Kent State University at Stark Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Kent State University at Stark is a wonderful school if you are looking for an affordable, close to home education from a prestigious university!


Kent State University at Stark is a college that truly cares for the future of it's students, as is exemplified by it's commitment to excellence and it's wonderful staff.


Kent State at Stark has the feeling of a close knit town.


This campus is the best campus I have ever attended with the best faculty and they deliver the best education.


My school (Kent) is all I have ever dreamed for my college experience to look like.


A bus terminal, where everyone is going in different directions, and there is no sense of unity. Chaos.


Kent State is a great school. Their tution is reasonable and obtainable to pay for even if it means that you only go part time so that you can pay for it. They also have multiple campus sites so you can go to one that is close to you. They also have a lot of degrees to choose from so you are almost garenteed to find one that you would like.


Excellence defined.


Small and intamate classroom with teachers who are more than willing to help students excel.


I haven't been attending this school very long, but it has been great so far. It may seem large to some people because there are numerous buildings but class sizes are relatively small. The environment is like quiet, teachers friendly and helpful. Being a first generation college student, I was always intimidated by the idea of College, but now that Im doing it I wish I would have done it sooner. The work is a little more time consuming but in most other accounts its easier than highschool.


My school is small, friendly, very community oriented and quite honestly one of the greatest places to start my college career.


My school is awesome because the size is perfect - professors are more personal, and the education is excellent - I am learning a lot.


Kent State University- Stark Campus has smaller class sizes geared towards more individual attention.


Kent State University at Stark is a small, organized branch of Kent State University, with great professors that are always willing to help, and a friendly, diverse group of students committed to their education and future.


I love Kent state- both main campus and stark campus because they are fun, simple and organized.


My school is a grand place with lots of opportunities. We have one of the top schools in all of Ohio, and our education level is top notch. I have been blessed to start my educational career off on a great start. My school is part of a government program called Post-Secondary where I can take college classes with books and tuition costing me nothing. Because of the great staff and equal opportunities I know my career goal and strive to complete it.


Kent Stark is a community college that allows non-traditional students the opportunity to advance in their education and careers while providing a classes that can work around a student's busy schedule.


Kent State Stark has given me the necessary tools I need in to attainin attendence to my future design school, while maintaining an upstanding faculty to lead us into our new generation of becoming leaders of tomorrow.


Kent State Univeristy allows students to freely express what they want to be, there are no limitations on how you are devoloping as a student and the campus is equiped with all student needs.