Kent State University at Kent Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I tell my friends that its not as difficult as people made it seem. i have A's and B's so far this semester.


interesting classes, great food, great library.


I brag about how close to home it is and how clean mu school is.


I tell them that KSU is one of the best social colleges to go to, and one of the best to get a higher education. I have made so many new friends up at kent, and I have expanded my knowledge in my major vastly. It is my first year at kent, and I love it. Also academics aside, it is a beautiful campus, with great people.


When I brag about Kent State I tend to talk about how amazing the campus life is. There is always an abundance of things to do wether you just want to hang out and go bowling and play pool in Eastway, head to the Ice Arena for $3 skating on Wednesday nights, or watch the latest movies on the weekends. The community is so fantastic and there are so many clubs to join that you can make friends anywhere you go.


I brag about many things at Kent State University. First of all I brag about the campus events that always are going on on campus. Even though campus is so big, it does not seem as big as it really is and there is always something to do, whether it is a movie on Friday or bingo on Wednesday. Also, I brag about the food on campus. There is such a big variety of food to where you can never get tired of eating. As a transfer student I love Kent State and could not see myself anywhere else.


I love to tell my friends about the campus atmosphere and campus life. Kent State offers many different activities for every kind of person. THere are many educational and informational seminars available to the student body. The campus is beautiful and very peaceful.


When i brag to my friends i tell them about all the awesome professors i have and all the amazing opportunities Kent has to offer. I also brag about how Kent has free tutoring for every subject. I brag about how the College of Business has so many resources to help students to succeed. We have our own career services, this helps land us internships, helps with resumes, helps with so much.


I always talk about the benefits of the fashion progam. The study abroad options are great, the courses are advanced comparedd to any other university's fashion school, and there are plenty of opportunities to be involved in the fashion industry before actually graduating and beginning a career.


I tell them that it is one of the most accepting places that have given me more memories than I can count.


What I brag most about Kent State is the type of people here at Kent State. The people at Kent are not like any other around. Before I came here, I never had people so willing to hold the door open for me or those small things. Everyone is looking out for everyone. You can wake up in the mornings for your classes and see smiles. In sense, you could say that I brag about how "home" feeling Kent is.


The aspect of Kent that I brag about most to my friends is that Kent pushes me in my academics as well as my character. I am majoring in Nursing at Kent which is a competitive major. I also have professors who are passionate about their work and know that they are teaching future nurses who will save lives one day. I am pushed to think critically and form opinions and I get the opportunity to interact with other nursing students who are striving for the same goal as I am. Kent is all around a well rounded experience.


That I attend the best school, I love kent state my dream was to come here now it is just not have the funds


When I brag about my school I tell my friends about the amazing School of Theatre and Dance that I am a part of. The school has amazing programs that fit each individual student's wants and needs. Each program is extensive and guaranteed to give the student the skills and experiences that they will need for any career in performing on stage.


I mostly brag about the resources provided on campus. We have so many things to do outsided of the classroom. Plenty of places to eat, free movie nights even for commuters like myself.


I am able to do most of my coursework via distance learning and online.


The community is closely intertwined with the downtown community as well as off-campus housing so even students who stay off campus can still feel connected to the community.


The thing that I brag about the most is how well-rounded the school is. Our sports teams are solid, we are strong in academics, it is an extremely diverse campus, there are great places on and off campus to eat, it is safe, everyone is friendly, and there is always something to do. Overall, Kent State is a great, unique, well-rounded university that has everything that an incoming freshman student needs to be successful.


I brag most about the amount of classes that are available to take depending on what someone is interested in.


I brag about the how beautiful the campus is, and how getting to class is easy.


If I was talking to my friends that go to Kent's rival school, Akron, the answer would be simple; our school is just better. That isn't often considered a valid answer, though, so I might elaborate and mention our beautiful campus or the places to eat that don't have food that tastes like cardboard.


I brag about the athletic training program that I am in and the opportunities it provides me with. Also the way it has pushed me to learn more and how great the staff is here.


My school's Fashion Desgin program is one of the toughest things I have ever experienced. However, I have grown immensely because of it. I am only halfway through my college years, and I can see how much my knowledge and skill level will grow by the time I am a senior. Kent has an entire school dedicated to fashion design and merchandising. The advisors are willing to work with you, and professors are welcoming. Professors are industry professionals, providing wonderful, unique information to the students. Industry Liasions help students build resumes and set up internships and jobs as well.


I tell my frends that our school has some of the best resources for jobs, internships, tutoring, and studying abroad.


When bragging about my school to others I also mention how much spirit all the students at our school have. We all support each other in anything and everything. I also brag about how many amazing professors I have that work diligently day in and day out to make sure all of us students are prepared to succeed. I believe that I attend one of the most amazing college campuses and I enjoy every minute I get to spend here!


The campus has beautiful hills all over, and buildings that not only have kept their origninal outisde apperance but have imporved inside features. The food that we get to eat in The Hub are delcious! Even the campus sushi is spectuclar! Making your way around campus could be difficult, but everyone on campus understands that, and is willing to help. Otherwise you can jump on the bus and wait until you show up to class in the comoft of the free buses. The chanig of the leaves has to be my favorite part, no questions. Campus is absoutly stunning.


When I talk to my friends that are not at Kent State the first thing that I tell them is how friendly every person i have interacted with is.


I brag about the food. Mainly the dessert. Especially the brownies. They are delicious and very fudge-like, as a brownie should be, not like cake.


It's big but not too big. Lots of people to meet and see in passing on campus. Any larger and I feel I would just be a number and only be able to meet a few people because I may only see them once.


I brag about all that kent has to offer, along with the nice facilities and how much fun it is at kent.


The vast amunt of night and weekend classes the school offers to accomodate nontraditional students. As well as the large amount of recreational activities offered to the students, as well as the community.


The Fashion School at Kent State University is 4th in the nation.


Our fashion programs and clubs allow the fasihon students to excel and express themselves in the feild they love.


The school is set up for me to succeed. Tutors are made available, plus student mentors help with the transition from high school to college life. The campus is beautiful and the great attraction of downtown is a bonus.


I brag about how diverse it is, how great the area is, how cool the people are, and how good the programs are. I have explained to my friends how being on campus actually has a movie-like feel to it! I really feel like a college student living an independent and fun lifestyle like I had always imagined. Being surrounded by intelligent, interesting people is definitely the best part of it.


Kent State University is highly known for having an extremely diverse student population. This year, I made friends with several Japanese exchange students who were staying at Kent for the year.


The environment Kent is in, I love the town and campus.


My favorite part about Kent State is that there is something for absolutely EVERYONE to be involved in. The community has so many different organizations, but is still a very tight-knit community. THe experience for freshmen students is so welcoming and fun.


I brag mostly about the various facilities and the campus in general.


What I brag the most about going to Kent State University is by how much I can learn from this institution. It enables you to become a better person and understand the problems that exist in our world to day. This past year I have learned so much about why problems can exist in an individual person from psyschology. Using this information given to me I can help make the world a better place for all of us to live in.


I do not find myself typically bragging about Kent State; however, their is one professor I speak of on a regular basis, because she is an acceptional professor. Dr. Howard is a no nonsense professor who holds her students accountable, yet balances understanding and knowledge from student to student. I took two of her classes and was fascinated by the structure, intellect and self discipline she required of her students. I do, also, like the English department at Kent. I believe it highly understaffed, but their professors are diligent, professional and intelligent and required these same values of their students.


The availability of online learning. I am a non-traditional student and I love the ability to attend classes without having to attend classes. I took 18 years off of school and really did not want the campus experience this time around. KSU offers many classes online for those of us working adults with families and responsibilities. This to me is the best thing about KSU. I did the campus life in my earlier years now I want convenience and ability to work on my schedule.


I usually describe how liberal the school is. As a gay male student, it was refreshing to be around people who accepted you. The school also offers a lot of resources to expand yourself academically. There are also tons of cool classes to choose from.


I love the area that Kent State University is located in. Many of my friends at schools such as Miami or Ohio University tell me that there isn't a whole lot to do for fun off campus because they are in a more rural area, but I have never had that problem. There are endless activites both on and off campus at Kent State, and I love exploring the downtown area and all of the new restaurants and shops. I tend to brag about all of the new and cool restaurants that I go to with my friends.


It has made many advances in the science fields. I will major in chemistry.


The community at kent state it has the campus atmosphere but with a family feel.


The diversity of the classes and people. There is never a dull moment you will never be bored with classes or people.


I attend the online portion for the RN to BSN program. I tell people how convenient the courses are and how they are very accessible. I also inform them the reputation of Kent State University among prospective employers and the fact that having a BSN from this college means something in the working world. The BSN is going to be the standard for nursing so it is important to continue with my education to obtain my BSN.


I get the most excercise because the campus is so large and is built primarily on hills and also its a lot easier to walk to somewhere off campus


I brag about how helpful the different offices that you come in contract with and how easy it is to get your questions answered. I also brag about how get the tutoring accodation are and how helpful the tutors are. I also brag about how great the faculties are and how great the liberary is. There are alot of great places to study where it is nice and quiet. I must say the people that are at my college are very friendly and willing to help you out if you are ever lost or just need a question answered.