Kent State University at Kent Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about school for me is definitely the cost, but I do not think that is something exclusive to Kent. Something about Kent exclusively that bothers me is the weather and how the campus handles it. It was once -18 Degrees Farenheit and yet classes were not cancelled, and the only way a lot of the sidewalks are plowed is by students feet as they walk over the snow.


The most frustrating thing about Kent State is parking. If you get to campus early enough there will always be parking; however if your class is at noon good luck finding a parking spot.


Small Town


The meal plans, at the end of every semester if there is money left on your account you either have to buy a bunch of random items or you loose that money. It should be that you can choose an exact dollar amount that you want to put on your plan for the semester, and if you don't use it all it is either refunded or is carried over to the next semester.


The Wind Tunnels. Our campus was built inbetween wind tunnels so when it is cold your face is getting ripped apart by win, tears are coming out of you eyes and you just want to turn around and go back into your dorm where it is warm.


The only thing that has been a tad bit frustrating at Kent State University would have to be walking in the cold weather! It can get pretty cold and icy, and lots of people, including me, have slipped on the sidewalks. However, in Ohio, I think this frustration is practically impossible to pass up, considering this cold and icy weather is a fact that Kent State University cannot really change. Although sidewalks can be relatively slippery at times, Kent State will cancel classes when it is super bad and generally does a pretty decent job at cleaning up the sidewalks.


The wind! Our campus is built so that wind comes through the campus and it is so cold during the winter when trying to walk to class. People are sometimes crying from walking across campus because the school's wind is so cold and so uncomfortable.


The most frustrating trait is the police on campus. It seems as though they will do anything to ruin any fun. I understand if it is chaos, but most of the events they shut down are just innocent dancing parties.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the fact that it is in Kent, Ohio. It is a charming town, but it is not ideal for the fashion industry. I would love to have an internship during the academic year, but it is impossible to find a design internship that is under an hour away. There is also only one fabric store, located twenty minutes away from campus. The Fashion School is good at helping to provide resources, but there simply is not enough variety in Kent and the surrounding areas. This can make creating interesting projects very difficult.


The most frustrating thing about Kent is how some of th eprgrams only look at a gpa to determine if you get in or not.To me it's completely biased and unfair.For my nursing major Kent is the best school for nursing but it only look at the grades. There are numerous students that have the passion and drive and skills to be a nurse but many are rejected for not having a high gpa.


The most frustrating thing about my school is theres really nothing to do


I do not have any frustrations with Kent yet!


I get slightly frustrated with some of the students in my classes who do not take their education very seriously. Education has always been my top priority and I know I have a bright future ahead of me because I have dedicated so much time and effort into doing well. Most of the students are in class because they HAVE to, not because they are eager to learn and pave the way to a successful future.


The most frustrating thing about my school is a common problem that you would find at any school: finding friends similar to you. When I first moved on campus, it was hard for me to find friends with similar traits and beliefs. A lot of people at Kent State University party: they get drunk or use drugs to have fun, which I do not. After a few weeks, I found friends that are like me in the trait of they find natural happiness. It's frustrating for incoming freshman to find their spot on campus.


The internet works! The only thing is having to log-into it everytime you leave a building. Until they get that fixed along with the fact air-conditioning is not in all of the dorms yet, campus is perfect in my eyes.


Finding the time to do everything.


They are not very upfront with the amount due at all times it switched many times.


I can barly afford to go right now and I would really like to.


The most frustrating thing about Kent State is that classes fill up very fast. Since so many students are interested in Kent, and class space is limited, the amount of time it takes for a class to fill up is not long at all. Other than that, there are not any issues with the school as far as one can tell.


The most frustrating thing about Kent State is it feels like they are sucking me dry of my money. Even worse than that is the commuter time at the Hub. The students that live on campus are not allowed to use their meal plan from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. That's incredibly the most frustrating thing to deal with after getting out of class at noon.


The one thing that was most frusturating for me during this school year was the social activities. There are a lot of social events but they seem to be geared more for sororities and fraternities. I was not part of a sorority/faternity and kinda felt left out. Also it was kind of difficult to make friends that were in these sororities and fraternities as they only wanted freidns tht did participate in greek life.


The most frustrating thing about my school is definitely the parking. I live off campus and sometimes it is difficult to find a parking spot.


Being remembered for the May 4th Shootings and the common description of a Kent State student: "Can't read, can't write, Kent State".


The most frustrating think at my school are the professors who grade you based off what they think of you and not your academic performance. It's not very common but there is one professor in particular that will and his classes are unavoidable because he is the only one who teaches them.


Distance from dorms or off-campus housing to buildings for classes. The campus is set up where the dorms are on one side and the classes are on the other making walking to and from class a trek.


The most frustrating thing about Kent State University, is that some textbooks for classes can only be in Kent State edition. It makes it harder for a student to find a cheaper textbook on a student budget. Since some of these books sell out in the campus book store it makes it impossible to find the textbook online to aqquire the textbook before you start class.


The hub is a central food court on campus. The most frustrating thing is that I pay thousands of dollars to go to Kent State University, however they refuse to accept the students' food plan from the hours of 11am-2pm. This is the most frustrating part of my day, because often times that is the only place I can go to get food inbetween classes without being late. Yet they refuse to accept the meal plan, which they required me to buy.


When I first came to Kent, I was frustrated by the anonymity associated with attending a larger school. For the first few weeks, I felt so lost and alone amongst 17,000 other students. However, the longer I stayed, the more comfortable I became. I realized that there are some awesome benefits of attending larger school; as one of many students, I have the opportunity to meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. I have the opportunity to truly expand my thoughts and my self, and to become the person I've always wanted to be.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the parking situation on campus. More passes are sold than spots available, parking tickets are given out immediately, and most students are late because of this issue. A parking garage would solve a lot of problems and make students much happier than additional landscaping projects.


It gets really cold in the winter and we'll all still have to go to class with two to three feet of snow on the ground.


Kent State has a lot of great resources and you can get a lot of things on campus: groceries, art supplies, books, etc. However the things they don't have on campus seem to be the things that I run out of the most: shampoo, make-up remover, tissues, detergent and due to my schedule and lack of a car it makes it really difficult to find a few spare hours to make the three mile walk to a local CVS downtown to get what I need.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the application and transfering process. It was hard for me to figure out if I had all the necessary information I needed to transfer, whether or not my classes would count for credit, and trying to communicate concerns to my counselor was difficult.


The only thing that is frustrating about kent soemtimes is their way of informing people on things and explaining things to them. I have had some run-ins with this last semester. I wish they would take some time to truly let you know about things. Other than that I have not had any rea problems with kent.


The Weather. It is constantly cold, raining or snowing. Then it changes and is hot or humid. Also, the hills, there are so many hills you have to walk up and down in the horrible weather to get to class. Other than that it's all good.


As with other schools I'm sure, the cost of books is ridiculous. One of my textbooks I needed to buy from the university bookstore was $100 and because it was a special edition I could not sell it back anywhere. I have to do the same this semester. It's incredibly frustrating to spend so much money on something I rarely even use.


The only frustrating thing about Kent State University that I have experienced is the inability of some students to respect the communual bathrooms as if they were in their own home.


Some of the most frustrating things about my school are the professors and teacher assistants. Many of them speak very poor english and are unreasonable when it comes to grading. This is something that I have experienced at other universities also while taking summer courses. Other discouraging characteristics about my school include the long cold winter's expiernced in Northeastern Ohio. The design of the campus being based off the University of Arizon which allows for wind tunnels most definately does not help confront the harsh blizzard drafts.


The most frustrating thing about Kent State University at Kent is the hassle of paying your bill for school, there is a time dely in the time you pay your bill and time you are notified on payment.


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be the over priced food. The daily meats that you need to intake would cost almost $9 for a small piece of meat. I just wish that they would lower the prices even though we have a meal plan. We need to be able to survive and be able to eat the foods that are healthy for our body.


I think the most frustrating thing about school is the amount of time you put into projects.


The internet connection can really get bothersome at times. It gets patchy but for the most part it is reliable.


I have trouble juggling school and extra activities that will help toward my teaching career with my sport and everything it demands. Another thing is money, I had to get off campus to try and save money. Being an athlete I cannot get a job and make any income and the scholarships are very low.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the avaliability for on campus jobs, certain issues with dormrooms and people living in the dorms. After ahile the food becomes the same and is unappealing. The teachers are not always lineant on things or they want projects to be done right away, they don't think about students having jobs, lack of funds, time constraints, etc


Nothing about my school frustrates me!


In truth, I love it. I find not one thing to be wrong with it. If in fact there were something that had frustrated me, it would be that it's expensive. Other than that, it is a school that I'd consider to be excellent.


It is hard sometimes to balance out school work and a social life.


The most frustrating thing about Kent State would be the walking! It was difficult for me to get around at first, like most other freshman. Not knowing where each building was, then the process of actually finding the classroom was time consuming. I had to quickly learn how to manage my time. It was a struggle at first sticking to a set schedule but it was needed in order for me to get across campus and find my class room ON TIME!


The most frustrating thing about Kent is that, more often than not, professors have you buy books for classes that you use for maybe the first exam (if that) and then the rest of the semester's worth of material is lecture based, and is really all you need to pass the final, making buying the expensive books completely pointless.


The most frustrating thing about Kent State University is tuition and financial aid for in-state and especially out-of-state students.


The most frustrating thing would have to be that visitors have to pay for parking passes when visiting the institution.