really proud of my school and would like it if more people shared my pride.


Honestly, there is really nothing at my school that I find terrible. If I had to choose though, it would have to be the amount of jobs that Kent offers. It is so hard to find a job on and off campus just to be able to pay off some of my student loans.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of social scenery surrounding campus. You must go to neigboring cities in order to go out and have a fun time


commonly needed classes were way too big. there was hardly a time to speak personally with a professor.


I think the worst quality about this school is the weather. It is very unpredictable, and the design of campus is like a giant wind tunnel.


The worst thing about my school is the common drug/ alcohol abuse. I live in a house that is on one of the "party streets". Having a good time at a party does not mean you have to do what others are doing. I do not use drugs nor drink alcohol and find that everyone wants to know where the party is at on the weekends to escape the pressures of school. This is not true. Be a leader, be strong, follow your dreams!


I think the worst thing about Kent State is the high requirements they have to get in certain majors. Some of the gpa needed to get into someones major is too hard to get. They also need to except more than 100 students per semester for majors this school is big and they need to except more than that!!


There is a large amount of partying




Academic Advisors are not very helpful with planning classes


Small dorm rooms


Lack of organization for Club Sports


Lack of parking for commuter students and amount of traffic on campus.


I hate early classes, so for me that is the worst thing. I do not function well in the morning. The cost of attending colege is outrageous as well.


The lack of school spirit. The students only really get behind the sports teams that are consistently winning. Many students do not follow many of the sports, such as baseball, softball, etc.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that it is quite large. With a large school, you don't have the opportunity for many small classes and you also have less of a chance to meet people.


i concider the lack of diversity to be the worst thing about my school because im mexican and a long way from home so i feel like theres no one for me to identify with


The worst aspect of this school is the fact that I have to drive there everyday. It takes me about 45 minutes to get there since it's basically in the middle of nowhere. There really isn't anything else bad that I can say about this school except that I am a little confused about the campus transportation system so I've never tried riding the buses, but other people seem to find it easy.


The worst thing about my school is that it is a very large campus, which involves alot of walking.


I don't have enough money to go to school. The process of getting federal and financial aid was ridiculously difficult, both through the government and through the school. It's sad when a student doesn't know whether he/she is going to be able to go back to school the following semester because he/she doesn't have enough money and can't get aid.


Well they dont have alot of evening classes so I will occasionally have to take a day class and work around it so that I can keep on track to graduate when I want to.


I don't think that the financial aide help is not as helpful as it could be.


The worst thing about Kent State University is when we have class and the snow is past our knees and you get professors that are not understanding about being a little late due to the cold.


There is a diverstiy of students on campus. We have the blacks, whites, asians, middle easterns but very few socialize with other groups or types of students.

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