Kent State University at Kent Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Kent State University at Kent?


At Kent State University, we are a rather close-knit community. The campus is not very big once you figure out where everything is. It is easy to walk to your friends' dorms, to class, places to eat, etc. While we are a very diverse school, it is easy to spot the same people you see all the time around campus. Therefore, a student who really wants a welcoming, warm community of students who can be like family should attend Kent State.


People who are going into feilds that have to do with diversity, civil rights, or history should attend Kent State. There are a lot of resources to further their education and a lot of helpful professors. Plus, Kent State has an entire building dedicated in memorium of the May 4th massacre, so if someone is interested in that event, they should at least visit.


Anyone, i do not believe just one certain type of person should attend Kent State. We have an amazing fashion program, nursing, sports administration, teaching ,buisness and performing arts programs. This is not high school, any and everytbody is welcome. We have a great team behind each major.


Someone who is willing to push themselves to make a difference in the world and in the lives of everyday people


A person who is very unsure of who they are or what they want to do should attend this university. Kent State is great at helping students who are undecided to figure out their career plans. This school also have almost 300 clubs and organizations for people to choose from so there is something for everyone!


Students looking to attend Kent State should be driven to succeed. Students who are looking for a challenging, rewarding and fulfilling educational experience will be a good fit at KSU.


A person who is interested in being in a diverse atmosphere where there are so many different kinds of people that you can always find your fit. I believe that this campus is accepting of people for the most part and there is something to do for all interests.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who is passionate about their area of study. At Kent State there are a variety of students all who are passionate about their degree. The students here are striving for the best and making a name for themselves in the best way possible, by achieving success academically. Kent State often gets the repuation of being a second hand school, but my fellow students and I disagree, we believe that someone who calls themself a Flasher, is someone who has character and will succeeed to great lenghts.


Someone who is motivated to suceed and explore the world. While studying at Kent State one will develop in ways they might never expect.


Any person could attend Kent and find their niche.