Kent State University at Kent Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I strongly dislike smoking and there are no smoking patios where people smoke.


I really love the campus, the worst thing about my school is the high tuition rates for out of state students like myself and the advisors in the fashion program. I feel like they don't have an attitude of help or success when it comes to advising. It makes me not want to ask for help even though I need it.


Small Town.


The worst thing about my school, Kent State University, would probably have to be the residence halls. I stayed in the freshman residence halls first semester and it was the worst part of my first semester. I had a roommate who was extremely loud and nothing was ever done about it. However, I switched residence halls second semester and I am much more comfortable. I have no more complaints this semester about my living situation. I moved to nicer dorms with my own bathroom, and my roommate is much more considerate.


I think being kind of far away from home is difficult sometimes. A lot of students tend to go home on weekends and it can sometimes get lonely do to the campus being so vaccunt and quiet on the weekends.


The campus food prices. If you work a campus job, but can't even afford to eat there it seems kind of ridiculous.


There is not just one thing that is there worst thing about Kent State. To be compleltly honest, there is nothing wrong with Kent State that I would change if I could. If there was one thing that could be changed it would be the climate that Kent State is in.


The worst thing about my school is the weather. It's constantly cold and snowing and the sidewalks are never plowed.


Off campus housing is hard to find and pricey.


The worst thing about my school would be the tuition. I come from a family that doesn't have money and not to mention I am on my own. I have no help from y family and it is extremely stressful. I am currently fighting for the money to stay at Kent State University, and unfortunately I am losing the fight. I really hope that I received this scholarship because I really want to make something of my life. I don't want my family to face the challenges that i had to face growing up.


The worst thing about my school is the huge class sizes. I learn a lot better in classroom with less students because I feel more engaged in the material. Leture halls allow me to zone out and not pay as much of attention as I should be.


The worst thing about my school is that there seems to be a lack of leadership/ extracurricular activities for part-time graduate students. As an undergraduate, I was very involved with campus activities, along with those in the surrounding communities. However, as a gradutate student, who lives an hour away and is on campus once or twice a week, it is nearly impossible to be involved. It would be nice if their was a way to be involved, voice opinions, etc. via technology options.


There's not anything I consider the worst thing about Kent State University. It's such a diverse school with a very welcoming staff and enviornment.


The worst thing about the school is the sub-par snow and ice removal. While walking across campus to class it is difficult to walk in snow, slush and on ice for a good 10-minute walk. Especially while walking up and down hills, it is very easy to slip and fall because the salt is non-existent. To make things worse, the wind is incredibly strong and so the combination of the wind and snow on the ground while walking makes it a huge challenge walking to and from class.


Honestly, I just hate how cold it can get and how far you might have to walk to classes in the winter. Other than that, I've had a few professors who I wish I never experienced. I had a couple of classes I had to take that weren't for my major that were beyond boring.


The worst thing about Kent is that the social life is centered on greek life and parties. If you are not interested in those things, Kent may not be the best place for you.


The worst thing, and probably my only complaint about Cuyahoga Community College, is the fact that the student body is not as large or diverse. Four year universities have much more comradery amongst students then Community College's would. By attending a university, you have the opportunity to live with a bunch of kids that are the same age as you. This gives you a great opportunity to meet new people and make long lasting friendships. At community college's the student body consists of only those that are in the community.


The staff is kinda of crappy and theres not much to do.


The worst thing about Kent is that whenever you bring it up to anyone, they always say "Oh like the Kent State shootings?". It gets rather annoying.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the food choices. The reason why I say this is becasue there are a decent amount of places to eat while on campus, but the quality of the food can be awful.


The worst thing about my school is the enthusiasm for sports because most of the teams aren't as good as everyone would like them to be.


As a commuter student to Kent State, I consider the accessbility of parking to be the worst thing about Kent State University. I drive 25 mintues to campus and must park in the desgnated commuter lot, which is also the lot for general student parking. If I don't plan ahead or if I'm running late, I miss the opportunity to park anywhere close to the location of my class. This adds unneccessary stress to my life and the lives of other commuter students, and leaves less time to focus on schoolwork or studying.


While it is hard to think of a negative thing about my school, there will forever be one that sticks out. Our center campus, between the library and the student center, was made for a school in Arizona. Somehow, the school there didn't particularly like the blueprint plans, so we took them in. The center campus, by student greens, is a major windtunnel- Umbrellas break, hats blow off, hoods don't stay on. It's the worst during winter or in the rain. Who would've thought it was a good idea?


Kent State University has so many great points that the only thing that it could improve upon is having larger and more fitness and wellness facilities and trails. For the amount of people in and around campus, a larger facility plus a campus designated walk/run/cycling trail could accomodate and positively influence the wellness of the entire city and surrounding areas.


They don't have as many campus unification things as other schools, to make us feel like a family.


I have only attended about two weeks and I have no complaints about the school.


The lack of campus pride. Although people goto the sporting events and concerts, no one is that excited about Kent State.


Dining options are incredibly unhealthy and limited. And for students without cars, it is difficult to access a grocery store.


Trying to fill out my first semester schedule with a substitute academic advisor because mine was not available. Don't feel she was knowlegeable in what classes I needed and was able to take because I had several AP tests passed and many of the core classes are not necessary.


In my personal opinion, the worst thing about this school is just the price to attend this school and to live on campus. For students that cannot get enough financial aid, it is difficult to be able to afford to live on campus and therefore harder to be involved in clubs and other activites.


The worst thing is that some of my favorite places to get food on campus close at 8 on fridays and the weekend.


I think that the worse thing about my school is the lack of on-campus student housing. I have never had a dorm room there because they're never available. There is a lot of of places off-campus to stay but I have applied months and months ahead of time and I never received housing.


The worst thing about my school, at least as an out-of-state student who didn't realize this at the time I made the decision to attend, is that a great amount of the student who go there are from nearby towns and live close enough to commute or go home on the weekends. It puts a damper on the social lives of out-of-state students like myself.


The worst thing about Kent State University is the weather. In the winter is snows a lot and is very windy. The winter season lasts pretty long and it does not get to warm in the spring.


We have a 16 hour credit cap which makes it difficult for students to take the amount of classes they need in the four years we are actually supposed to be here, so a lot of us have to stay an extra semester or year passed our expected graduation date. Also, it mathematically doesn't make sense because most courses are 3 credit hours, so five courses would be 15 credit hours total. And if we choose to take more than 16 credits, there's a near $500 fee for each one credit hour over. Hello,unnecessary extra grand.


Paying for tuition. There are so many things a college student is paying for, tuition should not be such a struggle.


Nothing at all, just the cost of tuition is the only issue that comes to mind.


In my opion hat worst thing about my school is having so much going on at one time it can get overhwhelming!


Very easy for students to become depressed and no one notice


The thing that I consider the worst about Kent State University is the weather. I just remind myself that I live in Ohio. While the weather is my least favorite thing about Kent State University, it is also my favorite. Kent is so green and beautiful in the spring and summer. Then in the fall Kent State University turns to the most beautiful campus in North East Ohio. The colors are magical. However when winter arives, the winter is the worst. My best advice is to have a long winter coat, and good winter boots.


Patriotism. I believe it is disgraceful that the Kent State Basketball team does not participate in the pregame Nationa Anthem. Also, I have almost been attacked by student organizers, because I have chosen not to answer their survey questions during heated political climates. Finally, the rhetoric from faculty during heated political times is often very skewed. I do not believe a class room is the forum to espouse political views. It is too often professors use the ignorance of students, instead of challenging both left and right wing ideology. School should be about logic, deduction, understanding, and compromise.


The worst thing about the school would be the advising department for the college of arts and sciences in Bowman Hall. And the financial aid department. Both are extremely unreliable and difficult to schedule an appointment with.


In the winter months, there's not much to do around campus. The weather is also horrible in the cold season which makes it hard to get around campus without freezing.


Well I would consider the worst thing about my school would be the staff. At times I have witnessed campus officers neglect students in need, I have seen a few of the janitorial staff members ignore their duties, and I have even caught a glimps of a few professors acting out of character. But overall I think some of the staff around campus is the worst.


There are a lot of people on campus, so it is sometimes hard to go to the library or recreational facilities without waiting around for long periods of time.


For those who don't like cold weather or high winds, Kent is not the place to go. It stays very cold in the area and Kent is a very windy town.


The amount of alcohol and drug use.


The worst thing about Kent State is its size. One would think that being surrounded by so many people would make it easier to make friends, but it is actually harder. Even though my school is not a large as many others in the country, the amount of people I learn with makes it harder to meet the friends I want to make.


The worst thing about my school is that a lot of students go home during the weekends. This is the worst thing because I am an out of state student and cannot go home and I am sometimes left alone on campus.


There are so a lot of students here who are naturally gifted at everything so it can sometimes be incredibly discouraging to those who have to give it everything they have and more to try and keep up.