Kent State University at Kent Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


At Kent State University, we are a rather close-knit community. The campus is not very big once you figure out where everything is. It is easy to walk to your friends' dorms, to class, places to eat, etc. While we are a very diverse school, it is easy to spot the same people you see all the time around campus. Therefore, a student who really wants a welcoming, warm community of students who can be like family should attend Kent State.


People who are going into feilds that have to do with diversity, civil rights, or history should attend Kent State. There are a lot of resources to further their education and a lot of helpful professors. Plus, Kent State has an entire building dedicated in memorium of the May 4th massacre, so if someone is interested in that event, they should at least visit.


Anyone, i do not believe just one certain type of person should attend Kent State. We have an amazing fashion program, nursing, sports administration, teaching ,buisness and performing arts programs. This is not high school, any and everytbody is welcome. We have a great team behind each major.


Someone who is willing to push themselves to make a difference in the world and in the lives of everyday people


A person who is very unsure of who they are or what they want to do should attend this university. Kent State is great at helping students who are undecided to figure out their career plans. This school also have almost 300 clubs and organizations for people to choose from so there is something for everyone!


Students looking to attend Kent State should be driven to succeed. Students who are looking for a challenging, rewarding and fulfilling educational experience will be a good fit at KSU.


A person who is interested in being in a diverse atmosphere where there are so many different kinds of people that you can always find your fit. I believe that this campus is accepting of people for the most part and there is something to do for all interests.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who is passionate about their area of study. At Kent State there are a variety of students all who are passionate about their degree. The students here are striving for the best and making a name for themselves in the best way possible, by achieving success academically. Kent State often gets the repuation of being a second hand school, but my fellow students and I disagree, we believe that someone who calls themself a Flasher, is someone who has character and will succeeed to great lenghts.


Someone who is motivated to suceed and explore the world. While studying at Kent State one will develop in ways they might never expect.


Any person could attend Kent and find their niche.


The person who should attend Kent State should be willing to sacrifice in order to succeed. They must be determined and be able to make tough decisions for their academic school. There are so many opputunities for seccess at Kent that students must take advantage of to succeed. Also, the students at Kent are leaders and have ambitious dreams that they believe they can suceed. To be a Kent State University student you mus be willing to sacrifice for your future , use their resources efficiently and have a leadership quality unlike most students.


Anyone who feels like that they can learn from their major and someone open-minded and willing to experience new things should attend Kent State University.


I believe you should attend this school if you are more worried about your studies than partying. This school is for students who take their classes seriously, but are able to also take time off on the weekends for some fun.


In my opinion, smart, responsible and motivated students should attend Kent State. Any student who is responsible and motivated would be a great addition to Kent State because it will help create a positive learning atmosphere. The more students that are responsible and motivated that a school has, the easier it will be for those students to succeed. Also, the motivation of their classmates could also play a key factor in motivating unmotivated students. Peer pressure can also work in a positive way.


I believe that the sort of people that should attend Kent are the kind of people who are looking to forward their education without it taking over their lives.


I'm not really sure yet since I will not be attending until Spring of 2015. But what I did see at the campus tours and registration is that Kent is a very social, outgoing school. Everyone seemed to have found there place within the halls. From what I see, anyone should attend the school! If you are shy like me, this would be the perfect place to be social and make friends.


Any person who is eager to learn and is a focused yet open minded student should attend my school.


The type who is ok with cold snowy winter weather, an in-between feel of the small town and big campus, and someone who is wanting to learn in smaller class sizes.


Kent State has many options for schooling, they have regional campuses (which are closer to home) and they have a main campus which is twice the size of the regional campuses. The teachers are friendly and eager to help with student needs. They make you think about what is being taught and making sure you understand the information being taught. The counselors help you with scheduling and making sure you don’t take too much course work on at a time. They also help if you have disabilities and need extra help.


Any person can attend this school. It has many majors and minors that any student can choose from. Even if you don't know what you want to major in, the school do have undecided credits that you can earn like your kent core first. People from different cournty are even more welcome because the school have a foriegn department where they can help with any trouble that they might have. I don't think that this school discriminates on who can attend their school, because they want all their students to call the school their new home.


A fun-loving person who wants a well-rounded education should attend this school. Someone who is focused on academics and creativity should go here. It is a great school for people who want to make a diverse group of friends and have a strong sense of community. It is also good to have a wide variety of experiences.


I believe that someone who's very social should attend this school. There is a big emphasis on meeting new people and getting friends.


Really, I think just about anyone can attend Kent State University, but mainly those who are serious, determined, and excited about their future careers. The campus is a big place and has a huge variety of people with many interests. It's basically impossible to not meet people with your similar interests! I truly believe Kent State University is a great place to gain the ideal college experience.


A person should go here if they are self motivated and willing to work hard!


Kent State University is a school for people willing to do what ever it takes to make their dreams their reality. The school itself offers so many opportunities to be successful, but only the people that are willing to take that extra mile will take advantage of them. Kent State only points its students to the path of success, but it is up to the students to listen. This school is for the people who are willing to work, be dedicated, and make sacrifices to reach the spot where they want to be. It is for the above average.


kent state is a very diverst campuse we have things for everyone! If we dont have an orginization that intrest you all you need is a few friends with the same intrest and you can make your own club. Everyone is very open we do have some clicks but everyone intermingles it is nothing like the shows tht you see were the greek life is the best of the best and rules the school, if you didnt see students with their blocks on you would never know who was who.


Due to the diversity of students enrolled in Kent State University, any individual who is looking for a unique college experience should enroll at Kent State University. Kent has introduced me to many individuals of differing ethnicities and backgrounds, which has made my college experience more exciting. The ability to leave my city and immerse myself into a different setting has allowed me to grow in my perception and understanding of life and its differing cultures. My ability to communicate with others has grown because I have developed more respect for the importance of diversity.


Any kind of person would blossom at Kent State or any of their regional campuses. I see so many different types of people when I attend classes, and I love that. I love to see the diversity and what really makes Kent a great college is that the students support one another. The differences between the students is recognized, but not hated on.


Any kind of person should attend Kent State. It is very diverse and very accepting of people no matter what ethnic background, religious affliation or sexual oreintation. It's a great place to just be who you are and not get judged for it and it makes you feel at home.


The type of person that should attend Kent State University is someone who likes a small town feeling, who likes feeling like they are in a university and not in a big city. Also, the type of person should be open and not very judgmental upon others.


The kind of person who should attend this school should enjoy larger school environments and should be spirited and dedicated to succeed in their studies. They should have an open mind as it is very diverse and be willing to have new experiences and get involved.


A person who is determined, outgoing, and turns in their best work should attend this school.


Anyone that wants the whole college experience with out feeling like just a number how bigger schools do.


Kent State University is the perfect school for the kind of person who wants to attend a big university without feeling cramped or overwhelmed. Kent is a large university with around 42,000 students, so there are plenty of opportunities to meet different kinds of people. Unlike some other large universities such as Ohio State, however, Kent doesn't feel like that big of a school. It isn't tightly packed and cramped like many other large universities in big cities, which some students can find a little suffocating at times.


Disregarding the above statement, anyone would be able to attend this school. No matter who the person is, there is a group of people to make friends with, things to do, and many directions to turn if a person needs help. The person that should attend this school should be the person that will try new things wether it scares them or not. The person should be open, but also have their own sense of idenity in order to make the years at Kent the best years of their lives.


Someone who like to work hard but also does not mind being open.


Kent State University is open to all students. If I could narrow it down into what kind of person should attend it would be the people with an outgoing personality. People who aren't afraid to be themselves and express what they feel.


Anyone. KSU is well diverse university. University stands for both Unity and Diverse.


Anybody can attend Kent State University. It is a great school with a lot of nice people and a lot of good resources. A great academic school that pushes you to excell.


A person that should attend this school should be a person that is out going and friendly person. I say this because when you come to Kent State the students and faculty are very friendly and like to get you involved in activites that are on the campus and that are also around the campus.


There are many different types of people that attend Kent State. Although, Kent State University is mainly known for Education majors.


Someone who likes sports and a suburban/rural environment should attend this school. This school is definitely good for someone who wants an academic challenge without sacrificing a good school/life balance. Students attending this school get a fairly good education and still have time to work and engage in extracurricular activities. Kent State is a large school, so someone who attends this school should like that type of environment. Being in the mid-west, this school is best for a down-to-earth type of person.


A person who wants to expand their knowlege in a variation of many different degrees. From aeronautics to fashion design to nursing. It is truly a school for anyone.


Anyone who likes to meet new people and have new experiences should attend.


all types of people will feel welcome at this school.


Kent State is a great school for people who don't mind large class sizes and a large campus atmosphere. Students must be diligent in monitoring their own academic progress and be willing to meet with campus advisors frequently to enure that they stay on track for graduation. Students must have self-discipline to complete their acamdemic work and be willing to utilize tutoring services and study group programs to assist them in their studies.


Someone who does not mind living on a big campus with many people, and a person who has a more open mind about the world. There are many diverse people here and everyone has a place to fit in. There are clubs for just about everything with people who share the same interests.


Anyone who wants make something of themselves should attend Kent State. The is the perfect school for them because they have people who will help and guide you any way they can to lead you into the career you want to be in. It is a great learning environment that encourages being curious, making mistakes, and doing research that will help you to be informed on making life decisions.


A person who wants to work hard but enjoy learning at the same time; a person who enjoys laid back weekends and multiple opportunities to get involved on campus; a person who likes the feel of a family community despite how big the campus is.


The kind of person who should attend this school is the type of person who doesn't want to fully experience a college adventure.